Erving State Forest

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Situated on a hillside above Laurel Lake, Erving State Forest offers amazing year-round views of beautiful oak, maple, and hemlocks interlaced by eight miles of forest roads and trails that lead to scenic spots. Located along Laurel Lake Road, about seven miles northeast of Erving, Massachusetts, this easily-accessible forest is a great place to visit on RV trips. Erving State Forest offers wonderful opportunities for campers to enjoy fishing, swimming, grilling, horseback riding, mountain biking, boating and miles of hiking trails. If you schedule your vacation around mid-June, you are going to enjoy the abundant Mountain Laurels in bloom.

There are 27 campsites in Erving State Forest campground nestled in the woods of Central Massachusetts. Each of these campsites is equipped with a picnic table, pedestal grill and fire ring for your enjoyment. The facilities in the forest include flush toilets and hot showers. If you have a kayak, canoe or small motor boat, a boat ramp is available for launching them. However, there are no RV hookups or dumping stations at the Erving State Forest. A small pavilion in the forest with a large charcoal grill and picnic tables is available for campers’ use in the day use area.

When you combine the resplendent vegetation of Erving State Forest with the camping, picnicking, hunting, skiing, ice-skating, and horseback riding possibilities, you’ll realize that Erving is a destination with something for you.

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Transportation in Erving State Forest


Erving State Forest, located along Laurel Lake Road, about 7 miles northeast of Erving is easy to access by RV, trailer or car. The forest features local paved and unpaved roads which lead to the different parts of the forest, making it easy for you to go anywhere you want, regardless of whether you’re in your car, trailer, or RV.


There are various parking options for RVs and trailers in Erving State Forest, as the forest has four different parking lots strategically positioned within it. You’ll find two parking spaces by the Laurel Lake in the forest, and one each at the Bear Claw and Walts Way Trailheads in the western and eastern parts of the forest respectively. If you’ll be staying at the Erving State Forest overnight, you can also park at the campground.

Public Transport

There are no public transportation facilities are available at Erving State Forest.

Campgrounds and parking in Erving State Forest

Campsites in Erving State Forest

Reservations camping

Erving State Forest campground

The campground in Erving State Forest features 22 standard campsites, four tent-only campsites, and a pavilion. All the campsites in the campground are pet-friendly and accessible by RV/trailer via local paved and unpaved roads. The standard campsites are not equipped with hookups for RVs/trailers, and the RV length limit at the campground is 14 feet. Amenities at the campground include restrooms, showers, flush toilets, wood shed, storage shed, picnic areas, boat ramp, and parking lots. Some of the campsites in the campground are wheelchair accessible.

Laurel Lake is close to the campground, offering campers easy access to the lake for swimming, boating, fishing, and other recreational activities. Food storage lockers are provided at the campground. While at campground, it is common for visitors and RV campers to see black bears. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the campground, and quiet hours are 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. Generator use is not permitted during quiet hours in the campground except it is for the purpose of operating a medical device. Campers and/or camping equipment can stay in the campground for 14 consecutive days only.

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Seasonal activities in Erving State Forest


Horseback Riding

If you’re a horseback rider, then you’ll love the equestrian trails in Erving State Forest. These trails pass through various parts of the forest, along gentle and steep mountain slopes, resulting in different levels of difficulty for the rider. Horseback riders are required to control their horses while on the trails, and not to ride in the campground or on the camp road.

Swimming and Boating

Swimming and boating are common and popular activities for campers at Erving State Forest. So, pack your swimming gear in your RV for your trip to the forest so that you can swim and relax in the crystal-clear Laurel Lake. The boat launching ramp at the lake is available to all campers to enjoy paddling and kayaking, however, safety measures are put in place to ensure visitors have no cause for alarm nor get hurt while enjoying these water activities at the park.


Visit Erving State Forest on your RV holiday and enjoyed your grilled meals. You may grill or barbecue using the charcoal grills at the campsites. Using these stationary charcoal grills, where available, let you grill lunch or dinner with your family and/or friends on holiday. Where the charcoal grills are available, they are generally on first-come, first served basis.


Snowmobiling and Skiing

In winter, Erving State Forest is the place to visit in your RV for the ultimate experience of snowmobiling and skiing. Snowmobile trails are found along Camp road, Mountain road, and Pinnacle road in the Erving State Forest. You even get the chance to ice-skate on the Laurel lake. As a result, you are in for a great time at the forest during winter where you can, with the right gear, enjoy the best ice-skating, skiing, and snowmobiling experience.


Erving State Forest provides RV campers in summer the opportunity to hike on eight miles of forest trails that pass through lush vegetation such as oak, maple, and hemlock. Some of the trails lead to scenic vistas that leave hikers with unforgettable views and experiences while at the forest. With more than ten hiking trails to choose from, you cannot miss out on the fun and spectacular views provided while on the walk. The trails vary in difficulty as some, such as the Bear Loop Trail, require climbing hills within the forest.


Laurel Lake is a great site for fishing while on an RV trip to Erving State Forest. The lake has a regular supply of trout and is one of the few lakes in the region stocked with broodstock salmon. As a result, campers find it a favored destination for broodstock salmon fishing. Furthermore, if you visit Erving State Forest in winter, you’ll find that the Laurel lake is a popular location for ice-fishing.

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