Dixon Springs State Park


Located in the Illinois Shawnee Hills, Dixon Springs State Park is a lovely state park that is great for RV campers looking for a relaxing getaway. The park is unique as it is on a giant block of rock which was dropped 200 feet by a fault that extends northwesterly across Pope County. The area around the park was occupied by various Native American tribes until the early 1830s. Dixon Springs takes its name from William Dixon who one of the first white settlers to build a home in the area in 1848. A small community grew after the first house was built that included a general store, blacksmith shop, post office and several churches. The park was officially opened in 1946.

The geography in the park varies from hilly terrain with cascading waterfalls to open forests that contain deer, squirrel, rabbit, groundhog, and fox amongst the park’s trees. Recreational activities in Dixon Springs State Park include fishing, hiking, hunting, picnicking and swimming. The campground at Dixon Springs State Park is very quaint with 12 RV suitable campsites available for you to choose from. All of the RV friendly camping sites in Dixon Springs State Park are pet friendly and have 30 amp electric connections. Peak season in Dixon Springs State Park runs from the beginning of April until the end of October.

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Dixon Springs State Park is located in Pope County, Illinois which is down in southern Illinois. The park is located near the Missouri and Kentucky borders and is around 100 miles from the Nashville border. Dixon Springs State Park is very easy to find and can be accessed by either the IL-145 or IL-146. There are multiple small towns located near the park, including Reevesville, Glendale, Golconda and Vienna. The closest major city to the park is Evansville, Indiana and Clarksville, Tennessee.
The terrain leading up to and around the park is very easy to navigate. The roads are mostly flat and straight and any RV's that are up to the 40 feet length limit imposed in the park should have no trouble making it to the park. During the winter time the park is known to be in an area where winter storms are common. If you plan to come to the park during winter, make sure that you call ahead to make sure that the park will still be open.


There is plenty of parking available at Dixon Springs State Park during all seasons.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately there are no public transport options that will take you to Dixon Springs State Park.

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Dixon Springs State Park Campground

Sometimes small campgrounds can be hidden gems, which is exactly what Dixon Springs State Park Campground is. In total there are 12 RV friendly sites that you can camp on. All of the sites have 30 amp connections and all sites are also pet friendly. The sites are level and the campground is very well maintained all year round. It has built up a reputation for being a lovely place to stay so it is definitely worth checking out. Since the campground is so small you will have little to no trouble with noise that bother some campers at busier parks.

Other amenities in Dixon Springs State Park include a toilet block, showers, dump station, water collection points, volleyball and basketball courts. You should be able to get cell phone reception on all networks within the park. Reservations are encouraged at Dixon Springs State Park and the maximum length of stay from May 1st through to September 30th is 14 nights in any 30 day period.

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Planning to visit Dixon Springs State Park in the summer? If so, check out the swimming pool if you are wanting to cool off and relax during your stay. The pool is very modern and also features a 45 foot water slide that will provide fun for all ages. A lifeguard will be on duty at all times when the swimming pool is open and there are oaks, elms, and birch trees that shade the pool.


For the fishing fans who want to cast a line while visiting the park there are a few different fishing opportunities available for you. Most of the fishing spots are located in ponds, including Hidden Springs that has five stocked fishing ponds. Hickory Ridge Pond and Prairie Pond are also available for fishing and you can get to them by vehicle. Bass, bluegill, redear and channel catfish are stocked in all of the different ponds.


Dixon Springs State Park is a great place to unwind and have a picnic during the summer months. Throughout the park there are plenty of picnic tables for you to enjoy, including some with outdoor stoves that can be found are at three different shaded picnic areas. For larger groups there is also a picnic shelter, playgrounds, parking areas, and drinking water all available for those who are enjoying what the park has to offer.



Dixon Springs State Park allows firearm and archery hunting within the site, however the 240-acre portion containing the site headquarters, Possum Creek Campground and Rolling Meadows Picnic Area is off limits. Deer hunting is very popular, along with rabbit, fox and squirrel. Hunters must complete their hunter survey cards for each hunting trip. If you have any questions or need more information on hunting regulations please consult the forest superintendent. Fact sheets, maps, regulations and directions are available at the site office.


For the hiking lovers visiting Dixon Springs State Park there are two trails available for you to explore and adventure on. In total the two trails are around two and three quarter miles long. The longer of the two is a self-guided one and three quarter length nature trail while the smaller trail takes you through the Ghost Dance Canyon. The Canyon is very beautiful and is somewhat of a hidden gem. Since it is quite short it is also a great hike for families.


Birding is a great, low cost activity that anyone can do and enjoy during anytime of the year. There are some great birding opportunities that can be had in all seasons within the park. If you want to go birding in Dixon Springs State Park we recommend doing so in the early morning or the late afternoon. Common species found in Dixon Springs State Park include forest species such as woodpeckers, flycatchers, thrushers, vieros and tanagers.