Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200

Sidle into spring by planning an RV trip to the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 in Salem, Indiana. This ARCA Series race is not one you’ll want to miss!

Event information

The Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 is a race that forms the early stages of the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) series. It’s held at Salem Speedway in Salem, Indiana and brings thousands of spectators to watch the racing and camp overnight.

The two-day event appeals to young and old, and it’s sure to get the blood pumping. On the first day, automotive enthusiasts are treated to a full day of practice and qualifying, before kicking off the racing on the second day.

Fans can get autographs from their favorite drivers, sing the national anthem to show their patriotic pride, then sit tight for 50 laps of stock races before the command is made to start your engines! The Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 then begins in earnest, with drivers completing 111 miles or 200 laps of the 0.555-mile long paved oval race track.

Once the checkered flag drops, it’s then time to load up your RV, plan the rest of your travels, and hit the road. Go golfing at Western Hills Golf Course adjacent to Salem Speedway, or why not go walking at Knobstone Trail? Beck’s Mill is a pleasant and scenic spot to visit on your travels, too.

With not a lot of time left until Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 begins, why not start planning your RV trip now? It’ll roll around before you know it.


Travelers who like to have all their ducks in a row can purchase their tickets for the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 in advance. These include general admission tickets with access to wooden bleachers at the bottom, or reserved seating with steel bleachers at the top. By booking your seats, you are guaranteeing some of the best views of the racing action while also enjoying early bird discounts. However, racing fans can also purchase tickets on the day. Parking and camping traditionally have not cost extra.

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It will be hard not to enjoy your RV journey to Salem, Indiana. This Washington County city in Washington Township is a delightful agricultural community encompassed by farmland, water, and Indiana forestland.

With the help of INDOT's road updates, RV goers can travel directly from Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati by following the main highways. IN-56 through Salem will bring you to 2729 Highway 56 West, home of Salem Speedway.

Parking areas

Whether you arrive in your motorhome, a pilot vehicle, or a spaceship, you’ll find that parking is plentiful and effortless to access at Salem Speedway. Those who decide to camp at the race track will be able to park their big rig on the outskirts of the racing facility. If you are parking for the day, the grassy lot adjacent to the paved oval will offer plenty of space as well. There will be no need for public transportation to get you to and from this venue.

Public Transportation

Given the conservative population of Salem, there will be no public transportation available to get you to and from the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200. However, since fans can camp on site, you’ll likely see no need for it anyway. Use your pilot vehicle or motorhome as your primary set of wheels.

Where to stay


Not only do you get to enjoy two days of the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200, but you also get to do so while experiencing primitive RV camping on site. Guests can light a campfire, bring your pet with you, and use golf carts in the camping area as long as you have a valid driver's license.

Campers can also revel in the convenience of being nearby to all the racing action. While there are no service hookups, you’ll likely enjoy being able to camp off the grid in a race track camping area that has traditionally been free.


Travelers will encounter a few different RV campgrounds that are accessible with a large RV in and around Salem, including in Scottsburg. Services can vary from one campsite to the next, as can the proximity to Salem Speedway. Before you set off on vacation, decide whether you want to enjoy sewer, water, and electricity hookups at an established campground, or if you are okay with self-contained camping at Salem Speedway. Louisville South KOA rests about an hour's drive to the south along I-65 and may already be near your route to the raceway.

Getting around

In the past, dirt bikes, scooters, and other motorized personal transport were allowed, but safety rules now dictate they are best left in your RV for once you exit Salem Speedway grounds. However, officials still allow you to use your golf cart around the camping area, as long as you are a licensed driver. Otherwise, you can navigate the grounds on foot without any hassle.

What to pack


It’s often a mixed bag of weather during spring in Indiana, which means you’ll need to pack a mixed bag. Both light and heavy layers can ensure your comfort at any time of the day or night during your visit to Salem. The area also experiences rainfall during April, so pack a rain jacket and umbrella just in case.


There are not too many limitations on what you can and can’t bring into Salem Speedway for the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200. You are more than welcome to bring a cooler of a set size, but no glass or alcohol. If you decide to check out the infield rather than stay in the grandstands, then you can also bring your tent, grill, lawn chairs, and anything else you need to have the best racing experience. Those who are camping on site overnight should remember to bring their camping and cooking equipment, as well as cash for vendor purchasers.

Health & Safety

Being outside in the elements for two days can take its toll, so arrive prepared. Stock up your RV first-aid kit before you leave, and don’t forget your sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries, lip balm, and any prescription medication you might require. If something will be hard to replace at a moment’s notice, pack it even if you don’t think you will need it.

Where to eat


There’s nothing quite like the gentle simmering of chili on a campfire, and this very experience awaits at the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200. As long as you are mindful of windy conditions, you can light a campfire and enjoy all manner of traditional camp-style food. Delicious bread over the fire, S’mores, and hot dogs await. You can also pick up all the supplies you need on the way to Salem Speedway in the heart of Salem.


Whether you’re taking a break from the racing or you’re about to carry on your adventure in Indiana, then why not stop for a bite to eat in Salem? Tantalizing tavern cuisine, pizza cooked to perfection, and even beautiful baked goods are all available in the city of Salem. The best part is, most eateries are within ten miles of Salem Speedway for convenience.


Salem Speedway pulls out all the stops to ensure all fans that attend the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 have a great time. One of the ways they do this is by offering an abundance of food and beverages. Both on the outskirts of the track and in the infield, spectators can enjoy hearty tucker courtesy of the vendors.

Bring both cash and payment cards to ensure you have the correct payment type. You may also be able to purchase merchandise on site to remember your vacation to Salem for years to come.



Given the popularity of the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200, there will be a security presence for patron peace of mind. You may approach these officials at any time for assistance. The onsite security officers also enforce the policies of what you can and can’t bring onto Salem Speedway grounds. They respectfully ask that you refrain from bringing weapons of any kind, alcohol, and glass.
If you need assistance outside of Salem Speedway, then you can make your way to the nearest police station a mere three miles away.


Spring can be an unpredictable season, especially in April. RV-goers can expect temperatures of around 67 degrees-Fahrenheit during the day, and nighttime temperatures as low as 43 degrees. For a more accurate idea of what you’re up against on your travels, download a weather app such as WeatherBug.


From coughs and colds through to cuts and scrapes, an illness or injury can strike at any time. When you’re on vacation, it’s hard to know who to turn to. Fortunately, on site medical staff can help with a myriad of issues in the first aid area of Salem Speedway. However, in an emergency, it’s an excellent idea to phone 911. The nearest hospital and pharmacy are under three miles away.