Green River State Wildlife Area
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Located in northern Illinois, Green River State Wildlife Area offers many acres of pristine prairies, woods, and wetlands for you to explore during your next RV vacation. You'll be within two hours of Chicago and Davenport, Iowa. Nearly the entire park is open to hunting. Explore over 2,500 acres of the varied terrain as you hunt fox, pheasant, rabbit, quail, dove, and deer, among many other species.

If you want to simply enjoy the wildlife, use one of the hiking trails to explore the park on foot. All of the trails are well-maintained, making them accessible for hikers of all ages and skill levels. The park also offers a ten-mile equestrian trail for those that would like to bring a horse along. This park offers a unique chance to catch a glimpse of native Mid-western wildlife while riding on horseback along the trail.

With over 50 campsites located at the park, you’ll have plenty of options, no matter what type of RV you have. So whether you want to show off that hunting trophy or simply enjoy peaceful views of the Green River, the Green River State Wildlife Area has been dazzling Illinois visitors since 1940.

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Located in Harmon, Illinois, Green River State Wildlife Area is a quick drive from Chicago as well as other cities in Illinois.

If you are coming from Chicago, take I-88 and you will reach the park in around two hours. From Peoria, take IL-29 out of the city and you will arrive at the park in around an hour and a half. You can also quickly reach Green River State Wildlife Area from multiple cities in Iowa. If you are coming from Iowa City, take I-80 and then IL-92 and you will get to the park in less than two hours.

As it is a wildlife preserve, there are not many roads that lead throughout the park itself. However, there is ample parking available around the park, so you will have no issues finding a spot.


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Campgrounds and parking in Green River State Wildlife Area

Campsites in Green River State Wildlife Area

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Green River State Wildlife Area Campground

There is one small campground that is found on-site. It can be reached by a gravel road, and at the site there is a mix of grassy and gravel areas. This campground is perfect for those who enjoy a rustic experience since there are no showers or electricity. However, there is a dump station available at the campground.

There are 50 sites at the campground, open year-round. To book, call the park and provide them with information on the length of your RV, the number of people in your party, and when you plan on staying. The campground is busiest in October, when bow hunters flock to the park for deer season.

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Green River State Wildlife Area provides excellent hunting throughout the entirety of the park, except for a 50-acre reserve that is off limits. That means hunters have over 2,500 acres of pristine land to explore. The varied terrain provides excellent shelter for game, making every hunt a challenge.

You’ll be able to hunt a large variety of species, including pheasant, rabbit, squirrel, dove, quail, crow, fox, raccoon, coyote, turkey, skunk and deer. Seasons vary by species, so check before you hunt.

You’ll need an Illinois state hunting license to hunt in the park. As it is a state park, hunting laws are strictly enforced. And use extra caution while hunting, as the park is shared with hikers and riders.

Horseback Riding

If you want to explore the park by horseback, head the RV over to the equestrian trail. Ride through open fields, prairies, and scenic timberlands on the 10-mile long trail. The park has an astonishing variety of plant and animal life, much of it local to the area.

The trail is open from April until October, so plan your trip accordingly if you are considering bringing a horse to the park.


Green River State Wildlife Area is an excellent RV destination for birding enthusiasts of all skill levels. You’ll find egrets, herons, and bitterns, as well as owls and warblers. Explore the park on one of the hiking trails as you keep an eye out for one of the 150 species that have been spotted at the park.

The park also features a wide variety of migratory birds. Come at different times of the year to see something new every time. Illinois has some of the best birding societies in the country, many of which prepare excellent field guides. Buy one of these before you visit to learn more about the specific species found in the park.



Green River State Wildlife Area is an excellent destination for wildlife photographers. With a wide range of terrain types, over 20 different species of mammals, and more than 500 species of plants, the park is a dream destination for any RVer who loves taking pictures.

Located in northern Illinois, the park sees dramatic seasonal change. Bring your camera during the fall to capture some of the most beautiful colors you’ll find in nature. Or come in winter to photograph the park as it freezes over.


Explore a wide variety of terrain throughout the 2,500-acre park. You’ll find gently rolling hills, scenic woodlands, and wetlands. There is a wide variety of native prairies plants found throughout the park, and in total, you’ll find over 500 species of plants in the park.

There are numerous trails that weave through the park. And there is a trail that can be accessed from every one of the park’s 15 parking lots.

Hiking is excellent year round, but at its best April through October. Come in spring as the wildlife emerges from the winter. Or hike in the fall for a blast of autumn burnt orange.


For those that want a slightly faster-paced way around the park, the trails provide an excellent route for running and jogging. All of the trails are well maintained, so you won’t have to worry about tweaking your knee or spraining an ankle.

The diverse terrain will keep you from getting bored on those long runs. The hundreds of species of plants, birds, and mammals also mean you’ll see something new every time you head out on a run.