Chicago White Sox RV Camping Guide

An RV trip is fun at any time, but even more when it’s to a Chicago White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago! It’s time to hit the road!

Event information

When AC/DC’s Thunderstruck rings out across Guaranteed Rate Field on 35th Street in Chicago, Illinois, you know the Chicago White Sox are preparing for the fight of the season. Do you really want to miss your favorite home team take on their rivals, the Chicago Cubs? During baseball season from April to October, there is plenty of action you are not going to want to miss.

The Chicago White Sox, with a home base of Guaranteed Rate Field, is a Major League Baseball team with tens of thousands of fans across Chicago’s south side. They take to the field in their sharp white, black, and silver uniforms with Southpaw the mascot by their side. All they need now is thousands of fans to fill the stadium and cheer them on.

Guaranteed Rate Field is owned by the state of Illinois and boasts state-of-the-art facilities to attract fans in their droves. From elite club rooms and restaurants to fan zones and even areas for the kids, this facility has it all.

Even though Chicago’s Guaranteed Rate Field is dedicated to the game of baseball, it’s also versatile enough to play host to other events as well. The Rolling Stones, The Pretenders, and Bruce Springsteen have all held concerts at the baseball field.

The Toledo Rockets and Northern Illinois Huskies football teams also played there to an audience of over 10,000. Believe it or not, it has also been the backdrop for several films, such as Rookie of the Year, Major League II, and Little Big League.

Whether baseball season is just ramping up, or you fancy an excuse for taking an RV trip, the Chicago White Sox will deliver. Dust off your motorhome, grab your fellow fans and set off in the direction of the City of Chicago in Cook County.


How much of baseball fan are you? How you buy your Chicago White Sox tickets online and which tickets you buy can make all the difference to your game day experience. Buy group tickets or splurge on premium seating and high-end amenities. There has even been the option to choose holiday packs for four people with a free blanket or similar in recent years. Ticket prices for Chicago White Sox games are often more affordable than those of other baseball team games, averaging around $30 per ticket for general admission.

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Chicago is a central city between Milwaukee, Naperville, and Rockford, bordered by Lake Michigan. It’s serviced by I-90 and I-55 and offers an engaging driving experience for anyone who is making the trip in an RV.

Before you leave home, ensure you get a full night’s sleep and be prepared to monitor road conditions. You are going to need to have your eyes on the road and plenty of time up your sleeve to deal with frequent congestion the area experiences.

Heavy traffic can see streets closed in the hours before a Chicago White Sox game, so make sure you have your coupon handy from when you purchased your tickets. Green and red cards can dictate where you turn to get to the venue, and signage is displayed. Once you arrive at Guaranteed Rate Field, you can access the venue via seven main entrances into one of eight main parking lots.

Parking areas

Parking spaces are available for purchase at the same time as your ticket. You can also buy a parking pass on the day with cash or a credit card. If you want a hassle-free entrance into Guaranteed Rate Field, organize your parking pass in advance for a tow vehicle.

Spaces may not be available for RVs, so consider alternative parking arrangements before the game begins. If you are staying nearby and decide to bike to the game, limited bike parking is available near Gate 2, 3, 5, and 6.

Tailgating is rarely allowed at baseball games, but Guaranteed Rate Field bucks the trend. You may bring a personal-sized grill into the parking lot up to two hours before the game begins and be a part of the fun atmosphere before piling into the stadium.

Public Transportation

Guaranteed Rate Field encourages the use of public transportation, particularly for those who have larger vehicles, such as motorhomes, that may not fit comfortably in the onsite car parking area. The ballpark is near the Sox-35th station and is also on several bus routes. Taxis and rideshare services are also well-appointed near Gate 4, with a dedicated area in Lot A by Gate 5 for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Where to stay


You may tailgate for a couple of hours before the game begins, but you may not park any vehicle at Guaranteed Rate Field overnight. Fortunately, there are plenty of places that are accessible with a large RV near Guaranteed Rate Field for your convenience. Make sure you find somewhere to stay with an RV in advance to avoid missing out on your first choice.


Some of the best places for RV camping in Chicago are within around 50 miles of Guaranteed Rate Field for a Chicago White Sox game. Indiana Dunes National Park is just less than an hour away from the stadium and just over the state line into Indiana.

If you’re all about comfort, luxury, and convenience on your RV travels, then 60 miles out of Chicago is Chicago Northwest KOA. This campground has all the service hookups you need, not to mention a comfortable and serene atmosphere to ensure your stay is a memorable one.

Local sites boast beautiful views out to Lake Michigan, putting you within a stone’s throw of the Huron-Manistee National Forests about three and half hours away and into Michigan.

Getting around

Even though you may be sitting down for the majority of any Chicago White Sox game, it pays to put your best walking shoes on for the day. There are many parking lots within a substantial walking distance of the baseball field. You may also find that to explore every part of the facility requires a bit of walking, including up and downstairs. You may ride your bicycle to Guaranteed Rate Field, but no private transportation is allowed inside the facility.

What to pack


Baseball season runs from spring through fall, so your clothing choices can largely depend on what time of year you attend a Chicago White Sox game. One thing’s for sure; it’s in your best interests to wear white, black, and silver to support the home team!

If you are exploring the greater Chicago area, such as the Indiana Dunes National Park toward Indiana, then think about packing a few outdoors-suitable clothing, such as rugged footwear and weatherproof layers.


There is limited space in the grandstands, so the less you bring into the game, the more comfortable you can be. Anything you do bring must be in a clear bag, including one sealed water bottle and any food you want to snack on during the game.

If you have brought something with you that’s not allowed, but you didn’t want to leave in your motorhome, you can check it into the independent checking facility for a fee. You can also bring cash with you, withdraw it from the onsite ATMs, or buy Comiskey Cash for purchases.

Health & Safety

Guaranteed Rate Field officials do everything in their power to keep all fans healthy and safe. They provide showers on the main level to cool down and ban smoking (including e-cigarettes) to ensure everyone’s comfort. You may also like to bring sunscreen and other sun safety products on hot days when the sun is beating down on the grandstands.

Make sure you purchase water, bring a sealed bottle, or make use of the water fountains, to remain hydrated during the game. If you are doing any exploring while in Chicago, such as to the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve toward Bolingbrook, then carry extra medical supplies, bug spray, and safety equipment for peace of mind.

Where to eat


Chicago White Sox games are all about the sport of baseball, but they are also about the atmosphere and togetherness with other fans. Head to one of the parking lots before the game, where you will be able to cook to your heart’s content on a personal-sized grill.

Many RV parks nearby and other campgrounds in the greater Chicago area may also allow the use of campfires if weather conditions allow. In most instances, however, you may find your onboard RV kitchen appliances to be the most convenient cooking method.

Pick up some hot dogs and other much-needed supplies from the grocery store within a mile of the baseball field towards Henry C. Palmisano Nature Park in Bridgeport.


You might not be doing all the running, catching, and throwing, but that doesn’t mean all the excitement won’t sap your energy resources! Replenish and restock at one of the many established eateries near Guaranteed Rate Field. A quick trip down I-90 puts you in the vicinity of takeout joints, ice cream for those hot Chicago summer days, and traditional bar and grill establishments.


Not only does Guaranteed Rate Field have specialty menus, dietary restriction food choices, and a delicious array of food and beverages, but a restaurant as well. With two stories, indoor seating, and a patio area, the themed restaurant and bar are for everyone to enjoy. It is open to the public on game day and is an ideal spot to grab a bite to eat in a relaxing setting.

Vendors that accept cash will also accept Comiskey Cash. You can purchase this unique baseball currency at the main office window, and all bills have the faces of White Sox players.



Guaranteed Rate Field has a clear bag policy, allowing you to bring many different items into the facility, as long as they fit into a clear bag for storage under your seat. Fans can bring sealed water bottles, soft-sided coolers, and food. Guests can’t, however, bring hard liquid containers, cans, bottles, soda, alcohol, or anything distracting or noisy.

Anyone can be subject to screening at any time, but you can also visit the independent checking facility to check in your restricted items before entering the grandstands.


Thunderstorms in Chicago can bring about some challenging rain conditions. In the event of rain at a Chicago White Sox game, your tickets are valid for a replayed match if fewer than five innings are played, unless the White Sox are winning after four and a half innings.

Take care while traveling in Chicago at any time of the year, for weather extremes are common due to the humid continental climate. Summer is hot and humid, with heatwaves seeing temperatures well above 90 degrees-Fahrenheit.

Spring and summer also bring about thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes, so tune into a weather app on your travels to be aware of what you’re up against. Make sure you carry plenty of drinking water on board and ensure your heating and cooling units are in excellent working order.


If you find yourself with an injury or illness while at Guaranteed Rate Field for a Chicago White Sox game, then you can be satisfied that help is close at hand. Behind the home plate on the service level, there is a first-aid center. A satellite first-aid room is also on the upper level, and water fountains on all levels will surely prove convenient.

For anything more urgent, approach an official and dial 911. A hospital is within two miles of the baseball field in the direction of China Town. There is also a pharmacy to stock up supplies within three miles toward Millennium Park by the Navy Pier.