State Parks in Kentucky

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State Parks

Barren River Lake State Resort Park, KY

326 RV rentals

When thinking of a motorhome camping trip, consider a drive through south-central Kentucky to the gorgeous Barren River Lake State Resort Park! Located amid the famous Kentucky Cave region, and just 36 miles from Mammoth Cave National Park, Barren River Lake State Resort Park is an ideal camping destination. Renting an RV is a preferred way of moving around the area, and you’ll find loads of affordable RV rentals in Barren County. The state park also extends into the neighboring Allen County and Monroe County, and you could include a visit to these areas too. 

Covering over 1000-acres, Barren River Lake State Resort Park is popular with visitors who travel here to partake in the park’s myriad recreational …

Big Bone Lick State Park, KY

447 RV rentals

Big Bone Lick State Park is a historical park situated near the stunning Ohio River. This unique park features swamps and forests and is well-known for its abundance of rare fossils. So many fossils have been discovered at this park that there's a museum dedicated to the prehistoric remains, with several exhibits explaining the origins of these extinct creatures. Camping at Big Bone Lick State Park is also easy due to the well-equipped campground, and with plenty to do in and around the campground, there's no better place to park your RV rental near the Ohio River.

If you're looking for a peaceful getaway, you'll find an oasis at Big Bone Lick State Park. When you book an RV in …

Blue Licks Battlefield State Park, KY

298 RV rentals

Blue Licks Battlefield State Park is located in northern Kentucky between the cities of Lexington and Cincinnati. The park lies on the site of ‘ The Battle of Blue Licks,’ which took place in 1782 and is considered the last encounter of the American War of Independence. The state park memorializes the battle with a monument to the fallen soldiers of the United States that fought those loyal to Great Britain. Along with its unique place in US history, Blue Licks Battlefield State Park has a plethora of recreational activities to enjoy within its hundred and forty-acres. Its history and recreation make it the perfect Kentucky park to take an RV rental for a weekend. Accessing the park with …

Carr Creek State Park, KY

166 RV rentals

Carr Creek State Park is more than just your average Kentucky State Park. Alongside its natural beauty, the park boasts a heritage rich with pioneer history. The area’s earliest settlers are said to have established a community here as early as the 1770s. In fact, the park itself is thought to have been named after William Carr, a famous hunter-and-gatherer that once lived in the area. Today, travelers camping at Carr Creek State Park can revel in this fascinating history while enjoying the rolling hills, dense pine forests, and 700-acre Carr Creek Lake.

Due to its remote nature, there are no major highways that pass by Carr Creek State Park. Instead, the park is surrounded by a network of smaller …

Carter Caves State Park, KY

230 RV rentals

As the name suggests, Carter's Cave State Park is home to more than 20 caverns, all of which extend out underneath the rolling hills of Kentucky that make up the area's landscape. The forested land above and the darkness underground means that adventure awaits visitors both above and below ground, with plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained, including hiking, canoeing, and golfing. People come from all over the state and beyond to book an RV in Carter County.

There are a number of attractions in the park in addition to the cave, such as a lodge, putt-putt course, and 9-hole golf course. Although visitors are able to find many attractions in the park, there is also …

Carter Caves State Resort Park, KY

227 RV rentals

The forested hills of Kentucky hide a very special secret! Well, an open secret since it’s one of the biggest attractions in the area. Carter Caves State Resort Park is located in the town of Olive Hill along Tygarts Creek and is an ideal location for a motorhome camping trip. The park’s main attraction is the caves, of course, and there are more than 20 caverns that wind beneath the forested hills. In addition to the caves, there is plenty more to experience, and camping at Carter Caves State Resort Park will turn into an adventure, unlike any other. 

While the caves have been around for a long time, the state park came into being in 1959 and includes the …

Cumberland Falls State Park, KY

183 RV rentals

Home to one of the largest waterfalls in the eastern United States is Kentucky's Cumberland Falls State Park. Covering around 1,700 acres, it is the perfect balance of natural landscape and manmade amenities. Surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest, there are stunning views in all directions, while inside the park, you’ll find a maze of meadows, canyons, and streams.

There are countless opportunities for outdoor fun in the park, from walking to white water rafting, all the while taking in the fresh mountain air. The park is easily accessible from towns such as London, Corbin, and Williamsburg, so it is no wonder that so many people choose to rent an RV in Whitley County.

Dale Hollow Lake State Park, KY

289 RV rentals

Dale Hollow Lake State Park sits on the northern shoreline of the vast Dale Hollow Reservoir. This man-made lake stretches for 27,000 acres across southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee, attracting travelers from either state. Located on the Frogue Peninsula, those camping at Dale Hollow Lake State Park should head along Highway 61 until Burkesville, where a minor road leads you to this recreational hotspot.

Though the lake remains the mainstay of the park, these 3,400 acres are about more than just water sports. Days can be spent hiking, biking, or horseback riding through the spectacular forested hills or exploring the park’s hidden caves. What’s more, being less than a two-hour drive from Bowling Green and less than three hours …

Daniel Boone National Forest, KY

181 RV rentals

Daniel Boone National Forest sits in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Southeastern Kentucky. Its 700,000 acres of rocky gorges, sandstone cliffs, and diverse wildlife have been attracting visitors since 1937. Back then, the forest was known as Cumberland National Forest, before it was renamed in 1966 in honor of Daniel Boone, a well-known explorer in the area.

Anyone traveling from either northern Tennessee or Central Kentucky can access the forest via Interstate Route 75. Stretching between the larger cities of Knoxville, TN and Lexington, KY, you’ll find many city folks on their vacation here during the weekends and public holidays. The beauty of this forest lies in its diversity. It doesn’t matter when you decide to rent …

Fort Boonesborough State Park, KY

217 RV rentals

Fort Boonesborough State Park lies in north-central Kentucky just south of Lexington, and between the towns of Richmond and Winchester. The state park itself is named after and located on the site of the historic ‘Fort Boonesborough.’ The original fort was constructed in the late 18th century by the famous American pioneer Daniel Boone. The state park has recreated Fort Boonesborough, complete with a working fort, cabins, furnishes, and pioneer reenactors. During the high season, the fort reenactors will give demonstrations on pioneer pastimes such pottery and blacksmithing.

Along with its unique historical twist, Fort Boonesborough State Park also lies along the Kentucky River - a perfect place for those with an RV rental to come and boat, …

General Burnside State Park, KY

178 RV rentals

General Burnside State Park is located in southern Kentucky, just south of the towns and cities of Somerset, Stanford, and Lexington. The state park encompasses an island in the heart of Lake Cumberland, making it Kentucky’s only island park. Taking its name from the Civil War Union General Ambrose Burnside, the park is located on the site General Burnside stationed his troops during the war. Surrounded by the vast Lake Cumberland, General Burnside State Park is the perfect cocktail of history and lakeside recreation. This combination makes it the ideal place to take an RV rental. Accessing the park with a rental RV is easier than it first may seem, a bridge connects the island park to …

General Butler State Park, KY

432 RV rentals

Tucked away about halfway in-between the cities of Cincinnati, OH, and Louisville, KY is where you can find General Butler State Park. This state park is popular among city dwellers seeking a serene motorhome camping excursion away from the hassle and bustle of big city life. When state park RV camping at General Butler State Park, you’ll get access to loads of water-based as well as land-based activities. Culture seekers can check out a couple of towns in the area such as Madison, IN, Bedford, KY, and La Grange. Should you be looking to cross the Ohio River Scenic Byway off your bucket list, search for an RV in Carroll County and explore the region camping. …

Grayson Lake State Park, KY

123 RV rentals

A picturesque lake, beautiful hiking trails, and an 18-hole golf course — those are just a few of the highlights you can enjoy when you camp at Grayson Lake State Park. Located a 15-minute drive from the city of Grayson, Kentucky, this 1,512-acre park offers a memorable getaway for outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether you're teeing off on the award-winning golf course or launching a boat and wetting a line in the lake's cool waters, Grayson Lake State Park offers plenty to help you relax and escape your everyday life. And with a 69-site campground set amid the golf course's undulating fairways, it's also a very comfortable place to spend a few nights in a rental RV.

If you're planning an …

Greenbo Lake State Park, KY

202 RV rentals

Close to the town of Greenup, KY is where you’ll find Greenbo Lake State Park, an ideal escape into the wilderness for a motorhome camping trip. Named after the lake’s main attraction, Greenbo Lake, the state park has been attracting outdoor enthusiasts for years to its scenic green surroundings in the northeastern part of the state.

Nestled in the Appalachian foothills, Greenbo Lake State Park is packed with outdoor adventure. Renting an RV is a convenient way of getting around, and when you book an RV rental in Greenup County, you can explore the vast area with family and friends. Consider including a visit to cities of Ashland and Olive Hill during your vacation. 

While the 300-acre Greenbo Lake is …

Green River Lake State Park, KY

179 RV rentals

Green River Lake State Park is located in central Kentucky, south of Campbellsville, and less than two hours away from Lexington. This state park surrounds a large portion of Green River Lake. Moderate hills and dense woods complement the greenish-blue shade of the water, making Green River Lake State Park unforgettable. This state park was established in 1969, and it is among the most visited in the state of Kentucky.

Outdoor enthusiasts come here regardless of the season to engage in their favorite activities. It doesn’t matter if you only like camping and prefer to simply enjoy nature or wish to spend your time fishing – Green River Lake State Park has it all. Do you want to …

Jenny Wiley State Park, KY

116 RV rentals

Jenny Wiley State Park is located on the western edge of the Appalachian Mountains in the state of Kentucky. It was named after Virginia Jenny Wiley, who had been taken captive by Native American Indians in October 1789 but managed to escape in the spring of 1790. Her story is now a well-told tale of early American life in the frontier.

The state park covers an area of over 2,800 acres with around 1,100 acres comprising Dewey Lake, making the park a great location to rent an RV and go camping in the countryside.

The terrain here is mountainous and sparsely populated, giving a real sense of wilderness, particularly noted when RV camping in the Jenny Wiley State Park. The …

John James Audubon State Park, KY

158 RV rentals

The southern states are known for their historical relevance, pleasant though sometimes hot temperatures, and booming natural areas. It’s quite easy to travel via rental RV down there with many states just a few hours away, depending on where you’re looking to go. Book a camper rental to John James Audubon State Park and begin your Kentucky southern outdoor adventure.

Located along US Route 41, John James Audubon State Park is a 700 acre stretch of protected forest in the Wolf Hills of Henderson, KY. The park was named for local resident John James Audubon who resided in Henderson and frequented the forest to engage in ornithology and painting. In 1934, the initial acreage was purchased, and progress on …

Kenlake State Park, KY

228 RV rentals

Kentucky is home to Kenlake State Park, located on the western shore of Kentucky Lake. The park is perfect for a quiet getaway in the midst of serene and scenic natural surroundings. Ideal for a motorhome camping trip, Kenlake State Park lies in the heart of Land between the Lakes, one of the country’s supreme outdoor recreation areas. The nearest cities to the park are Hardin and Aurora, and it’s a wonderful idea to book an RV in Marshall County to explore the park and its surrounding areas. While most of the park falls within Marshall County, a part of it also extends into Calloway County.

Created in 1948, Kenlake State Park, shortened from the Kentucky Lake State Park, has …

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, KY

127 RV rentals

How about a motorhome camping trip at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park? Located right by Kentucky Lake, which also happens to currently be the largest lake in the state of Kentucky. This state park is situated at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area and is one of three resort parks in the area. The wooded peninsula is a haven for outdoor recreation, and camping at Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park opens up a world of adventure activities. 

Covering over 1350-acres of land, and being one of the most popular parks in the state, Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park can be found in the town of Gilbertsville. Renting an RV is a convenient way to …