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Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area


Looking to enjoy a true Canadian wilderness experience? Consider a trip to Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area. It's an outdoor paradise in the heart of the Great White North.

Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area is located just outside the town of Bragg Creek, Alberta, near the Elbow River. This recreational area and campground is nestled deep within a region of prairie flatland that is surrounded by abundant aspen and pine tree growth. An extremely remote locale, Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area is a haven for families looking for a quiet place to enjoy some R&R.

Until recently, the campsites at Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area had no power access, adding to their rustic charm. The property sits nears to Forgetmenot Pond, a body of water that is kept well-stocked with rainbow trout, making it an excellent fishing locale for avid fishermen to enjoy while on holiday.

Hiking is another popular attraction at this beloved recreational area. Some of the most popular haunts include Forgetmenot Ridge, Powderface Trail, and Moose Mountain Ice Cave. The region beneath Elbow Falls is also home to a number of trails of varying lengths and intensities.

Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area is near to one of Alberta's premier cities, Calgary. Families looking for some fun in the big city can find all they seek in this great metropolis. In the summer months, the world famous Calgary Stampede is a must visit attraction.

If you're ready for your next RV adventure, consider planning your next stay at Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area. It's the ideal spot for a relaxing camping getaway.

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The trip from Bragg River, AB to Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area is quite short at only 10 km (6 miles). To begin the route, travel along AB-223. At the exit sign, make a right hand turn onto AB-66 W. Continue along this highway until you see the park. Make a left hand turn onto the park road. The park is located on the right hand side. The highways along this journey are two lanes and kept in excellent condition. Traffic moves well, and road construction is rarely seen.

To reach the park from Calgary, take the Transcanada Hwy/AB-1 W to AB-22. Continue along this road as it transitions to AB-66 W in Rocky View County. Continue along AB-66 W until you see your destination. Since Calgary is a large metropolitan center, the highways along the journey to this park alternate between two and four lanes. Each of the roads is well-maintained. Traffic moves at a moderate pace, and road construction occurs during the summer months. The entire trip is 59 km (37 miles).


Parking is found in the lot at the entrance to Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area.

Public Transportation

An extremely remote park, there is no public transportation available here.

Campgrounds and parking in Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area

Campsites in Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area

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Gooseberry Campground

Gooseberry Campground is open from May 15th through October 9th yearly for RV and tent camping. Reservations are highly recommended. There are 85 campsites in total. 6 of the sites are available for walk in camping. 51 of the sites offer full power hookup with the remaining 28 being completely unserviced. Park officials do permit generator use. Dogs are warmly welcomed so long as they are leashed.

This campground offers a few amenities for families to enjoy. These include firepits, a playground, a pay phone, tap water, pit toilets, and picnic tables.

The most popular outdoor activities include hiking, canoeing, fat biking, and fishing.

Seasonal activities in Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area



An extremely picturesque property, Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area is the ideal spot for a picnic lunch. There are picnic tables provided with stunning views of the nearby Elbow River. Hike through the campgrounds to reach the picnic areas where you can enjoy a light snack or packed lunch on the grounds.

Bring along drinking water, a packed lunch, and a few games to enjoy when your meal is done. Your dog may join you on your picnic but must remain leashed.


The Elbow River at Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area is a favorite spot for doing some canoeing or kayaking in season. You can launch your watercraft directly from the shore and enjoy paddling out into the depths of the river.

Fishing is plentiful at this park, so why not bring along your rod and reel and try your hand at catching some rainbow trout?

Bring along sunscreen to prevent sunburn. You'll also want to carry some drinking water and snacks as you are sure to work up an appetite on the water.

Day Trip to Calgary

For families looking to enjoy the high life at one of Canada's premier cities, a trip to Calgary is just what the doctor ordered. In the summer months, families can enjoy a visit to the world famous Calgary Stampede where they can have a first hand view of the cowboy lifestyle.

Calgary is also home to some of the country's best fine dining, shopping, and cultural attractions. If you are an animal lover, the Calgary Zoo is worth a visit as well.



One of the most popular activities at Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area is hiking. Both Elbow Falls and Moose Mountain offer a variety of trails of different intensities and lengths to suit the needs of every family member. The trails wind through aspen forest and along the riverbeds, offering incredibly scenic views. Be sure to bring along your camera to capture photos of the sights you will see.

Among the most loved trails at this park include the Powderface Trail, Moose Mountain Ice Cave, and Forgetmenot Ridge.


Forgetmenot Pond, a body of water found on the same premises as Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area, is an excellent place to do some fishing. Take your canoe out on the water or fish from the shore, you'll be sure to have a ball.

This body of water is kept well-stocked with rainbow trout. Catch your fill then fillet your bounty to take back to your campsite where you can grill up your haul over an open firepit. What could be more delicious?

A fishing license is required to fish in Alberta waters.


Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area is a haven for wildlife and birds, making it an excellent spot for both amateur and professional photographers to practice their skills. The aspen forest, Moose Mountain range, and Elbow River and Falls are all spectacular sights to record on film as a memento of an idyllic Canadian vacation.

Many different species of birds love to congregate in the forest, and several varieties of wildlife make their home in the region.

Bring along your dog if you like, but do keep them leashed and away from the wildlife that inhabit the forest.