Greeley Stampede

Looking for some rodeo fun in a gorgeous location? Hop in your rig and check out the Greeley Stampede and camp nearby in Colorado.

Event information

The Greeley Stampede started back in the late 1800s as a community celebration honoring local potato farmers. Today the festival is internationally renowned, attracting a quarter of a million people annually. In the decades since, this festival has expanded to include many more events, concerts, and parades. A perfect RV destination on account of all the campgrounds in the surrounding area, you'll be able to watch rodeos, truck derbies, and firework shows throughout the twelve-day event.

Happening during the warm months of June and July, you'll be able to experience the beauty of Colorado while visiting the Greeley Stampede. This festival includes new events every day, big and small. Face painting and balloon artists welcome guests to a colorful scene, the sheep stampede often occurs a couple of times a day, with other fun events such as team roping, pig racing, and much more.

When visiting the Greeley Stampede, you can feel confident that you're supporting a good cause. As a 401(k) charitable organization, they work to support the community in the form of agricultural education, scholarships, and other programs.


Since there are so many events going on, it's natural that there are many different levels of admission. Basic admission has a few price points based on age. Adults age 13 to 60 typically pay around $5, while children and senior citizens get reduced admission.

When it comes to things like concerts, rodeos, and other large scale events ticket prices usually start around $30. Prices can vary depending on the type of event, seating, and what day the event will take place. Look over the events calendar on the Greeley Stampede website for specific information.

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Getting to the Greeley Stampede isn't too difficult once you have a little familiarity with the surrounding area. Cutting through the northern section of the grounds is the Cache la Poudre River. Located inside Island Grove Regional Park, this area also has the Centennial Village Museum in the extreme southern portion. Most people take Interstate 85 and get off on 8th Avenue to get to the event. Surrounded by gorgeous mountainous terrain, RV motorists will need to be prepared to stay in the right lane uphill on some highways, especially if coming from the west.

Parking areas

There is a small parking fee to use the public parking lots. These lots are spread out throughout the grounds with the majority located around the Events Center. Those with an ADA license plate or permit will be able to park in spots located near three of the four primary inlets on the grounds. Motorcycle parking is located in the southeast corner.

Public Transportation

In the past, Greeley stampede has partnered with taxi services to pick up and drop off visitors in the southwest corner of the carnival on D Street. Other shuttle services can often be found going between the stampede and downtown Greeley.

Where to stay


The Greeley Stampede is packed full of many sub-events like carnivals, rodeos, and concerts, leaving no room for RV campgrounds. Don't worry, though, as there are plenty of great camping options in the surrounding area.


Just south of the Greeley Stampede are a couple of campgrounds that are outfitted with a little bit of everything. There are many grounds set aside for visitors to rent spots for tent and RV camping, along with a few cabins. Depending on which one you get, you may elect to have electric and water hookups. Entertainment can be found on these campgrounds like music, food, and fishing. Getting back to the stampede is just a matter of taking Interstate 85 back north from several of the local campgrounds.

Getting around

The event grounds are organized into five areas: Carnival, Backyard, Kids Korral, Stampede Area, and Centennial Village. It is set up in such a way that visitors on foot can get around with the little problem, making things like scooters, carts, and skateboards prohibited on the grounds. The event is also completely ADA accessible, with a shuttle service given from the parking lot to the grounds for people who may need help getting around.

What to pack


Late June and July, like any other part of the country, can get hot in Colorado. This means you need to pack light for your visit. Shorts and t-shirts for the most part along with other things to protect you from the sun like sunglasses and a hat are great additions to your packing list. Cooler weather, especially during the night isn't unheard of though, so a light jacket and jeans are recommended as well.


While there are plenty of options to eat food and drink on the stampede grounds, you may also find it very helpful to have some meal options back in your RV. When you visit, make sure you come with all the basics you will need to make delicious meals, along with equipment to keep yourself entertained when relaxing. Specific gear items will depend on what activities attract you most. A day at planned for rides may be simplest with few items in tow, while an evening at the rodeo may inspire you to don your best cowboy hat and favorite boots.

Health & Safety

First aid and sunscreen stations are available on site, but you're going to want to pack some of your own for easy retrieval while away from the Greeley Stampede. Having a bottle of sunscreen and bug spray is good practice, and having a reusable container for water can keep you hydrated during the day. Make sure to keep track of anything personally relevant to you as well, such as medication.

Where to eat


Remember to check with the campground you choose to see what limitations they have for cooking. Many RV grounds allow the use of outside cooking implements like grills and camping stoves as long as they are self-contained and positioned so many feet away from the RV and other buildings. Purchasing any cooking implements or food staples can be accomplished just south of the Greeley Stampede in Downtown Greeley.


Hungry travelers will find plenty of fast food options and sit-down restaurants just south of the Greeley Stampede. A combination of chain and local cuisine are located along here, with the majority of them on 8th Avenue or just near it. Tacos, burgers, stir-fry, you name it, and the community of Greeley probably serves it.


Being part carnival, rodeo, and concert venue, you can expect a wide variety of vendor options at the Greeley Stampede. A food court is available and is outfitted with all the best food fair that you can imagine. Along 75th Avenue guests will encounter a sea of vendor booths outfitted with plenty of clothes, art, and memorabilia. While many vendors are capable of using a credit card, a bit of cash is recommended. If needed, an ATM is on site.



Security personnel is located throughout the Greeley Stampede. Officials request guests to respect one another at all times. While small bags are allowed, anything larger may be confiscated, including recording equipment, weapons, fireworks, glassware, and anything else deemed potentially dangerous. Lost and found is located inside of the Security Office.


Average temperatures in Greeley often exceed those of the rest of the state, with temperatures often reaching the 90s. Because it is located somewhat to the north and rests at approximately 4,700 feet in elevation temperatures can plummet into the 50s as well. Expect mostly warm weather, with some potential cooler weather at night.


First aid stations fully staffed with medical personnel are located in the grandstands to the west. Throughout the Greeley Stampede, paramedics will regularly be patrolling, available to assist or take anyone off-site in case of a severe emergency. Pharmacy and medical center services are also available by car within a 10 to 15-minute drive of the venue.