Labyrinth Canyon River


Visit Labyrinth Canyon River for the chance to enjoy one of the best water-based recreational opportunities on offer in Utah. Access to this Bureau of Land Management river park is off Utah Highway 313, via a dirt road that runs for 15 miles. Visitors have options for getting to the park via shuttle services.

There is so much to do within the Labyrinth Canyon, as opportunities abound to enjoy side hikes; see the geological formations and beautifully decorated cliffs; and study ancient petroglyphs and flint clippings. For campers with their vessels, the excitement is endless, as the river is open to boating, canoeing, kayaking, and other floating activities. One of the favorite activities that floaters engage in on the river is looking out for the wildlife in the water and the shoreline areas. The birds that soar above the BLM river park’s areas also offer amazing views for bird watchers. Additional recreational opportunities are available at Green River State Park and Arches National Park.

Modern camping facilities and services are provided within camping areas nearby for visitors willing to spend the night.

RV Rentals in Labyrinth Canyon River



Labyrinth Canyon River lies about 15 miles west off Utah Highway 313, Utah, by Green River State Park. Visitors can launch on to Labyrinth Canyon River from either of Green River State Park or Ruby Ranch (a private property). The access road to the river, Mineral Bottom Road, is a dirt road, so ensure you have an appropriate vehicle, such as a four-wheel-drive to easily navigate the rough areas. As you approach the river, exercise caution because the last part of the drive descends steep switchbacks.

Shuttle services are available to Labyrinth Canyon River and guests have three options for shuttles to the river. You could either run the shuttle yourself; arrange with a commercial service that will shuttle your vehicles for you; or be dropped off at any of the river put-ins by a commercial service. Visitors usually find the third option to be the most convenient, as the same commercial service that drops them at the put-in can pick them up at the take-out. If you don’t have a four-wheel-drive vehicle or are going to fly in, this is most likely the best option for you.

There are parking spaces available provided for guests.

RV rentals are available nearby at Moab.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Labyrinth Canyon River

Campsites in Labyrinth Canyon River

Reservations camping

Green River State Park

Green River State Park features a shaded, grassy campground, likened to a beautiful oasis in the desert. The campsites in this campground are pet-friendly and accept reservations.

A cabin, two group campsites, and 48 family campsites are available in this campground. Four campsites are equipped with full hookups (electric, water, and sewer hookups), while 44 campsites have electric hookups only. Amenities in this campground include modern restrooms that provide showers, sheltered picnic tables, potable water, ranger station, and boat launch sites.

Parking pads are provided for vehicles. The maximum RV/trailer length in the campground is 47 feet.

Recreational opportunities open to campers include bird watching, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and hiking.

Green River KOA Journey

Green River KOA Journey offers the perfect base camp for guests to enjoy a wide range of recreational opportunities such as biking, hiking, swimming, floating and much more. This campground is the home of the Utah Super Six and offers the chance for tent camping and RV camping.

Located along Interstate 70, this campground has 65 campsites that are equipped with a pool, basketball, horseshoes, playground, Wi-Fi, and bike rentals. Reservations are accepted.

Partial to full RV hookups are available and RV/trailers up to 80 feet can be accommodated.

Seasonal activities in Labyrinth Canyon River


Side Hikes

Opportunities for stellar hikes are available within Labyrinth Canyon and guests can explore the trails that are scattered throughout the canyon areas. Every now and then within the canyon, campers hit major hikes that test their strength and endurance. If you plan to take long hikes, carry a map with you so you don’t get lost.

If you wish to hike within the canyon, it’s best to prepare for the journey by wearing proper clothing and taking good hiking boots. Carry water and a first aid kit too. As you stroll through the canyon, look out for poisonous flora and fauna like poison ivy and rattlesnakes.


The geological and natural wonders of Labyrinth Canyon present amazing sightseeing opportunities for visitors at this BLM park.

As you glide out on to the smooth water portion of the river, you will see a wide valley as well as marls and shales topped with rocks. These colorful outcrops add a certain resplendence to the river’s corridors, prompting every explorer to take photographs. Further downriver, a Crystal Geyser spills into the river and creates a magnificent scene for nature lovers.


History lovers and enthusiasts will spot various petroglyphs in different areas on the cliffs along the river and its canyons. Alongside these petroglyphs are flint chippings too. These features are believed to have been left by the Fremont Culture. These were semi-nomadic people who traveled the region between 500 AD and 1275 AD.

Inscriptions left by river travelers much later are also abundant in the BLM areas.



Amazing opportunities to enjoy pleasure boating activities are available on Labyrinth Canyon River on the lower Green River throughout the year, except during winter season when there may be ice on the river. Peak season for boating in this area is between April and September when enthusiasts can launch their vessels on to the park’s waters. Motorboats are also occasionally used on the river.

Note that permits are required for all boating in Labyrinth Canyon and appropriate regulations are in force.


Labyrinth Canyon River offers calm waters for guests to enjoy canoeing and kayaking trips. So, it’s up to you when you arrive to choose exactly how you want your trip to be. The stretch of river through the canyon is too long to be traveled on canoes and kayaks in one day, so you should plan for a multi-day trip. This trip can last up to four or five days and you could either self-navigate or seek the help of a professional and experienced guide.

Wildlife Viewing

As you float down the Labyrinth Canyon River, look out for deer standing by the shore areas and beaver swimming from one lodge to another. On the rocks around the river, keen observers sight American egrets or the great blue heron. Badgers, porcupines, and coyotes are also frequently seen by guests as they float down-river.

Cliff swallows, ravens, red-tailed hawks and buzzards are prevalent in the skies above this BLM property, as are killdeer on the sandbars. Within the canyon, other birds like canyon wrens, mockingbirds, yellow warblers, and vireos are commonly seen.