Chena River State Recreation Site
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Chena River State Recreation Site is also famously known as Chena Wayside. It is located in Fairbanks, Alaska and covers an area of 29 acres across the banks of Chena River. The park is situated at a scenic location with beautiful views of the river and surrounding forests. Visitors enjoy the peaceful and clear Chena River which is ideal for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

The park is situated in a valley with spruce and birch forests along with many wetlands and marshes, offering a diverse topography and ecosystem for many types of fauna and flora to blossom. You can enjoy long walks through the woods or a spot of relaxing fishing by the river banks.

The Chena Hot Springs Road is built parallel to the river and allows users many entry and exit points for fishing, boating, and camping. This area also has a large trail system where hiking enthusiasts can spend most of their time exploring this rich and diverse topography. If you are planning a trip to Alaska, stopping by Chena River State Recreational Site is a must as it is part of the much larger Chena River State Recreational Area.

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Chena River State Recreation Site’s easily accessible location makes it a favorite for visitors traveling by air or driving through the greater Chena River State Recreational Area. Being located near to the Fair Banks International Airport and only a small driving distance away to many nearby amenities, it is frequently visited by campers looking to fuel up and enjoy a more relaxing camping experience. The roads leading to the park are smooth and well- maintained.


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Campgrounds and parking in Chena River State Recreation Site

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Chena River State Recreational Site Campground

The Chena River State Recreation Site has 60 vehicle campsites and five walk-in campsites. Both hook-up and non-hook-up sites are available. There are 11 electric and water hook-up camping sites for RV and motorhome owners that want to enjoy a luxurious stay at the park. You can stay there for a maximum of 14 days. Facilities like restrooms with flush toilet, water, picnic sites, and dump stations are provided close to the campground.

Visitors get a chance to enjoy picnic sites along the river. There is also a boat launch area available. River-side walking trails are a great treat for amateur hikers. If you are planning a trip with friends, you can reserve the playing field that has a shelter and is able to host larger gatherings.

Since the park is located at an intersection of two busy streets near Fairbanks Airport, you may hear traffic noise or planes passing over.

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Chena River State Recreation Site has a large well-maintained nature trail system. You can also walk in the open lawn areas as well as river-side walking trails to enjoy the many views of the beautiful Alaskan landscape. Hiking through the forest and the winding river is pleasant and relaxing, especially with the amazing summer weather in Alaska.


A boating launch is located at the recreational area which makes it easy for boating enthusiasts to lower their kayaks and canoes into the river water. If you want to explore the Chena river over your vacation, this is a great place to visit to enjoy a spot of canoeing and kayaking. This recreation site offers modern facilities that are rare in Alaskan campgrounds. Boating can be a refreshing activity to help relax during the weekend.


Chena River is a well-known spot for its catch-and-release Arctic grayling fishery. Anglers have a good time enjoying fishing along the river banks during the spring and summer season. If you are a keen angler and want a chance to catch an Arctic grayling fish, this spring can be as good a season as any to take a trip down to Chena River State Recreational Site for a chance to experience the thrill of having a rainbow trout or arctic grayling on the line.



As it is located near the river, there are many spots for guests to enjoy a pleasant picnic experience near the river banks. Several spots are furnished with picnic tables. For a refreshing visit on any weekend, drive to this recreation site with some good food and great company.

Wildlife Watching

Being home to a variety of wildlife, the park hosts small animals like squirrel, willow grouse and beaver as well as large animals like bear and moose. You can also sight eagles soaring overhead. As moose feed on shrubs and aquatic plants they are often spotted near beaver ponds and sloughs.

Black and brown bears can be encountered in upper areas along with wolves, caribou, beavers and red foxes. If you are a nature lover, you will love this camping spot. Photography enthusiasts will also find this a perfect place to capture nature’s beauty. If you are traveling to this site, do take pictures.

Biking Trails

The hiking trails that lead from the park can also be used as biking trails for the more adventurous outdoor enthusiast who wants to explore the great outdoors on two wheels. The off-road gravel tracks make for a challenging bike ride up hills, dense forest, rocks, and many natural springs.