Cumberland Falls State Park

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Surrounded by amazing views of the Daniel Boone Forest, Cumberland Falls State Park is an outdoor lover's dream, featuring over 1,657 acres of jaw-dropping views of Cumberland Falls, meadows, canyons, and streams. Located near Corbin, Kentucky, this state park is a must for your next RV vacation. You'll have countless opportunities for outdoor fun in a unique forest landscape. From hiking and gem mining to birding and horseback riding, Cumberland Falls State Park offers an enormous variety of outdoor excursions.

The Cumberland Falls, known at the "Niagara of the South," at Cumberland Falls State Park are jaw-dropping, plunging into a rocky gorge from 68 feet above. You will enjoy taking in the mountain air while being surrounded by rare plant life, including rosebay rhododendron, dogwood, mountain laurel, and native orchid, and other plant species. There are numerous bird species in the park and lots of wildlife, from white-tailed deer to wild turkey. History enthusiasts will enjoy learning about the parks history and how it was purchased.

After you park your rig at Cumberland Falls State Park, you can head out on to one of the many trails located throughout the park. For birdwatchers, head over to the patio located behind the lodge to view two miles of Cumberland River and red-tailed and broad-winged hawks. Cumberland Falls State Park is a great RV destination no matter what time of year you visit.

RV Rentals in Cumberland Falls State Park

Transportation in Cumberland Falls State Park


Cumberland Falls State Park is easily accessible by car or RV, since it is located southwest of Corbin, KY, off of KY 90. Local roads will take you where you want to go inside the park, from the Visitor Center and Gift Shop to the campgrounds and trails. There are no driving restrictions for RVs or trailers in the park, so getting around will be easy, whether you're in your rig or another vehicle. There is an absolute 30 foot maximum length for RVs in the campgrounds.

Parking is limited for RVs and trailers within the park. You will find spots at the Visitor Center, Lodge, gift shop and near the hiking trails. Of course, if you are staying overnight at the campground, you can park there as well. Depending on which campground you are staying at you will be within walking distance to laundry facilities, the camp store, and nature trails. Hiking is a popular mode of transportation since there a number of beautiful trails to choose from.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Cumberland Falls State Park

Campsites in Cumberland Falls State Park

Reservations camping

Clifty Campground

If you wish to park your RV elsewhere and pitch a tent, the Clifty Campground is ideal, offering nine sites for tent camping. Each site offers partial shade, electrical access, and a picnic table you will enjoy. You are welcome to stay with you pet and up to eight people are allowed at each site. One major bonus of staying at Clifty is that you'll be close to the pool, tennis court, and park restaurant. Plus, this campground is closer to the park's main attraction, the falls. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.

Ridgeline Campground

The Ridgeline Campground at Cumberland Falls State Park offers 37 pet-friendly campsites available for tents and RVs from March to November. If you are taking an RV trip this is campground for you since 21 of the campsites here are specifically geared for RVs, offering paved, flat pads and water and electrical hookups. These sites are located under the majestic shade of the forest.

You can enjoy use of the picnic table and grill at your site, which are perfect for family dinners in the solitude of nature. Showers, restrooms, and a dump station are located nearby. You'll have a blast taking the kids on the playground or tackling the nature trails which are within walking distance. Another advantage of staying at Ridgeline is that you're close to the park's grocery store and laundry facilities. There is an absolute RV or trailer limit of 30 feet in the campground. There is no limit on how long you may stay. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.

First-come first-served

First-Come, First Served

There are no first-come, first-served campgrounds located at this state park.

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Cumberland Falls State Park


Horseback Riding

If you are an avid equestrian, you will enjoy the chance to hit the trails at Cumberland Falls State Park. This state park has an equestrian area that will delight the first time rider or the most experienced. Enjoy a 45-minute trail ride that will take you deep into the eastern Kentucky forest. Trail rides are offered on the hour. Personal horses are not permitted on the trails at Cumberland Falls State Park.


If you are a water lover, you will enjoy the chance to take a dip in the falls at Cumberland Falls State Park. There is no lifeguard, so swimming will be at your own risk. The Cumberland Falls are a popular place to take a nice cool dip in. During the peak season can become very crowded, but the amazing views make up for that though.


You will want to ensure that you have a great pair of hiking boots in your RV since there are 17 miles of hiking trails that range in difficulty. Should you be looking for an easy stroll or hike, head over to Pinnacle Knob Lookout. This two-mile trail takes in to the forest and directly back out, showcasing nature's beauty. For a more difficult trail, check out the 13-mile Moonbow Trail, which will have you going through the forest, hiking near step cliffs, all while enjoying the shores of the Falls. Most of the trails are pet-friendly.


Gem Mining

Cumberland Falls State Park offers an opportunity for you to try your luck at mining for gems. Located just past the Gift Shop at the Falls, scoop up some material, place it on the screen, then rinse with water. When wet, the stones reveal crystal shapes and colors. Gem mining offers you the chance to discover Pyrite, Quartz, Ruby, Emerald, Calcite, along with 11 other types of gems.

Wildlife Viewing

If you want to catch a glimpse of the beautiful wildlife that calls the park home, park your RV near the trails and venture out with your binoculars. With the massive amount of pines and hardwoods that grace the steep slopes, you should have no problem seeing a gray squirrel, bobcat, white-tailed deer, or wild turkey. Just remember this is a park that has woods, trees, and water, so be on the lookout for bears and copperhead snakes.


Cumberland Falls State Park is home to several rare species of birds, so you will want to pack your binoculars in your rig. Some of the birds you may see include Pileated Woodpecker, Wood Thrush, Carolina Chickadee, Northern Cardinal and Wood Warblers. Tufted Titmouse may be viewed from the restaurant or back patio of the lodge. Other hotspots you don't want to miss include the shores near Cumberland Falls and trees located deep in the state park.

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