Clover Mountains Wilderness
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Geological wonders, beautiful landscapes, and rich cultural and natural resources make Clover Mountains Wilderness a truly remarkable setting for primitive camping and outdoor recreation. This Bureau of Land Management property, located about 12 miles south of Caliente in Nevada, can be accessed via Highway 317 and a number of local unpaved roads.
As a result of past volcanic and erosive action in the area, fascinating landscapes have developed in the Wilderness, making the park feature lots of spots for sightseeing and photography. The mountain peaks and lowland regions in the park consist of diverse flora, especially those quite rare in this region of Nevada. Different species of wildlife also live within this BLM property, offering wildlife enthusiasts good opportunities to pursue their interests. If you like to watch birds, you should look out for prairie falcons, peregrine falcons, and golden eagles. Additional recreational opportunities are available at Big Rocks Wilderness.
Dry and dispersed camping opportunities are available within Clover Mountains Wilderness, but don’t count on any amenities, so come prepared with all you’ll need. RV campgrounds are available nearby at Cathedral Gorge State Park.

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Clover Mountains Wilderness is located about 12 miles south of Caliente, Nevada, in southern Lincoln County. Access to this Bureau of Land Management park from Caliente is via State Highway 317, which leads to the western boundary of the Wilderness.
As in other BLM lands, the use of motorized equipment and mechanical transport equipment such as motor vehicles, bicycles, motorboats, carts, and portage wheels is prohibited within the wilderness areas. Moreover, there are no designated parking areas within the wilderness.
A number of local unpaved roads, such as E Pass Road, are available around the park to grant accessibility to some regions along the boundary of the wilderness. It’s advisable to move around in high clearance vehicles and four-wheel drives.
Guests who wish to visit nearby campgrounds available for vehicle camping will find rental services north of this BLM wilderness in Nevada around Cathedral Gorge State Park.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Clover Mountains Wilderness

Campsites in Clover Mountains Wilderness

Reservations camping

Cathedral Gorge Campground

Cathedral Gorge Campground is located at Cathedral Gorge State Park, north of Clover Mountains Wilderness, along Highway 93. At the campground, there are 22 pet-friendly campsites that accommodate tents and RVs up to 40 feet in length.

Electric hookups for RVs/trailers are available within the campground. In addition, amenities present within the campground include picnic tables, grills, potable water, restrooms, and showers. Two of the campsites are ADA accessible.

Recreational opportunities in the campground include hiking, picnicking and tour programs.

The campground is open year-round and accepts reservations.

Seasonal activities in Clover Mountains Wilderness



High up on the Clover Mountains, beautiful flora uncommon in this part of Nevada flourish. These plant communities, which include quaking aspen and old-growth stands of ponderosa pine, decorate the mountain peaks, making it a lovely place to visit, especially by nature lovers and flora enthusiasts. Cottonwood Creek also features cottonwood, riparian vegetation and ash. A visit to Thule Desert in the southern part of the wilderness will reveal sagebrush, yucca and Joshua trees.


As you explore this wilderness, keep your eyes peeled for desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, mountain lion, badger, and bobcat. These wildlife species are prevalent within the park and offer wonderful sights for wildlife enthusiasts. If you visit the lower regions of the wilderness area, you’ll find numerous species of reptiles as well as kit fox that live in that region.

Besides, other sensitive fauna in the wilderness includes California myotis, Pallid bat, and banded Gila monster. All these are characteristic wildlife in the Nevada area.

Geological Wonders

What is today the Clover Mountains Wilderness was millions of years ago a major volcanic center that spewed lava flows over the area’s landscapes. The product of these past geological processes is the formation of an ancient caldera which has been greatly modified by prolonged erosive action.

As a result, a beautiful blend of colors and twisting landscapes make the park a fascinating getaway. You’ll find the jagged rock outcrops, rolling hills and perennial waters entirely appealing.


History and Culture

Clover Mountains Wilderness features various cultural resources and historic elements that tell stories about the area. Educational opportunities are available at the remains of a historic cabin in the Cottonwood Creek drainage, as well as at the pictographs and petroglyphs that guests get to see at this Bureau of Land Management property. Some other historic sites that are available in the area include Kiernan Ranch and Post Office, near Cottonwood Canyon, about three miles east of Elgin.

Mormon Peak

Even though the Mormon Mountains are not the highest mountain in the area, these peaks provide interesting recreational opportunities for sightseers and observers.
Located south of Clover Mountains Wilderness, this peak offers the chance for visitors to view the distinctive conical profile of Moapa Peak. This peak, which sits at about 4,000 feet, is also an amazing spot to watch the sun rise or set. Nice hiking opportunities are available around the mountains in summer.

Bird Viewing

If you fancy watching birds, then you’ve got your work cut out for you at Clover Mountains wilderness. First, you should be prepared to explore various parts of the park to find these lovely creatures. Secondly, you should have your binoculars at the ready because the birds can be quite challenging to spot.

Watch out for prairie falcons, peregrine falcons, and golden eagles. Recorded sightings in the area also include Western Grebe, White Pelican, Green Heron, and egrets.