Chicago Open Air

Have the ultimate RV camping trip and visit the Chicago Open Air Festival for a mind-blowing experience of metal and rock music!

Event information

Thirteen miles southwest from the Chicago Loop lies the village of Bridgeview, which has the honor of hosting one of the greatest rock and metal festivals ever, the Chicago Open Air Festival. Visitors will enjoy this experience in Toyota Park, more specifically SeatGeek Stadium. The Chicago Open Air Festival is an outdoor event, and as the saying goes “the show must go on,” so the concerts will be held rain or shine.

There is no age limit for attending, meaning as long as you have a ticket you will be allowed to enter. Keep in mind that there might be some changes to the line-up, schedule and set times, but all of this will be worth your while once you feel the energetic vibe pouring from the stages. The Stadium can easily welcome over 20,000 event-goers, so get ready to meet plenty of new and interesting people who share the same love for music as you.

Since the event itself is held at a sports stadium, RV camping will not be offered on festival grounds. Luckily, this area is surrounded by beautiful nature, and therefore plenty of campgrounds that offer an unforgettable camping experience near the festival site. With that in mind, nothing is stopping you from attending this epic music event and seeing your favorite band perform live.


If you have made up your mind about visiting the Chicago Open Air Festival, there are a couple of ticket-related things you should know. Everyone is eligible to become the ticket holder, no matter how old you might be. Once you buy the ticket there will be no refunds or exchanges; every purchase is final.

Resale of the tickets is prohibited, and if discovered the ticket will be voided. The safest way to purchase a ticket is through the Chicago Open Air website. The type of ticket you purchase will most likely determine your place at the venue. If you want to be closer to the stage you might need to purchase the tickets which grant access to that area as soon as the pre-sale period kicks-off as these are likely to sell out fast.

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The Chicago Open Air festival is held at SeatGeek Stadium in Bridgeview, Illinois, just 13 miles from Chicago. You can reach the premises of the festival from Chicago by accessing I-55. However, you may prefer to plan your route according to where you want to camp, and then make your way to the festival.

Parking areas

If traveling by RV, you may need to park your rig at the nearest campground since the event does not provide parking passes. RV parking spots are sometimes available in the close vicinity of the Toyota Park, but they are not camping spots. If your RV is small, you may be able to park it near the stadium in a traditional vehicle parking space.

Public Transportation

Even though the Chicago Open Air Festival doesn’t offer organized shuttle transportation, carpooling might be a good option for you and your crew. Getting to the SeatGeek Stadium from the nearby campgrounds will require a short drive or if you prefer an eco-friendly solution, a short bike ride. Public transportation options may be limited as you leave the main areas of the Chicago city center.

Where to stay


Chicago Open Air is held at SeatGeek Stadium, so camping will not be available, in or around the event grounds. Nevertheless, the are multiple camping options in the area where you can freely park your RV and head over to the festival for your weekend of music and concert activity.


Nearby campgrounds offer you beauty, all the necessary amenities, and a plethora of outdoor activities. Seven to ten miles from the event location you can park your RV and explore the elegant nature of this area. Furthermore, you can test your stamina for the upcoming festival by setting off on a hiking trail or visit a climbing wall. On the other hand, if you are looking for some peace and tranquility after all the partying, you can go fishing, canoeing, or birdwatching. Also, restrooms, showers, and concession shops are available to campers. You can count on electrical hookups, and may also have the option for water and sewer.

Getting around

Plan to move around the festival on foot, as any personal wheeled devices won’t be allowed. Guests with disabilities are offered a designated area for viewing and are welcome to ask for assistance as needed. Since everything is mostly happening around the main stage, guests should be able to navigate the stadium with ease if they are patient with the crowd.

What to pack


The Chicago Open Air Festival is a fantastic way to welcome summer. It is highly recommended to pack some light clothing (t-shirts, short pants/skirts, caps) since it can get hot amongst the crowd. It would be wise to prepare yourself for rainy weather with an extra pair of shoes and a jacket.


Other than your ticket and your ID all you need to bring is a positive mood and a friendly attitude. It is advisable to check the official website of Chicago Open Air in order to see the list of forbidden items that you cannot carry with you. All life threatening items are a no-go, but you can pack a bag with extra clothing, sunblock, and a few personal items.

Health & Safety

Festival officials request that guests look out for one another and work to enjoy the event together. Organizers remind guests that, due to active and dynamic performances, items may come flying off the stage, and the crowd can react energetically, so the best way to keep safe is to stay alert. When you find yourself in a crowd this big it is often hard to leave when you want to, so it is advised to have a bottle of water at your side at all time.

Where to eat


It suffices to say that cooking is not allowed on the event location since it is a stadium, but you can prepare delicious homemade meals at any of the nearby campgrounds where your RV will be parked. Bring your grill or propane gas stove, the ingredients you will need, and the cooking can begin. Also, you will find picnic tables where you can have a proper lunch or dinner at some of the local campgrounds.


When the hunger kicks in, there are multiple options for you to treat your growling belly, both inside and outside the event. Only a short walk away from the SeatGeek Stadium you will find many fast-food restaurants, as well a great number of different cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, and Thai.


Festival organizers have provided their visitors with food and drinks within the borders of the event grounds. When you are in need of some refreshment, you will find food, drinks, and craft beer as well as a cash-only bar. There will be several locations in and around the stadium where you can find these stands. You can consult the event map to see where these amenities are located.



Fostering a good mood for everyone means keeping everyone safe and sound. Every visitor will be searched upon entry for any weapons, firearms, fireworks, or anything that may cause a dangerous situation. Individuals who fail to comply with the rules of the venue will be dismissed from the festival without any compensation or ticket refund.


Chicago Open Air will continue according to schedule, rain or shine, meaning you should expect both and enjoy whatever the weather offers. Since the event occurs in late spring one can expect the weather to change, even during the day. Since it is in the Chicago area, wind may join you at any time. Pack and dress accordingly for your own comfort as you enjoy your favorite musicians.


The best way to prevent something from happening is by looking after yourself, especially in an energetic crowd at a festival such as this one. If you are hurt in any way, or simply feeling unwell, reach out to any of the staff members who will help you to the medical station. For more serious medical conditions or injuries, there is are various hospitals less than 10 minutes away from the Toyota Park.