Hangtown Motocross Classic

Dust off your RV, get the holeshot, and braap your way to Rancho Cordova, California, for the annual Hangtown Motocross Classic.

Event information

The Hangtown Motocross Classic has been a standout staple on the Sacramento County motocross calendar for over half a century. Some of the nation’s best two-stroke and four-stroke motocross riders compete in a range of Moto 1 and Moto 2 events at this standout venue in Rancho Cordova, California, all for the chance to take home the top prize.

In the past, motocross legends such as Ken Roczen, Justin Cooper, and Eli Tomac have stood on the top steps of the podium, making it an attractive event that tens of thousands of motorbike lovers from around the country want to attend.

The Hangtown Motocross Classic is run at 13300 White Rock Road in Rancho Cordova, California, every year. The facility is outstanding for both riders and spectators, and there are various vantage points to get the best view. RV camping opportunities at the track are plentiful, too, and there is a myriad of fun things to see, do, and experience both at the track and in neighboring cities.

Those who make the RV journey to California during spring should get ready for the time of their life. Once the Hangtown Motocross Classic comes to a close, there are plenty of other things to do in California to make your vacation a memorable one.

You can venture into Rancho Cordova, make a quick trip over to Sacramento, or explore nature. You can go walking at Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, or even go kayaking at Lake Natoma. Spring cleaning can wait. Arrange your RV vacation to Hangtown Motocross Classic in Rancho Cordova, California, and get going.


What type of a motocross fan are you? Do you want to sit close to the action or be further away? Guests can select from variousHangtown Motocross Classic ticket options to suit any avid fan, which have ranged between $50 and $225 in recent years. VIP tickets offer a starting line view and premiere tent seating, while super tickets come with those benefits and a full lunch. Otherwise, spectators can buy infield seating and general admission tickets with great views of all the racing action.

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One of the best times to head on an RV adventure to California is in spring, which means those who make Hangtown Motocross Classic their destination may be pleasantly surprised with the driving conditions. There are often few temperature extremes with which to contend, but you can remain up to date with what you’re likely to face with Caltrans.

Rancho Cordova is also nestled amid expansive cities, such as Sacramento, in Sacramento County. Upon reaching the general vicinity of the Hangtown Motocross Classic, you’ll notice there are three entry and exit points along White Rock Road, including pit entry, exit only, and spectator entry. Be on the lookout for spectator entry signs to guide you.

Parking areas

Dirt and grass parking lots are in hot demand during Hangtown Motocross Classic for the 30,000 fans that attend, but there are plenty of parking spaces for pilot vehicles and motorhomes alike. Arrive with time to spare to enjoy the convenience of being able to park close to the action. If you are camping for part or all of the motocross, then make your way to the marked and separated RV camping areas.

Public Transportation

While there is no dedicated bus route for Hangtown Motocross Classic, there are other public transportation options available in Rancho Cordova. You can book a rideshare service provider through an app or hire a taxi. This option may be desirable for RV-goers who are not camping on site.

Where to stay


RV-goers are welcome on a first-in, first-served basis to camp at the Hangtown Motocross Classic. While there are no service hookups, fans can revel in the convenience of being able to sit back, relax, and enjoy having your house on wheels nearby.

There are three different camping areas, including pit, premiere, and general, with payment due on the day. Make sure your waste tanks are empty upon arrival, and that your water tanks are fully loaded. You’ll also need to rely on your kitchen appliances as campfires are prohibited. It’s also worth being aware that some camping areas are not level, so factor this in when packing supplies for your trip.


There are RV campgrounds, resorts, and primitive RV camping areas dotted all over Rancho Cordova. Whether you’ve missed out on a spot at Hangtown Motocross Classic, or you prefer service hookups, this bustling city will deliver. Remember to book weeks ahead of the event to increase your chances of securing your first pick.

Getting around

You’re going to need your best walking shoes at Hangtown Motocross Classic, for the best way to get around this expansive dirt site is on foot. The racing track is central in the venue, with grandstands and seating areas dotted around the outskirts. Food vendors and stalls are withing proximity to these, too. Everything is close for convenience, but those who like to explore may wish to wear thick-soled shoes for sturdiness and comfort.

What to pack


Motocross kicks up the dust like no other sport, which means it’s not an event to which you’ll want to wear white! Temperatures are relatively comfortable during spring in California, but pack shorts, t-shirts, pants, and long-sleeved tops, not to mention any supporter’s gear to get you in the cheering mood.


The beauty of being able to camp on site at Hangtown Motocross Classic is that you can head to the grandstands with very few possessions. You can store most things in your RV for access at any time. Bring earplugs since the roar of dozens of motorbikes can be tough on sensitive ears, and binoculars if you don’t want to miss that sweet overtake. Cash is also an excellent option for those who want to buy snacks while at the event. There is also an ATM for easy withdrawal.

Health & Safety

Being outside in the elements in a noisy, dirty, and dusty environment can take its toll. Before you set off, make sure you’ve ticked first aid kits, toiletries, prescription medication, and sun safety supplies off your list. Extra drinking water for those warm days can also help keep you cool. When it comes to safety, it’s imperative to be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially in the pit area. Don’t wear open-toed shoes around motorbikes and never venture onto the track without permission.

Where to eat


There may not be any opportunities to tear open a bag of marshmallows over a campfire, but you’ll still have plenty of options for cooking for your family and friends. Pop to the shops in Rancho Cordova, around ten miles from the race track, and stock up on food that will be convenient to prepare on your onboard kitchen appliances. You can also use your generator before the quiet period near bedtime begins.


For those who want to treat themselves to a restaurant meal, the options are endless. The hardest part of the process, though, will be picking just one restaurant in which to dine. Whether you feel like pizza, pasta, burgers, chicken, cafe cuisine, or something else, Rancho Cordova delivers. Allow extra time for service around peak dining times and be prepared to travel around ten miles in either direction of the Hangtown Motocross Classic.


There are food courts on both sides of the Hangtown Motocross Classic race track, which means spectators are spoiled for choice. These food areas are within a short walking distance of the grandstands and premiere tents for convenience. Bring cash, or withdraw it at the onsite ATM, and enjoy a myriad of different options that will sustain you through the day’s racing.



Security personnel will be present throughout the Hangtown Motocross Classic event to make sure everyone is having fun and keeping safe. These security officials will ensure people stay off the race track, don’t bring in anything that could distract spectators or riders, or anything dangerous, such as glass and weapons. Your ticket will be checked upon arrival, and gate workers may ask to see your bags, too. If you require any outside assistance, the local police department is within eight miles of the race track.


Spring conditions in Rancho Cordova are normally favorable for those vacationing in the area. Temperatures average between 52 and 82 degrees-Fahrenheit, with only a few days of rainfall to break up the sunshine and overcast days. To know what to expect, don’t forget to download a weather app before you set off.


There is a first aid site near the finish line set up for riders who sustain injuries, but members of the public may access the services if they require them. If you feel unwell or injure yourself, approach an official for help. You can also dial 911 in an emergency or visit the nearest healthcare facility in Rancho Cordova under 20 miles from the Hangtown Motocross Classic venue.