Chevrolet Performance US Nationals

Drag your family to the RV and start making your way to the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals drag racing event at Lucas Oil Raceway, Indianapolis.

Event information

Clear your summer schedule, for you’re not going to want to miss the drag racing action at the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals. This annual event has been a calendar highlight since the 1950s and continues to bring tens of thousands of spectators to Brownsburg, Indiana, every year.

The Chevrolet Performance US Nationals is an NHRA-sanctioned drag racing event unlike no other. It’s considered the most prestigious of its kind and brings some of the best drag racing talents in the country to the race track.

It’s held over six days in August and September with qualifying, elimination rounds, and showdowns, boasts entertainment galore, and even offers the opportunity for RV-goers to camp for the entirety of the event as well.

Those who decide to make the journey to Indiana will be pleased they did. Not only will the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals prove worthwhile, but so too will the venue and broader area. Lucas Oil Raceway is just 10 miles west of Downtown Indianapolis and is one of the premier drag racing venues in the world.

It’s also proximate to several standout attractions that are bound to equate to a vacation to remember. Go exploring at Eagle Creek Park, walking at Arbuckle Acres Park, or treat the kids with a trip to Williams Park. Come to Indiana for the drag racing, but stay for the spectacular summer fun that awaits.


You are bound to be amazed at the sheer number of ticketing options for the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals. If you want an experience of a lifetime, then start topping up that piggy bank today. You can buy full event packages with general or reserved seating, or three-day tickets for over the weekend.

Those who want a VIP experience will even have the option to purchase a club pass with food, gift bags, driver appearances, and more. Don’t forget to book your camping spot alongside your admission tickets when you start planning your RV trip.

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If you’re getting all your ducks in a row for a trip to the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals, then don’t forget to figure out how to get there. Lucas Oil Raceway is in Brownsburg, Indiana, in northeastern Hendricks County and 15 miles from downtown Indianapolis along US-136.

Brownsburg is a beautiful city bordered by Clermont, Avon, Indianapolis, and Pittsboro. No matter which direction you come from, you’re bound to enjoy a scenic journey with minimal hassle and clear signage to lead the way.

If you’re not familiar with the area, or it’s your first time in Indiana, then consider the use of INDOT to help guide you. Upon arriving in Brownsburg, you’ll find Lucas Oil Raceway conveniently located on US-136.

Parking areas

There are entry gates along each of the roads bordering Lucas Oil Raceway, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost upon entry. However, the best entry point for the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals is from US-136, with parking personnel on hand to direct you to the best place to park.

Day parking is available for RVs, but this is at a cost. If you are camping at the race track, make your way to the campground adjacent to US-136 and Crawfordsville Road.

Public Transportation

There is no public bus line in operation to Lucas Oil Raceway for the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals. Therefore, if you were thinking about parking somewhere else and catching a bus, that won’t be an option.

However, there are plenty of taxis and rideshare services that can provide transport to and from the drag racing action. You can then leave your RV parked throughout the six days of the drag racing.

Where to stay


If it’s not exciting enough that you get to attend the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals, then you’ll be over the moon to learn it’s an RV-friendly facility. Over the six days of the event, you will be able to park in the camping area and enjoy the company of your family and other campers. Primitive RV camping is the only option, as there are no service hookups, but you won’t mind in the slightest.

You can use your above-ground grill, generator, and enjoy the short walk to the drag strip at your leisure. Remember to display your camping permit at all times, and consider reserving your spot in advance to avoid missing out on a spot.


Due to the popularity of the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway, camping spots sell out fast. If you don’t manage to nab that lucrative camping space, then consider the many different places that are accessible with a large RV in Brownsburg.

There’s a campground within walking distance of the drag strip and many more within a 20-mile radius. The best place for RV camping may be closer to the automotive action than you might think.

Getting around

Lucas Oil Raceway representatives recommend bringing comfortable footwear when you attend the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals, as walking is the best way to get around. Fortunately, the distance from the parking and camping lots to the drag strip is not too far, and there is plenty of seating around the venue to rest weary feet.

What to pack


Aside from your favorite driver’s supporting gear, you are going to want to think long and hard about your clothing choices for the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals. Even though it’s summer, it’s still a good idea to bring a variety of clothing. Bring light, breathable layers for use during the day, but something warmer to throw over the top once the cooler nighttime temperatures hit.


Planning an RV road trip to Indianapolis can be quite exciting, but don’t rush the process. There are plenty of convenience items you’re not going to want to forget. You may bring a cooler under the specified dimensions, your camera, scanners and headsets, and even binoculars. For those who will be sitting in the grandstands, seat cushions are also allowed. Don’t forget paper and a sharpie for driver autographs, too.

While ATMs are available for the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals, there is no harm in bringing cash for convenience’s sake. You can then settle in for six days of intense drag racing action without the hassle of wondering if you’ve forgotten anything.

Health & Safety

Given that the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals is in summer, it’s a good idea to place emphasis on sun safety. Don’t forget your sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses, and a sunhat. Light-colored attire can also stop the sun from beating down on you as intensely. You may also bring drinking water or purchase it on site. Pop a first aid kit and any prescription medication you might require in your RV.

Where to eat


While RV camping rules can differ from one establishment to the next, you are more than welcome to use your above-ground grill at Lucas Oil Raceway. You can also cook up a storm using your RV appliances, but campfires are not allowed.

If you’ve got a hankering for camp-style hot dogs but no supplies, then you’re in luck. There is a grocery store, as well as many smaller markets, within a five-mile driving distance of Lucas Oil Raceway.


While the vendors at Lucas Oil Raceway have some outstanding offerings for the Chevrolet Performance US Nationals, sometimes a sit-down meal at a restaurant is all you feel like having. If that’s the case, let Brownsburg deliver. No matter which direction in which you head, you will quickly come across different options to satisfy those hunger pangs. From Chinese to chicken, fried food to fish, there’s something for everyone. Fans will find popular eateries within a short five-mile driving distance of Lucas Oil Raceway.


For those who plan to remain at Lucas Oil Raceway for the majority of the drag racing, then you’ll be pleased to know you’re well catered for at the track. From funnel cakes and chicken wings to nachos and slushies, there is all manner of options to suit every member of your family. Vendor concessions are well-appointed by the east, west, and oval grandstands for easy access. Bring both payment cards and cash to ensure you have the correct payment type.



At each of the gates from Hunter Road, West 30th Street, and Crawfordsville Road, there is personnel positioned to both check your tickets and your bags. If you want to speed up the screening process, leave much of your possessions in your RV, and pack light. Anything bulky, dangerous, or inconvenient will likely be turned away, as will glass, alcohol, pets, and wheeled transportation not related to medical needs.


Attending an event in summer doesn’t lend itself to too many surprises, as weather throughout the country tends to be quite reliable and consistent. That’s often the case in Brownsburg, Indiana, as well.

The area enjoys averages of 85 degrees throughout the day, then lows of 64 degrees at night. Don’t forget to bring a sweatshirt with you to the drag racing for those lower nighttime temperatures, but feel comfortable in packing summery attire and a handheld fan.


No one ever intends on needing medical assistance when they’re on vacation, but don’t let it ruin your time away from home if it happens. There is help available at Lucas Oil Raceway, and also in Brownsburg itself. The nearest hospital is just six miles from the race track, and a pharmacy for first aid supplies is within seven miles.