Crankworx Whistler

Biking enthusiasts and fans unite at Crankworx, Whistler for a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring celebration of the best mountain biking in the world.

Event information

If you are a fan of the sheer athleticism and incredible shows of power by mountain bike professionals, then you have to put Crankworx in Whistler, British Columbia on your summertime bucket list. Whistler is the original first for Crankworx, which has since expanded internationally. It is described as “the original, the biggest, and the best,” so set the GPS for this beautiful part of British Columbia, a diverse province with lots to offer.

Elite-level bikers, amateur-level stars, and kids come together to compete and showcase their talents on mountain trails. Enjoyed by skiers in winter, this resort town is turned into a wonderland for those who like to hit the slopes. During Crankworx, Whistler transforms into a mountain biker’s dream.

Whether you are a professional who has come to compete against the best of the best, an amateur who would like to experience a trail or two, or a family with kids that want to try their hand at Kidworx, organizers welcome you. Join in on the exhilaration of the ride or arrive as a supportive spectator, another essential component of this 10-day festival.

RVing in British Columbia will amaze you and have you wanting to come back for more, year after year. Nature’s best is yours to see in the spectacular scenery and majestic mountains of the province.


Crankworx, Whistler is a free event to be enjoyed by every member of the family. Check out the website for information on where best to grab a spot to see the event you most want to watch. Stand at the finish line of the endurance race, watch a mountain bike video being filmed, or cheer on a speed and style event. No tickets are required, but if you want to book a VIP experience, there are a few options that range in price between $130 USD and $650 USD. Visit for details.

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Whistler is about two hours north of Vancouver, BC. Highway 99, known as The Sea to Sky Highway, is the route you will take to get to Whistler Village and Whistler Blackcomb. Be prepared for several stops along the way to breathe in the air both physically and visually because the scenery on the way is nothing short of spectacular. Remember that speed limits are in metric, so they are in kilometers as opposed to miles. Wildlife is a common sight, and extra caution is needed. For road and weather alerts visit DriveBC.

Parking areas

Whistler Village is a bustle of activity during Crankworx, the largest event of the summer. There are three areas in which to park: Whistler Village, Blackcomb, and Creekside. They are all some distance apart, but due to the sheer size of the festival, you will not be far from action of some sort. Visit the event website for parking directions and prices, as the list of lots is extensive.

Public Transportation

Once you arrive in the parking area of beautiful Whistler Village, choose your desired viewing spot for your must-see event and take either a Whistler Transit bus or gondola (open specific days and hours only). Depending on which parking lot you choose, biking and walking are viable options, too.

Where to stay


Whistler Village does not have a campground area, and despite the largeness of the parking lots, sleeping overnight in your RV or vehicle is not allowed. However, this magnificent part of the province of British Columbia does have many options for camping, so have a family meeting and choose the destination that suits your budget and preferences.


RVers can choose between rustic, remote wilderness and full-service campgrounds when claiming a spot in the Whistler area. No matter your preference, you will be surrounded by gorgeous mountains and spectacular vistas. Camp near Fitzsimmons Creek or at the foot of Black Tusk, a stratovolcano that can be hiked if you’ve got the time and skill. The camping in Whistler offers much more than a place to stay, so be sure to plan extra time to explore nature.

Getting around

Crankworx is a family-friendly event with Kidworx races a fun part of the action. The terrain around the runs is hilly and akin to a hike, so it may not be the easiest place to navigate a stroller. However, for visiting the villages of Whistler, Blackcomb, and Creekside, a stroller or wagon will come in handy for the little ones as the area is quite expansive, with lots to see.

What to pack


Being in the BC Mountain Range, the weather can be variable. Pack for rain or shine because you won’t want to spend a minute of the trip inside. Put raincoats and boots, sandals, shoes, jeans, shorts, and t-shirts on the packing list. Don’t forget a jacket and cozy sweatshirt for cool nights in the fresh mountain air.


You will be camping in the mountains with the potential for hiking in an area known to be one of the most scenic regions in North America. Pack hiking boots and gear, along with a sturdy backpack to carry your items. Refillable water bottles are a must to keep you hydrated whether at the race or on a trek. For the campsite, lawn chairs for gazing at the stars and warm blankets to snuggle in around the fire are essential. RV equipment includes clamps and hoses in the event you choose a site with full hookups.

Health & Safety

With the scenery in the mountains come bugs and blackflies, but as long as you have heavy-duty bug spray on hand, you can keep them at bay. Sunscreen is another must-have, and you will want to apply both before heading to Crankworx. The mountain bike festival is a happening place, with bikes and people coming and going. Set rules for the kids from the get-go. They have to stick with you at all times so as not to be in the way of hurried competitors.

Where to eat


The mountain air makes for mammoth appetites. Pack the ingredients for pancakes and bacon, which makes a filling breakfast before heading to the hill. An easy picnic lunch is wraps and veggies. Hearty chili or corn chowder will sate the appetites of any mountain biker, topped off with fruit and cookies for dessert. Before leaving home, stock the RV with briquets and propane. Ask your campground manager for the rules when it comes to fires. Safety first is always the best approach when camping in the home area of wildlife.


Whistler, Blackcomb, and Creekside villages boast around 200 establishments for eating. Bistros, pubs, brewhouses, and cafes start the selection. Barbecue, tapas, gourmet sandwiches, sushi, and street cuisine are yours for the tasting. After your meal, choose a decadent dessert from a coffee house or pie shop.


Expo tents are set up to showcase up and coming bikes and equipment. If you are a competitor, you won’t want to miss the demonstrations and a chance to try out a mountain bike for yourself. Take the kids to the autograph signing sessions so they can meet their favorite stars and maybe ask a question or two.



Volunteers will be trained and on hand to ensure each event is run in a secure and safe manner. Barriers prevent the crossing of spectators into restricted areas. To ensure the safety of bikers and fans alike, follow the rules and respect the space of the athletes. At camp, keep your belongings safely stowed, including food and garbage. No one wants to draw the attention of a curious skunk or hungry bear.


In Whistler, the weather can change at the drop of a hat. Keep all-weather gear handy and remember that the fun continues rain or shine unless conditions become dangerous for the riders. At camp, roll the shade cover out to shade from the sun or protect from the rain, whatever the case may be. The mountain views look gorgeous in any weather; take plenty of photos to inspire your friends to join you next year.


There is a first-aid and medical crew at the festival, although they may be concentrating on the bikers most of the time. In Whistler, there is a health care facility in the event you need medical attention. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in the RV with antibiotic cream, peroxide, bandages, scissors, gauze, and tape. Drug store services are within a 15-minute walk of the festival site if you need to restock.