Dewey Bridge Campground


Dewey Bridge Campground provides a riverfront camping opportunity for visitors along the banks of the Colorado River in Utah. The campground is located in the region of Entrada Bluffs and shares its scenic sandstone area and rock formations alongside the Colorado River.

With only a few campsites, Dewey Bridge Campground allows the campers to have this portion of the land and the Colorado River all to themselves. They can enjoy boating, canoeing, kayaking, and paddling peacefully without running into any crowds.

At night, you can find peace in stargazing and enjoy solitude and quiet, something that is hard to find these days. Multi-use trails, water activities, picnicking opportunities, and angling prospects make sure there is not a moment of boredom at this campground.

Campers can pitch their tents or plan a stay in their RVs along the tranquil river and enjoy the pink glow of the Moab’s rock formations that is reflected upon the calm river waters.

One can get a little adventurous and go exploring the trails and stumble upon the centuries-old remnants of Dewey Bridge, now marked by tragedy. Beware of the chipmunks, ravens, and other wildlife that might make their presence known during your visit.

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Dewey Bridge Campground is found 33 miles northeast of Moab, Utah and just 45 minutes from the popular Arches National Park.

From the junction of Utah Highway 128 and U.S. Highway 191, this campground is only 28 miles away and pretty easy to find. From Moab, turn east on Utah Highway 128 and keep driving until you see the sign for Dewey Bridge on the south side of the road.

The major portion of the trip to the Dewey Bridge Campground is via the highway, so the drive is smooth on the paved road. The road does get a little narrower as you turn east on the junction and makes for a hard turn, especially for big RVs.

The rugged hills accompany you on this road on your right and you’d be able to spot the Colorado River on your left. The road as you enter the campground is all gravel and requires you to drive slow.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Dewey Bridge Campground

Campsites in Dewey Bridge Campground

First-come first-served

Dewey Bridge Campground

Dewey Bridge Campground boasts seven campsites, three of which are fully accessible group sites and have to be reserved in advance through the local BLM office or online. All the other campsites can be acquired on a first-come, first-served basis.

The campground is quiet and calm and situated neatly along the banks of the Colorado River. The campground enjoys the scenic vistas of sandstone Entrada Bluffs and allows campers to spend a few days and nights in magical natural surroundings.

The campground is suitable for both tents and larger RVs and offers quiet and shaded sites under the thick foliage of trees. The campground also provides river access via the small boat launch to the Colorado River.

The campground includes clean vault toilets. Every campsite comes with a picnic table, shade shelter, and a fire ring. Water is not available at this campground so make sure to bring your own along.

A dumpster is available at Dewey Bridge Campground, but campers are still expected to collect, pack, and dispose of their own trash. The campground is ADA accessible.

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While there aren’t any fishing docks at the campground, you can still find makeshift access to the river and toss in a line to catch some popular fish species native to the Colorado River. While fishing, you can also enjoy the sights of the beautiful rock formations all along this part of the Colorado River system.

Some popular species found in these waters include striped bass, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, channel catfish, walleye, and black crappie.

Water Sports

You can enjoy several water sports when staying at this campground on the banks of the Colorado River. Make sure to always wear a lifejacket since the undercurrents are strong here.

The small boat ramp at the campground allows access to the river waters where campers can enjoy non-motorized boating, motorized boating, canoeing, paddling, and rafting, in addition to various other water activities. Several Colorado River rafting trips use the campground as their start and endpoint.


Take a break from urban life by picnicking right alongside the beautiful natural landscape of the Colorado River in Utah. The picnic tables allow picnickers to enjoy the stunning scenery of the riverways and unique rock formation while they enjoy their snacks and creature comforts.

If your picnic ends up lasting late into the evening, you can lie back and enjoy the impressive star-studded skies and gorgeous sunsets.



If you aren’t the type to sit still and want to take on the wild on your bikes, You then you will simply love the premier mountain biking opportunities found near Dewey Bridge Campground. Mountain bikers and backpackers can head down towards the multi-use Kokopelli Trail and enjoy 140 miles of point-to-point mountain biking. circle

The trail is marked as difficult and only experienced mountain bikers can use it. The elevation at this trail rises up to over 8,400 feet which makes it quite challenging.


As mentioned, the Kokopelli Trail is a multi-use trail used by mountain bikers, backpackers, and hikers. The route offered by this trail is a magnificent medley of sand and tarmac laid out in single and double tracks with terrain that features both flat and hilly landscape.

You might be hiking along a graded terrain when suddenly the landscape will change to being rugged and rocky. The hiking trail might require a few technical climbs and steep descents that will certainly test your skills and stamina.

Historic Dewey Bridge

When visiting and camping at Dewey Bridge Campground one must witness the sight of the remnants of the historic Dewey Bridge. Dewey Bridge is a historic bridge that was constructed in 1916. The prime purpose of this bridge was to support the weight of up to 9000 pounds of freight. It was restored in 2000 and ended up getting destroyed by an accidental fire soon after.