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Devil’s Den State Park is located in Lee Creek Valley in the northwest end of the Ozark Mountains. Surrounded by lush forest, the state park offers camping and other outdoor activities year round. Miles of multi-use trails snake through the woods and into the Ozark Mountains. Lake Devil, though small, provides the opportunity for paddle boating and fishing. Rock formations and caverns are scattered throughout the park. Some of these formations are man-made and others have formed naturally over time.

The area was selected as a state park in the 1930s. The structures within the state park were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) which was created under Franklin D. Roosevelt. Native materials were used for the construction which makes the structures to blend in with the natural scenery of the park. A rock dam built by the CCC on Lee Creek created the eight-acre Lake Devil within the state park. Devil’s Den State Park remains one of the few state parks with its CCC structures still largely intact.

While the campground is open year-round, some activities and amenities may be unavailable during certain times of the year. Check the website or call the park for confirmation of dates and hours. There are 135 campsites in the park, many of which have full hookups for those visiting with their RV or travel trailer. Reservations for campsites can be made in advance online.

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Devil’s Den State Park is located in West Fork, Arkansas off of highway 74. Near the Arkansas and Oklahoma state line, the park is in the northwest end of the Ozark Mountains.

The drive to the state park is scenic. You’ll pass by wooded forests and views of the Ozark Mountains, also known as the Ozark Plateau. The beauty seen along the drive is only a preview to what you will enjoy throughout your visit.

Some services and points of interest are located within 10 miles of the park. The small city of Winslow is located just 12 miles east of the state park.

The roads and camping areas inside the state park are paved. Leveling may be necessary at some of the campsites. The park’s size is quite large at 2500 acres. You may need to drive or bike to some amenities or trailheads.


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Devil's Den State Park Campground

Devil’s Den State Park has 135 modern campsites, many of which have full hookups. Another 42 campsites in the horse camp have full hookups as well. The camping loops are spread throughout this expansive state park. The maximum RV and trailer length is 55 ft.

Visitors to the state park will find that Devil’s Den has a number of amenities. The park store sells camping supplies as well as souvenirs. A playground within the park can provide kids with hours of fun. Laundry facilities are available within the state park as well which comes in handy for those on a long road trip or for visitors who are planning to stay awhile. Restrooms with showers are available within the state park.

The park also offers group facilities which can be reserved in advance. There are two pavilions which provide a perfect setting for birthdays, reunions, or other celebrations. A meeting room is also available in the Visitor’s Center. Reservations can be made online for both the group facilities as well as the campsites.

Dogs are welcome at Devil’s Den, so no need to leave Fido behind when you visit the park. Venture out with your dog down the miles of trails or around the camping areas. Remember that dogs must remain on a leash at all times.

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Though one of the smallest lakes among those in Arkansas State Parks, anglers won’t be disappointed. Lake Devil still provides a great opportunity for those wanting to fish. Anglers who visit the park can expect to catch bluegills, channel catfish, crappie, and largemouth bass from the eight-acre lake. You won’t want to leave your poles and bait behind when you visit this state park.


While boating on the small Lake Devil you’ll encounter views of the stunning rock formations around the lake. Whether you head out fishing or are just out to enjoy a leisurely day, you’re sure to have a good time out on the blue lake water. Pedal boats and canoes are available to rent at the park.


Devil’s Den State Park has a pool which is open seasonally from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. Cool off on the hot days by taking a swim. Both the young and old will enjoy the refreshing water or lounging in the sun around the pool’s edge. The pool is available to reserve for private parties. A lifeguard is on duty during pool season at the park.


Multi-use Trails

Devil’s Den State Park hosts miles of multi-use trails from skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Visitors who head out onto the trails can expect scenic views of the Ozark Mountains, rock formations, and vistas. Butterfield Hiking Trail is the longest trail at 15-miles and is open to hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. Miles of equestrian trails can be accessed from the horse camp area.


Birdwatching is a popular activity at Devil’s Den State Park. Birdwatchers will encounter a number of birds that are common to the park year-round as well as those who visit during specific seasons. A few types of birds that park visitors may see include warblers, sparrows, vultures, and many more. Head out onto the trails or keep an eye out while on the lake or at your campsite. You’re sure to see quite a variety of birds during your stay.

Rock Formations

The state park is known for its unique rock formations. Some are manmade, such as the rock dam built by the CCC encompassing the lake, though others are natural. A number of caverns and crevices can be found throughout the park. The 550 ft Devil’s Den Cave is the longest of these within the state park.