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Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area


Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area is part of the West Country Campgrounds area near Sundre. Part of the Ghost Wilderness area, this region is well-renowned for its rugged untamed natural beauty with rolling hills, mountains, rivers, and dense woodlands teeming with wildlife and mature hardwoods.

Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area, or Fallen Timber North as it is often referred to, offers a primitive river-side camping experience amidst dense woods and truly scenic views of the surrounding landscape and quick access to the cool river waters. The park is a great base camp for fishing and canoeing expeditions around this rugged natural landscape.

Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area has facilities and amenities that are primitive and basic but clean and well-kept and offer an enjoyable rugged outdoor camping experience. It's an ideal spot to stop for the night or make your temporary home while you explore the surrounding area.

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Getting to Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area requires one to drive past some truly spectacular Albertan wilderness. The park lies 25 km (15.5 miles) southwest of Sundre of Hwy 22. Upon arriving at Cremona drive 5 km (3.1 miles) north to Burnt Timber Road. Take a left and travel for another 10 km (6 miles) before turning right at the Sundre Hospital sign. Route 53 continues on for another 3 km (1.9 miles) before you arrive at a fork in the road. Turn left here onto Township Road 310 and continue driving past the bridge on a combination of gravel and paved road. The campground will be on your left with narrow gravel roads leading to the facilities and campsites.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Fallen Timber North Campground

The Fallen Timber North Campground offers over 30 unserviced campsites and free firewood for tent and RV campers that venture into this neck of the woods. Firepits and picnic tables are available on each campsite and most sites are within close proximity to clean and well-maintained showers and vault toilets. A water pump is also available at the campground although it is recommended to bring your own supply of drinking water.

Some campsites are right by the river's edge and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape while the others are more wooded sites offering plenty of shade and privacy.

Seasonal activities in Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area


Wildlife Viewing

The wilderness of Northern Alberta is some of the most rugged and untamed natural beauty anywhere on earth. It's not surprising that without human interruption wildlife still thrives in numbers in this protected region.

Hikers can often spot signs of larger mammals like grizzlies, black bears, elk, and deer patrolling the deeper parts of the woods and can sometimes even hear the faint howls of wolves echoing across the valley. In any case, you never know what you might see so bringing your camera is always a good idea.

OHV Trails

Only a few parks in the Ghost region allow the use of OHV’s as most of this preserved and protected landscape has a sensitive ecosystem that can easily be damaged and destroyed by off-road vehicles. Off-Highway vehicles like ATVs are welcome at Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area with several OHV trails leading in and out of the park grounds.

While inside Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area OHV’s can only be kept inside trailers as they can only be used on the designated trails outside the campgrounds.


If you are seeking a remote and private river-side picnic experience, few parks can offer a sense of serenity, peace, and privacy like Fallen Timber Provincial Recreational Area. Enjoy the sounds of the gurgling river water as you relax and enjoy a few snacks on a picnic table or by the designated picnic shelter close to the river’s edge. Soak in the gorgeous landscape around you. Free firewood is available at the campground and facilities like washrooms and showers are also situated close by.



Even though there are no official or marked hiking trails at Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area, hiking enthusiasts can still burn energy simply exploring this vast landscape that is still largely untouched by human disturbances. Climb up the hilly terrain for some aerial view of the valley below or trek along the river's edge for a chance to spot wildlife and wildflowers.

Be aware of challenges from local wildlife and always let someone know your travel plans since the area is largely unpatrolled.


The park also makes for a great base camp for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts who want to explore this vast wilderness region by taking to the river waters. Paddling your way up or down this comfortably paced river makes for some rewarding fishing expeditions.

While on the water, you get the chance to spot plenty of wildlife and waterfowl as you float silently past the densely wooded river banks. Even though there is no boat launch area, some parts of the river are wide and don’t have steep river banks which means you can easily launch your kayak or canoe onto the water and hop in for a ride.


Part of the Sundre Area and Ghost Wilderness region, Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area is a more remote fishing destination for anglers seeking to hook brown trout, and Mountain Whitefish.

The cool river waters wind their way past rolling hills offering plenty of remote fishing spots for anglers to toss in a line. Make sure you bring along your Alberta fishing license to enjoy these teeming river waters.