Ireteba Peaks Wilderness


If you find yourself hankering for your next big adventure, pack up the RV and head out to visit Nevada's Ireteba Peaks Wilderness. It's the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.

Ireteba Peaks Wilderness is a Bureau of Land Management property that sits near Boulder City, Nevada. This recreational area was declared a national wilderness in 2002 and consists of 39,631 acres in total. Located in a remote area, Ireteba Peaks Wilderness offers families the opportunity to enjoy rustic style camping and hiking in the heart of backwoods Nevada.

This property is named for a Native American by the name of Ireteba who played an integral role in assisting Lieutenant J.C. Ives on his journey along the Colorado River. Ireteba Peaks Wilderness is located only 50 miles outside the bustling sin city known as Las Vegas. This recreational area houses portions of both the Eldorado and Opal Mountains.
The landscape found at Ireteba Peaks Wilderness is a kaleidoscope of incredible color. An extremely picturesque property, families can enjoy exploring the rich valleys and heavily forested land. An area that is far removed from the eye of the city, Ireteba Peaks Wilderness is the ideal place for enjoying some quiet reflection. Among the most beloved outdoor activities here include hiking, horseback riding, hunting, and camping.

A ripe breeding ground for such plants as creosote bush, white bursage, and brittlebush, the plant life is quite diverse at Ireteba Peaks Wilderness. Some of the more commonly seen vegetation includes yucca, barrel, prickly pear, Teddy bear cactus, and Mormon tea. Wildlife also flourishes in this natural habitat with such species as desert bighorn sheep, jackrabbits, and side-blotched lizards taking up residence there. The property is also home to several rare animals such as the desert tortoise and Townsend's western big-eared bats.
For a wonderful vacation you'll not soon forget, plan a visit to Ireteba Peaks Wilderness. It's a fantastic spot for your next RV getaway.

RV Rentals in Ireteba Peaks Wilderness



Located off a stretch of the two lane highway I-95, the route to Ireteba Peaks Wilderness can be picked up just outside Las Vegas between the two towns of Nelson and Searchlight.To the north of the property is a power line road which connects the mountain range to Lake Mohave. To the west are the ridges of the Ireteba Peaks mountains. Access directly to the wilderness is found along dirt paths which traverse from Lake Mohave through Opal Mountain to Rockefeller Mine.

The four main access points leading to the wilderness are found directly off State Route 165, Highway 95, Cottonwood Cove Road, or Lake Mohave.

To get to the wilderness grounds, families will need to park their vehicle outside the dirt access roads and travel the remaining distance on foot.


There are no specifically designated parking lots at Ireteba Peaks Wilderness. Travelers should leave their cars just outside the dirt access roads and travel the remaining distance to this recreational area on foot. Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the public facility which houses Ireteba Peaks Wilderness, has several parking lots where visitors can safely leave their vehicles for a visit to the premises.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Ireteba Peaks Wilderness.

Campgrounds and parking in Ireteba Peaks Wilderness

Campsites in Ireteba Peaks Wilderness

Reservations camping

Boulder Beach Campground

Boulder Beach Campground is nestled within Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Open year-round, this camping facility is well suited to both RV and tent camping. There are 148 sites in total on the premises; many of which offer full power, water, and sewer hookups.

There is a maximum stay of 30 days at this camping facility. Reservations are required for RV camping. Visitors can contact the Lake Mead RV Village office to secure a spot.

Among the on-site amenities are a walking trail and public bathrooms.

Dogs are not permitted on the premises at any time.

First-come first-served

Cottonwood Cove Campground

Cottonwood Cove Campground is located within Lake Mead National Recreation Area. There are 145 sites available for RV and tent camping. Camping is permitted year-round at this recreational facility. Each of the campsites is available on a first-come, first-served basis; however, reservations are accepted. There is a maximum stay of 30 days.

Full power and water hookups are available. A waste disposal station is also found on the premises.

Dogs are not permitted on the grounds at any time at this public park.

This campground offers many amenities including picnic areas, a playground, a boat launch, and showers.

Lovell Canyon Campground

:Lovell Canyon Campground is a Bureau of Land Management camping facility located just outside Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon. Campsites are available here on a first-come, first-served basis and are at no cost to the public. Many of the sites are large enough to accommodate trailers and RVs of a substantial size.

Dogs are not permitted on the grounds, and it is unknown if generator use is allowed. However, there are no on-site amenities provided at this picturesque and secluded campground.

Camping is allowed year-round at this popular outdoor recreational haven.

Seasonal activities in Ireteba Peaks Wilderness


Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the facility that Ireteba Peaks Wilderness rests within, is a treasure trove of fun activities for families to enjoy. With a lake housed on the premises, families can enjoy swimming, boating, and water sports when the temperatures start to soar.

A property of immense size, there are also excellent opportunities to partake in outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. There many trails which vary in length and intensity with something sure to suit the tastes of every member of the family.

The lake teems with an abundance of fish, making angling a popular pastime at this well-loved recreational facility.

Bring along a picnic lunch, and you've got a recipe for a fantastic outdoor adventure for the whole family to enjoy!

El Dorado Canyon Mine Tour

An area rich in history, no trip to Ireteba Peaks Wilderness would be complete without stopping by to take in the Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour. Tours of the well-renowned Techatticup Mine are conducted daily. The mine is situated in Eldorado Canyon and has earned the distinction for being the oldest, wealthiest, and most highly prized gold mine in the state.

An interesting property to visit, the staff of the mine offer guided tours of the property as well as opportunities for photoshoots. Canoeing and kayaking are popular activities here with boats available for rent at several on-site concession stands.

For those wishing to enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds, Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours has several picnic tables on-site for public use. Other amenities include a fireplace, a fire pit, a sink, a food prep area, and several grills.

For more information about scheduled tours, contact the mine tour office or visit their website.

Hoover Dam

While visiting Ireteba Peaks Wilderness, it is a great time to plan a trip to the historic Hoover Dam. A dam considered the largest at the time of its building, the Hoover Dam tour is not to be missed.

Scheduled tours of the power plant and dam itself are conducted daily. Consult the dam's website for hours of operation, tour times, and associated fees. Tickets must be obtained in advance for all tour dates.

It is important to note that those who are sensitive to close spaces or who have a defibrillator are not suited to the Hoover Dam tours given their proximity to electromagnetic fields.

Be sure to dress warmly and wear footwear with good traction for this visit.



With such an immense desert expanse to explore, it can be hard to resist the opportunity to take it all in from the viewpoint of a zipline. There are many public facilities located near to Ireteba Peaks where families can purchase a pass to spend the day ziplining.

Many of the nearby canyons house offices where a guide can be hired to accompany a family on their ziplining adventure, which starts from one of the mountain peaks and descends into the deepest of valleys.

The views are absolutely breathtaking, making this one trip that is worth bringing along the Go Pro.

While ziplining is not suited to those with a fear of heights, the area's ziplining locations are extremely picturesque, ensuring there is something for every member of the family to enjoy whether it is photography, hiking, or simply enjoying the view from the ground.

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is a vast recreational facility that offers many outdoor activities for families to enjoy. With 25 acres of property to its credit, families have lots of room to enjoy such activities as hiking and cycling.

Among the on-site amenities are four multi-purpose athletic fields, a big fishing pond, a pond for model boats, a skateboard and bike park, a splash pad, beach volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, gazebos, and more.

There is also a large grass field where families can enjoy a picnic lunch or even just an afternoon snooze.

Bring along lots of drinking water to keep dehydration at bay.

River Loop Trail

For those who enjoy hiking and biking, a trip to River Loop Trail is a must-do activity on any trip to Ireteba Peaks Wilderness. A loop trail of sizeable distance, the path travels through Boulder City before heading into the desert and culminating in the nearby River Mountains. The trail is invigorating and passes over challenging and rugged terrain.

Along the way, there is an opportunity to pause by Lake Mead to reflect and enjoy a little breather from the workout. The scenery is quite awe-inspiring, so you will definitely want to have your camera along as well.

The River Loop Trail connects the town of Henderson to Boulder City, allowing you to explore two of Nevada's most beloved towns.