Hard Summer

Attend the Hard Summer Festival, and spend your vacation at a completely upgraded and re-imagined two-day spectacle in Southern California. Camp your way to Los Angeles and enjoy some summer sunshine.

Event information

Hard Summer Festival is an annual two-day event that brings musicians and fans together. It is held in Southern California each year at the beginning of August or at the end of July. In general, the line up consists of EDM and hip-hop artists, and therefore you can expect lots of good vibes as well as outstanding visual effects. Like any other festival, the line up is different every year so new music genres might be added to the mix as well.

Hard Summer Festival does not have a permanent venue location; however, it is typically held in the southern part of California. Remember to check on their website if the venue you are attending will have RV parking. Camping is not normally part of the festival itself, so you will want to book an RV resort or campground in Southern California.

The event is only available for those 18 years of age or older, so do not forget to bring your ID. Guests are encouraged to bring LED accessories like glow sticks, hula hoops, jewelry, and glowing costumes, to light up the atmosphere at night. There are multiple stages, numerous performers, and the party starts in the early hours and stops before midnight each day.


Typically, fans can expect General Admission and VIP tickets to be on sale. Tickets are purchased online and shipped to guests. Expect to be notified via email once the tickets have been sent.

Fans can also upgrade tickets if desired, provided that the upgrade is still available. Different types of upgrades are usually for sale, with other purchasable perks, such as lockers, parking, camping, etc.

Cards are used to purchase tickets, and usually, the purchase is available in multiple payment installments. For an in-depth overview of the payment details and tickets, visit the Hard Summer Festival website.

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For this roaming event, you will need to look up the location or address of the venue, and see which highway you need to use in order to get there. If you cannot camp at the festival grounds, you will most likely have to drive to the RV resort first, and then go to the festival from that location.

Parking areas

Day parking spaces are usually available for non-RV vehicles, regardless of where the venue is held; however, you will need to check if RV parking will be allowed. Hard Summer Festival is well-known for ensuring that the event is fully accessible to anyone. Even if you are parked 10 to 20 minutes away from the festival, it should be reasonably easy to reach it, as the organizers tend to partner up with multiple shuttle transport providers.

Public Transportation

Guests are commonly encouraged to get to the festival by using shuttle transportation, as they can beat the traffic and forget about any parking hassles. Look for shuttle service information to be available on the website, and this might be the best way to get there from your RV campsite. Alternatively, you can use a cab, since the festival tends to have specially designated drop off zones for the guests who arrive like this.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not usually offered at Hard Summer. In case RV camping is available, make sure you look up the onsite hookups, generator permissions, and the designated parking space size. Remember to see if you are allowed to use a grill or a propane stove, and if so, what are the permitted specs. Southern California is loaded with many incredible campgrounds if the venue is not intended for camping.

RV traveling through the state? National Parks in California are loaded with relaxing places to explore near the coast and further inland like Yosemite National Park to the north or Joshua Tree National Park to the west of Los Angeles.


Finding a nearby RV campground in California should be easy as there are plenty of viable options. Travelers can look forward to full hookups and natural surroundings that are perfect for summer camping, sunbathing, swimming, etc. Chino Hills State Park is usually within close proximity to Hard Summer locations and welcomes camping units up to 28'. Campgrounds like Fairplex RV Park tend to be pet-friendly, so your furry friends can come with you, provided someone can keep an eye on them while you are at the festival.

Getting around

The festival has multiple stages, and there will be a lot of ground to cover. Guests with mobility needs are allowed to move on a scooter or in a wheelchair and venues are accessible. There are pathways connected through the festival starting from the parking area. Additionally, if you need to recharge the batteries, there have been designated points in the past for that as well. There will be maps on display to help you navigate through the venue, and you can always ask a staff member to help you with the directions.

What to pack


Dress as you would for any outdoor summer event that lasts from morning till evening. Something light for a sunny day, and bring something a bit warmer for the chilly nights. The festival will go on as scheduled rain or shine, so check the weather in advance and plan your attire accordingly.


Pack your extra clothes, and empty plastic water bottles (must be empty upon entry). You can bring your cell phone and its charger and anything else that can fit into a single compartment backpack (max size is usually 12' x 12'). If you have prescribed medication, bring your prescription and inform the security officer that you have the medication with you. Bring sunglasses, a hat, and any other accessory that is not on the prohibited items list.

Health & Safety

Remember to stay hydrated, visit water refill stations frequently (it’s free), and protect yourself from UV radiation by applying sunscreen. Drug possession or use are extremely prohibited, and only guests of proper age will be allowed to purchase alcohol. If you or someone you see needs medical assistance, you can immediately look for the medical staff at the first-aid tent (medical stations will be marked on the festival map).

Where to eat


Typically, cooking is not allowed at the festival venue. However, since the guidelines may vary depending on the festival location, the rule itself is subject to change. As far as the RV parks go, it would be safe to assume that you will be allowed to prepare your meals there, so bring all the ingredients you need, and of course a grill or a stove. Check local regulations regarding firewood and open flames before leaving to avoid confusion once you arrive at your Southern California campsite.


A sitting area with bottle service is sometimes available, but access will be sold separately from the tickets, so make sure to review these options when choosing tickets. Southern California is known for its plethora of cuisine styles, so you are sure to find something new and tasty to try near the venue site. Grilled meat, Mexican food restaurants, seafood restaurants, pizza places, delicious burger joints, bakeries, and many more.


Hard Summer fans can expect food and drink vendors to be present at the event. Their locations are usually displayed on the festival map to help you navigate. Guests will also find vendors selling festival themed clothing and merchandise. Hard Summer commonly allows for cash and credit cards as accepted payment methods, but you may want to be prepared with both in case your favorite vendor does not take one or the other.



Security will perform a TSA-style search, and they might also ask you to remove your shoes and empty your pockets and any bags that you bring. Make sure you are not carrying anything from the prohibited items list, and that you adhere to the festival rules while you are there. There will also be police officers both inside and outside of the festival to help guests enjoy their time at the Hard Summer Festival.


There are no certainties when it comes to weather, although the festival will continue as scheduled rain or shine. Check the weather report for Southern California a few days before the festival and dress accordingly. It will most likely be hot and sunny during the day, so definitely apply sunscreen to prevent potential sunburns.


If you feel nauseated, lightheaded, obtain blisters from continuous dancing, or if you don’t feel well in general, you can seek help from medical practitioners. They will be inside the first-aid tents or roaming throughout the festival. They will be on constant vigil during the entire festival, and their assistance is included in your festival ticket.