Eastern Kentucky University Tailgating

Grab your maroon and white Eastern Kentucky Colonels supporters gear and start up the RV. It’s time for Eastern Kentucky University tailgating near Roy Kidd Stadium!

Event information

Follow the masses of maroon and white Eastern Kentucky Colonels fans led by The Colonel mascot to the Eastern Kentucky University. It’s here that you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the fan activities and Eastern Kentucky University tailgating experience, not to mention competitive sports games.

The Eastern Kentucky Colonels are Eastern Kentucky University’s (EKU) intercollegiate athletic teams, of which there are over a dozen. Every year, they pile into the various sports facilities, like Roy Kidd Stadium and Earle Combes Stadium, to show their competitors what they’re made of here. And, boy, they are made of tough stuff!

Students from all walks of life make up the football, baseball, basketball, golf, and track teams, just to name a few. They then call upon Richmond, Kentucky locals, and those from further afield, to come and support them during competitions.

While support can come in the form of whooping and hollering in the stadiums and sports centers, it can also be during the tailgating events, too, Parking lots across Eastern Kentucky University campus are set up for both public and student-only tailgating parties and activities before games begin.

Is it time for an RV road trip? Are you ready for the Eastern Kentucky University tailgating season to begin? Whether you come from Lexington, Louisville, or further afield, it’s time to haul out your supporter’s gear and hit the road.


The price you pay for Eastern Kentucky Colonel sports tickets can depend on the event center and team. EKU Colonel football tickets, for example, range from $40 for a general admission season ticket to $70 for reserved seating. Single-game tickets range from $5 for youth to $20 for a chairback seat. Parking can cost extra. Reserve tickets in advance or purchase them on the day.

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Richmond is a beautiful city in Madison County, proudly located in the Bluegrass region. It’s under 150 miles from Knoxville, Tennessee, and is central to many standout natural attractions and charming townships along the way.

Those who are taking an RV road trip to Kentucky for the first time may like to try out a traffic aid like GoKY on the way. By doing so, they can work out the most direct routes to Richmond, such as I-75, US-25, and US-421.

Eastern Kentucky University is nestled in the heart of the city, along the Eastern Bypass on Lancaster Avenue.

Parking areas

There are a handful of designated parking lots at Eastern Kentucky University set up for an unforgettable tailgating experience. Most years, the Alumni Coliseum Parking Lot, Brockton/Hanlon Parking Lots, and the Carter Parking Lot are open to the public for tailgating.

Any vehicle a road-tripper brings onto campus property must fit into a single space, but exceptions can be applied for in advance. Tailgaters may also bring generators for use under a set noise limit, a barbeque grill, tables, and tents of set sizes. The idea is that everyone has the most memorable tailgating experience, while also abiding by Eastern Kentucky University rules.

Those in motorhomes who have not applied in advance may like to park their big rig elsewhere, such as a Kentucky campground, and enjoy the festivities on foot.

Public Transportation

Any road-tripper who chooses to leave their Airstream, Sprinter, campervan, or similar at their top Kentucky campground nearby have a couple of ways to get to Eastern Kentucky University for their sports game of choice. Taxi services and rideshare services can be in operation when you need them. Visitors who are camping close by may even like to arrive on foot or by bicycle.

Where to stay


You will not likely have an opportunity to camp at Eastern Kentucky University overnight, even if you have secured day parking in advance for your motorhome in the tailgating lot. All visitors must vacate the lots after the Eastern Kentucky Colonels have finished playing. Fortunately, some of the best campsites in Kentucky are within a short driving distance of Eastern Kentucky University campus.


Whether you’re in Richmond, Kentucky, for football, golf, or something else, you can rest assured that the city accommodates your travels. Motorhomes, mobile homes, and RVs are welcome for overnight stays at Dixie Plaza Mobile Home Park (RV-friendly) within a three-mile drive. Some of the best RV campgrounds in Kentucky are within a half-hour drive of Eastern Kentucky University.

Luxury and convenience can be found at Renfro Valley KOA within 30 miles of the university, on the way to some of the best national forests and state parks in Kentucky. Visitors can even spend the night at Daniel Boone National Forest, within an hour’s drive.

Getting around

Any sports fan that arrives at Eastern Kentucky University will be astounded by the hustle and bustle. Everyone is dressed up in their best supporter’s gear, and the parking lots are packed for the best Eastern Kentucky University tailgating experience. In the name of safety, the best way to navigate the grounds is on foot. Bikes, scooters, and similar may become a tripping or collision hazard. Fortunately, there are plenty of other places to ride bikes, such as E C Million Memorial Park.

What to pack


It’s a no brainer. Any sports fan attending a game at Eastern Kentucky University to support The Colonels will want to dress in maroon and white! Put on your best supporter’s gear for the Eastern Kentucky University tailgating experience, and pile into Roy Kidd Stadium or Gertrude Hood Field in your Kentucky finest.

Road-trippers may also like to check a weather app before exploring other parts of Kentucky, such as Fort Boonesborough State Park, to make sure that their clothing choices match the expected daily temperature.


A less is more approach will prove to be the best way to attend a game at Eastern Kentucky University. Not only does it free up your hands, but it speeds up security screening. Binoculars, cash and payment cards, and the bare basics can make for the most enjoyable game experience. You can leave camping and cooking equipment back at your motorhome for tailgating and use at your Richmond RV campground.

Health & Safety

On any RV road trip, be it to Richmond, Kentucky, or another destination like Nashville or Evansville, it’s a good idea to travel with your health and safety and mind. Don’t skip those essential first-aid and medical supplies, especially sun safety products in the heat of summer.

Drinking water and bug spray are must-haves too, particularly for trips into the great outdoors, such as hiking at Hoosier National Forest in Indiana. While attending games at Eastern Kentucky University, and even during tailgating, don’t forget to consider your health and safety needs.

Where to eat


One exciting part of an Eastern Kentucky University tailgating experience is being able to cook in a new setting. While open flames are not allowed, tailgaters can bring a grill and even make use of generators and batteries for operating appliances.

At RV parks near Eastern Kentucky University, road trippers may also like to try out the appliances in their RV rentals. Some campgrounds and resorts around Kentucky allow campfires or offer communal kitchens to share with other RV travelers.

Short on hot dogs, buns, and other tailgating supplies? A grocery store is under two miles from Eastern Kentucky University for convenience.


After spending all day cheering on the Eastern Kentucky University Colonels, you’re bound to have worked up a hunger. Thankfully, Richmond delivers on tasty food to fill the gap. Even within a short walk or drive of Eastern Kentucky University, there are options galore. Restaurants, bars, takeout joints, and quaint dining establishments are all nearby.


Depending on the facility at Eastern Kentucky University, food and beverages may be available for purchase. There will also be plenty of food being cooked in parking lots around the university grounds. Bring cash and payment cards, and maybe even spare a few dollars for new Colonels supporter’s gear for the next season.



All sports facilities at Eastern Kentucky University have trained security officials to keep everyone safe. Any small bags visitors bring may be checked, and large bags will not be allowed. Anyone that requires a helping hand at any time can approach a member of staff. Outside of Eastern Kentucky University, the nearest police station for help is adjacent to Roy Kidd Stadium.


Mild, cool winters and hot, humid summers, are part and parcel of life in Richmond, Kentucky. The humid subtropical climate allows for light, breathable layers. However, it still pays to check a weather service on your travels around the state. Always check conditions before entering hiking trails, national forests, and similar.


Watching sports typically doesn’t lend itself to too many opportunities for injury, but it’s nice to know that help is on hand if you need it. A trained medical team is available for all games at Eastern Kentucky University. Outside of the campus, help is readily available at a medical center and pharmacy within one mile. In an emergency, dial 911.