Ferris Mountains


Encompassing 35 square miles, Ferris Mountains is a Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Study Area (WSA) that sits within a steep and rugged terrain with an unusual, yet spectacular scenery. Featuring the 10,037 feet high Ferris Peak that rises about 3,000 feet above the valley floor, this BLM park is home to amazing sightseeing and recreational opportunities.

You’ll be able to access this park located about 33 miles north of Rawlins, Wyoming with ease in your personal or recreational vehicle. However, the use of motorized vehicles in the wilderness area is prohibited, so make use of the parking spaces provided.

Outstanding primitive and unconfined fun opportunities abound here. Things to do include hiking and backpacking, hunting, mountain climbing, fishing, and nature photography. Wildlife watching and hunting, as well as bird viewing, are particularly exciting in this region, owing to the diverse habitats and fauna species that call the area home. Feel free to come along with your boats, canoes, and kayaks to explore the rivers and streams available here.

No campsites are available in the park; however, modern campgrounds are provided at the nearby Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests.

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Ferris Mountains lies about 33 miles north of Rawlins, Wyoming. If you wish to drive to this Bureau of Land Management park from Rawlins, head north on US Highway 287 and drive 42 miles till you arrive at the intersection with Wyoming 220E. Drive along this highway for eight miles until you arrive at Co Road 499. Two miles down this road you’ll arrive at Cherry Creek road where you should turn right. Follow Cherry Creek Road for eight miles and you’ll arrive at a field for parking.

Access to this BLM park from Rawlins is easy as most of the link roads are paved and maintained. Still, it’s advisable that you find out what the current road conditions are before you set out. Personal and recreational vehicles can easily navigate the roads that lead here.


A field for parking vehicles is provided off Cherry Creek Road for guests to park their vehicles when they arrive at Ferris Mountains.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Ferris Mountains. However, travel and camping equipment are available for rental at Rawlins and Medicine Bow National Forest.

Campgrounds and parking in Ferris Mountains

Campsites in Ferris Mountains

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Rawlins KOA Campground

Visit Rawlins KOA Campground for an exciting camping experience within a setting that’s perfect for outdoor recreation. This campground, open between May and October, offers diverse camping options for guests within sites that accommodate tents and recreational vehicles. What’s more, this campground is pet-friendly, so feel free to come with your dog.

There are 75 campsites here, some of which are equipped with full hookup options (electric, water, and sewer hookups). Other sites have partial hookups only (electric and water hookups). Amenities available for your use here include Wi-Fi, firewood (by purchase), ADA restrooms and showers, horse pens, and laundry facilities. The vehicle length limit in this campground is 70 feet.

While you’re here, you can explore fascinating trails, fish, ride ATVs, and play golf.

You can reserve your campsite of interest online.

First-come first-served

Dugway Campground

Dugway Campground is a peaceful BLM campground sitting by the beautiful North Platte River. This camp is open between June and November. The campground is open to vacationers of all ages and offers free, tent and vehicle camping options.

This site is most notable for the water recreation opportunities that are offered. Fly fishing for trout, canoeing, kayaking, and boating. Within the five campsites available here, you’ll be able to enjoy the use of picnic tables, a vault toilet, fire rings/grills, and a group site. A parking area is provided here.

The maximum vehicle length accommodated here is 25 feet.

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Come along with your bike so that you don’t miss out on the fun that this park offers to riders. Cycling is a great way to travel through this BLM property and the nearby National Forest System Lands. Although there are no designated biking trails here, you’re free to ride up the mountains and peaks in the area if you feel you’re up to it.

At the nearby Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests, however, there are plenty of trails and road networks that are open to cycling and mountain biking, taking riders through remote, winding areas.


As soon as you arrive at Ferris Mountains, you should set out on a climb to Ferris Peak, an adventure that offers an exceptional hiking experience. Because there are no designated trails to the top of this peak, you will have to pick your own route. In any case, you’ll definitely be rewarded at the summit with breathtaking views of the countryside and surrounding landscapes.

If you fancy an adventure to some of the remote locations and designated wilderness areas nearby, come with your best hiking boots.


Numerous fishing opportunities exist around the Ferris Mountains area as well as on the water bodies at Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. You may choose to fish at any of the secluded mountain lakes and streams in the area where you’ll come across various species of trout. Lake and pond fishing opportunities also abound here. If you visit in winter months, feel free to go ice fishing.

Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge is also another good place to fish in the stream areas and the main reservoir in the refuge.

Wyoming fishing regulations are in effect.



Hunting within Ferris Mountains WSA is an exceptional sport that’s aided by the unique scenic values of the region. If you’ve got the appropriate license, nothing stops you from going after the game that roams the park’s areas.

Additional hunting opportunities are available in Pathfinder National Wildlife Refuge and Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests where you can choose any of big game hunting, game bird/waterfowl hunting, small game hunting, and trapping.

Huntable wildlife includes elk, mule deer, moose, white-tailed deer, bighorn sheep, and many others.

Ensure you abide by Wyoming Hunting Regulations.

Wildlife/Bird Viewing

Amazing wildlife viewing is offered in this region to all guests who are thrilled by the sight of beautiful animals and birds.

At Pathfinder NWR, for instance, an interpretive overlook is provided above Steamboat Lake where you can observe the wildlife populations in the refuge. The fauna species reside in diverse habitats such as artificial ponds, playas, and deepwater reservoirs.

Keep a keen eye for migrating and nesting birds such as American avocet, mountain plover, and redheads, as well as more than 20 species of mammals, including mule deer.

Water Recreation

Water recreation is abundant in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and the adventures leave visitors thoroughly satisfied. Whether your interest is whitewater rafting, motorized and non-motorized boating, swimming, or waterskiing, there’s more than enough room for you to pursue your desires.

A good place to bring your interest to life is the North Platte River, a popular river for excellent kayaking and rafting. Be sure to stay safe as you explore these waters and keep your applicable guidelines in mind.