King Mountain State Recreation Site
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Nuzzling the base of King Mountain, and grazing along the banks of the mighty Matanuska River, King Mountain State Recreation Site promises scenery that is certain to last in memories.

The state park is less than an hour away from Palmer on Glenn Highway near Chickaloon. The scenic view that this site offers is truly mesmerizing, especially in late summer when the King River changes into an aquamarine glacier color, that is something truly extraordinary to behold.

RV campers who chase after bizarre and uncommon scenic views would not want to miss out on King Mountain State Recreation Site. The hypnotic panorama isn’t the only thing that grabs the attention of hundreds of RV campers every year. The recreation site also offers a number of recreational activities for friends and families to enjoy together and spend some quality time in the shadows of King Mountain.

The state park offers extensive facilities and amenities to make sure that RV campers enjoy a comfortable stay under the open sky and right beside the deep blue waters of the mighty Matanuska River.

For a more private camping experience, take shelter among the towering trees and set up camp there rather than by the edge of the river. King Mountain State Recreation Site has something for everyone when it comes to camping in this vast Alaskan wilderness.

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To reach this mesmerizing spot, take the Glenn Highway to milepost 76 and you will find King Mountain State Recreation Site to your right. There is no limit on RV size at the park but the roads inside can be narrow and difficult to maneuver for larger vehicles especially for campsites located in the woods. All the roads are paved and the campsites are made of dirt and grass.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in King Mountain State Recreation Site

Campsites in King Mountain State Recreation Site

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King Mountain State Recreation Site Campground

King Mountain State Recreation Site offers one campground with 22 campsites. The campground provides pump water, pit toilets, and a picnic shelter.

The campground is very spacious and every campsite has its own fire ring and picnic table. Electric hookups of up to 30 amps are also provided on certain campsites.

The campsites are made of dirt and grass, while all the roads are paved. The King Mountain State Recreation Site requires campers to go through the self-registration station before setting camp. All facilities are ADA accessible, and people of all ages are allowed to camp at King Mountain State Recreation Site. Campers can also bring along their furry friends on the trail as well as on the campsites as long as they are leashed.

Guests can stay for up to 14 days at a time with two-vehicles allowed per campsite.

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Matanuska River offers plenty of fishing opportunities to anglers. Campers are encouraged to bring their fishing gear and their fishing license to enjoy the fishing experience in this unspoiled rich turquoise water.

Anglers can try their hand at catching some Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Northern Pike, Dolly Varden, and Burbot in the lakes.

If enthusiastic anglers are willing to expand their options, they can always take a drive to the nearby Susitna Valley to try their luck at catching some Silver and Red Salmon.


Watercraft rentals are offered at the King Mountain State Recreation Site for those that want to relax on the waters of the mighty Matanuska River. The boats allow campers to catch some fish while relaxing in the shadow of King Mountain. Boaters can get an even closer vantage point of the mountain and the stunning landscape.

The soothing motion of the boat and the serene surroundings are enough to convince anyone to rent a watercraft and take to the waters of Matanuska River.

Wildlife & Birdwatching

The bogs and lakes of south-central Alaska attract a number of birds and wildlife in the area. The landscape also makes the site a natural resting place for many migrating birds. Some of the wildlife that is frequently sighted in the area are moose, coyotes, wolves, and foxes.

Birdwatchers can catch sight of bald eagles and golden eagles. The former circles above the river in hopes of catching some fishy food, while the latter is rare as it prefers open wooded and rocky elevations. The marshy area of the recreation site is often frequented by the northern harrier and the willows near the tree line attract willow ptarmigan.



Picnicking by the Matanuska River and right across the glacial King Mountain is taking the concept of picnicking to another level. King Mountain State Recreation Site facilitates outdoor enthusiasts with picnic tables and picnic shelters. A day parking area allows visitors to spend a day in this scenic location as they continue their journey across the vast Alaskan landscape. The site is a great place to stop and rest or simply to enjoy a day out picnicking. The clean toilets, wheelchair accessible facilities, drinking water, and parking facilities make it even more convenient for RV travelers to enjoy a spot of picnicking in this serene landscape.

Blueberry Picking

Aren’t blueberries the most trouble-free to prepare and serve? The fruit doesn’t require any pitting, peeling, cutting, or coring.

Most importantly, it is crazy fun to pick them from the bushes. Bring your kids along to the King Mountain State Recreation Site and make it a great learning experience for your kids. Picking and gathering plump and full blueberries in the Alpines that are completely ripe and ready to be devoured is truly rewarding entertainment.

Four wheeling

If you are a fan of off-roading and love to climb the steep hills not on your feet but on your off-roading vehicle, then King Mountain State Recreation Site is the ideal spot for you. The terrain provides plenty of opportunities for four-wheeler enthusiast to explore the terrain and visit the many scenic points of the park.

Make sure to follow the rules and the direction to the off-roading area for your own safety and the safety of your fellow campers.