Chenango Blues Fest

Want to enjoy the smoky, soulful sounds of the Blues in your home away from home? Chenango Blues Festival is the place to join other music enthusiasts with your favorite rhythmic beats over a jam-packed two-day span in Norwich, New York.

Event information

The Chenango Blues Festival is open for music lovers of all kinds, but especially for those who love to travel by RV. The festival is located near the center of the State of New York and along the Chenango River, which measures 90 miles long across the state.

Strains of the blues will be heard on the lush green Chenango County Fairgrounds, which are surrounded by a gorgeous tall wooded green tree line that this part of New York can truly boast of with its flora.

Along with more than 10 different scheduled performers, various amenities are provided to festival guests. A Kids’ Tent is offered for your children to create crafts and artwork. Giant inflatable slides and bounce houses will be enjoyed by children of all ages. While in town check out the Northeast Classic Car Museum, or visit Bowman Lake State Park nearby in Oxford.

If you choose to be a Chenango Fest Blues VIP for an additional fee, you can enjoy VIP seating, free beverages, and appetizers while listening to the rhythmic sounds featured. Load up the RV and head to Norwich, New York for time with fellow blues fans.


Tickets typically go on sale in June of the same year. In years past, Chenango Blues Festival tickets have been sold by mail order to an address listed on the website, in person at local businesses in Norwich and neighboring towns, or by phone in advance with a card.

Ticket and RV camping options for ages 17 and under are usually free (ages 21 and under must be with an adult to attend). Tickets for ages 18 and up range in price from $45 to $55 per person (this includes the camping fee) with no refunds given.

VIP tickets are sold in a sponsorship package of four tickets or individually ranging from $125 to $400. Group orders for ten or more people can be discounted but need to be ordered by the first of August. RV passes have usually ranged from $25 to $50 per day for the RV space.

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The Chenango Blues Festival is held in Norwich, New York, which is located near interstates 90, 88, and 81. As motorists to the area leave the main highways, mountain driving is to be expected with some twists and curves in the road. Most low clearance pathways can be found near Syracuse, Albany, and other larger cities in Northeastern New York.

When reaching the Chenango County Fairgrounds, look for the Maydole Street entrance for RV camping. Signs will be posted to help you find your way. Access to festival grounds for campers will open a half-hour before the festival is open to the general public.

Parking areas

Parking is first come-first serve. In past years, the only fee for day time parking has been a donation for the local food pantry. RV campers can make their way to the campground and park there with an RV camping pass.

Public Transportation

Due to the remote nature of the Chenango County Fairgrounds, public transportation to the area may be limited. In past years, the Chenango County Bus and various taxi services are available for use to come and go from the fairgrounds to local shops, restaurants, and attractions while attending the festival.

Where to stay


As the camping fee includes festival entry, Chenango Blues Festival is a great event for families with its combination pricing. A basic RV pass is considered dry camping with no electric or water. An enhanced RV Pass that includes electric and water hookups must be reserved in advance. If you plan on camping with a group of people, you must all come together as sites cannot be saved. Vehicles with anything in tow or over 18 feet must have an RV pass.


If your crew wishes to camp away from the festival events, Bowman Lake State Park is a great option that sits less than a 20-minute drive away from the Chenango County Fairgrounds. Amenities will be limited in this natural setting, but they are quickly made up for in beauty.

At least thirteen other campgrounds are available nearby in Bainbridge, Deposit, Laurens, Chenango Forks, Afton, South New Berlin, Gilbertsville, Greene, and Oxford, New York. Amenities at these campgrounds include nature trails, boat launch and rentals, golf course, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, canoeing, bicycling, game rooms and playgrounds.

Getting around

Walking is the primary mode of transportation on the Chenango County Fairgrounds and most of the local New York state parks. Matters are relatively informal at the Chenango Blues Festival, but you still want shoes for much of the terrain. If you plan to hike during your RV trip, remember to bring shoes that will support your feet on the trails.

What to pack


Wear comfortable, light clothing to enjoy the August summer heat in upstate New York. Don great walking shoes to help with standing for longer performances. Include a pair of hiking boots and good socks in case you wish to take a gander through any of the forest regions near Norwich.


In the past, coolers have only been allowed on Friday night. Fans are not allowed to take photos or videos of the performances. Utilize lawn chairs with covers (place them in the appropriate areas on festival grounds so as not to block the view of other festival patrons). Bring cash and cards for the local vendors offering food and products at the festival.

Health & Safety

Bring bug spray and anything you may need from your RV, so you do not have to return to the campground area to get any necessities as the day passes. Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to combat the sun’s rays. For most activities, outside food or beverages are not allowed on festival grounds except for a one-liter bottle of water, but blues fans have more liberties at the campground.

Where to eat


Cook great meals in your RV to enjoy during your trip to New York. However, no open fires are allowed. Instead, a patron can bring a closed, self-contained fire device that keeps the fire off of the ground. Load up on your favorites for meals at the campsite on your way to the area, or reload if needed at one of the grocery options in Norwich.


Norwich, New York is home to classic American cafes, sports bars, Mexican, Chinese, and pizzeria restaurants. Fast food restaurants can also be found close to the fairgrounds. Take a walk along Main Street to find your crew’s favorite meal under two miles from the fairgrounds.


In past years, food vendors have offered everything from smoothies, pizza, and barbecue to traditional fair food like lemonade and cotton candy. While some vendors may take a card, be prepared with some cash in case you encounter one that only accepts cash.



Utilize the lost and found feature in the Artist Sale Tent if you misplace any valuables or find someone else’s. Entry with a ticket is only permitted by the allowance of the security team who handles the event. Watch for pedestrians as you travel along the roads of Norwich during the festival. Review what items are allowed to enter with you into the concert areas and feel comfortable leaving the rest at your campsite.


The weather in Norwich, New York in August is known to be hot. Take precautions to prevent heatstroke by hydrating at the campgrounds, and purchase beverages, including water on the festival grounds if needed.


In the Chenango County area, ambulance services can be acquired by calling 911 in case of a medical emergency. Service dogs are the only animals allowed on the festival and onsite campgrounds. Several pharmacies are located within a 10-mile distance from the fairgrounds. The UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital is less than five minutes from the festival grounds.