Lexington to Miles City Road Trip Guide


Lexington is not known as the “Horse Capital of the World” for no reason, but rather because it is home to all manner of fun activities that you wish to enjoy on horses. Begin your adventure at the Kentucky Horse Park where you will see about 50 breeds of horses as well as art galleries and museums. Well-known houses that you should also visit here include the historic homes of Henry Clay, Mary Todd Lincoln, John Hunt Morgan, and Joseph Bryan. A trip to the Summit at Fritz Farm is one excursion that will definitely not disappoint, owing to the shopping options on offer. If you fancy a meal, any of the world-class restaurants in the city will blow your mind (and taste buds) away.

After getting off the horse you’ve ridden around town, you can enter your RV and set out for Miles City, a proper Western town that lies 1,477 miles northwest of Lexington. As you make your way through Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota, keep your eyes open and have your cameras ready because you’ll keep finding something to savor.

Interestingly, Miles City is yet another town for the equestrian. Moreover, it offers plenty of indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities for visitors within its various parks and museums.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: any
audience: all

Point of Interest

White Oak Nature Preserve

As soon as you drive out of Kentucky and enter into Indiana, you should make your first stop at White Oak Nature Preserve in Clark County. Just as the Preserve is named, the most prevalent tree in this forest is White Oak, even though others such as black, red, scarlet, and chestnut oaks are present. Shagbark, pignut, and bitternut hickories are also present in the forest. A few Virginia pines are scattered around the forest too.

What may stand out to you when strolling under the trees are the wildflowers that decorate the park’s corridors and make it such a wonderful sight. You’ll surely wish to take a few pictures when you see flora such as pasture rose, Juneberry, flowering dogwood, and Virginia creeper when you’re exploring the park.

A parking lot is available at the picnic ground adjacent to the Nature Preserve. The closest camping area is Horse Campground a few hundred meters north.


After a 185-mile drive from White Oak Nature Preserve, you’ll arrive at Remington, and it’s okay for you to stretch your legs and explore this small city that's uniquely situated halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago. Your experience here will be a hometown type as you’ll see nice rustic buildings as well as a few modern edifices. Founded in 1860, the community used to be known as Carpenter.

You should visit Carpenter Creek Cellars, a unique winery that produces top-notch wines from the best fruits in the region. You’ll definitely be able to taste the wine in the tasting room provided and decide for yourself if the product is worth the hype. You won’t be disappointed. The homemade meals, tasty pies, yummy pizzas, and mouthwatering desserts are things you don’t want to miss here too.

For an overnight stay, visit Caboose Lake Campground and make use of any of the cabins, tent and RV sites offered to guests.

Wolf Road Woods

Here in Willow Springs, Illinois is the perfect place to stretch your legs, get outside and take long walks. Wolf Road Woods is part of the Forest Preserves of Cook County and features an extensive and varied trail system that takes enthusiasts through deep ravines, rolling hills, and serene natural settings. You are in for lots of sightseeing experiences here.

This facility is equipped with a parking lot and bathroom and is open year-round from sunrise to sunset, so whenever you arrive, you can get going. Things you can do here besides hiking are cycling, cross-country skiing, and equestrian riding. Pets are allowed on the trails but they have to be on a leash always. The trail surface is unpaved and is about 42 miles long. A few lakes are available in the area too so you can explore those.

You can spend the night at Camp Bullfrog Lake where tent campsites, RV campsites (with electricity), and modern amenities are available.

Lake Koshkonong

So much fun awaits you at Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin and all you need do is just show up. This 16.5 square mile lake, popularly referred to as “Kosh”, is only seven feet deep, but offers exciting opportunities like boating, fishing, wildlife viewing, geocaching, and golfing.

If you’re an angling enthusiast, prepare to catch fish species such as panfish, musky, largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, and northern pike. The most common fish species here is panfish.

Public boat landings offer easy access to the lake for boating enthusiasts. Furthermore, if you wish to sit by the shore, there are two public beaches available here. Scenic nature trails abound by the lake for hiking, wildlife and bird watching, so you can also add to the list of things you’ll enjoy here.

Several campgrounds are located within the vicinity of Lake Koshkonong, so you won’t have to worry about where to camp if you wish to extend your stay.

Chippewa Valley Museum

A good way to take a break from the road when you arrive at Eau Claire is to visit the Chippewa Valley Museum. The galleries in this museum are filled with artifacts and items that tell stories about the Chippewa Valley and its people, so it’s a nice place for both learning and fun.

More than 23,000 artifacts are present in this museum, so rest assured there’s plenty to see. These items range from copper knives as old as 4,000 years, dollhouse miniatures, an Eau Claire Fire Department pumper truck, farm tools and machinery, as well as folk art. Make sure you have your camera with you so that you can take pictures of some of these antiques.

Fun and engaging programs are organized in the museum for children on topics such as math, history, and science, so children can get involved in these too. RV campgrounds are available in the city for you to retire to after a day of fun and exploration at the museum.

Maplewood State Park

Maplewood State Park is a 14 square mile park in Minnesota that’s incredibly beautiful, especially as it features eight major lakes. Not only do these lakes add a colorful backdrop to the park’s scenery, but they are also great fishing sites. Fishing can be done both from the shore and on boats, so it’s up to you to choose what works best for you. In addition, visitors can paddle canoes and kayaks on the lakes.

If you want to watch wildlife, this is the perfect setting as the hardwood forests and rolling hills are home to a wide variety of fauna species. The trails in the park also offer diverse recreation opportunities – hiking on 25 miles of trail, horseback riding on 20 miles of trail, and snowmobiling on 21 miles of trail.

A total of 71 campsites are available in this park, four of which are open in winter for guests who visit then. Electric sites are provided for visitors with RVs.

Slade National Wildlife Refuge

Stop at Slade National Wildlife Refuge when you arrive in North Dakota to enjoy the view of beautiful wildlife and take photographs of them too. This Wildlife Refuge welcomes young and old and offers good recreation opportunities to all, in the form of wildlife observation and hunting, as well as educational programs for children.

If you are an avid hunter, you’ll be able to hunt deer here. The open hunting opportunities here are youth deer hunting, firearm deer hunting, muzzleloader deer hunting, and archery deer hunting. For wildlife observers, the boardwalks, extensive trail system, and observation decks in the Refuge offer the chance to see fauna species in their natural habitat. Look out for gray wolves, western grebes, sandhill cranes, and least sandpipers in the park as you move around.

Continue your drive to Bismarck where you’ll find Bismarck KOA Journey, a developed campground with modern amenities for tent and RV camping.

Frontier Gateway Museum

Frontier Gateway Museum in Glendive is a good place to wrap up this RV road trip. When you arrive at this museum, you’ll be greeted by exhibits on display outside the museum. Stepping into the facility will also open you to up to even more artifacts and items that range from prehistoric times to modern periods. What’s more? Admission into the museum is free.

Some of the features on display outside the museum are a sheep wagon, a schoolhouse that was in use in the early 1900s, a fire hall, and a blacksmith shop. Inside the museum, you’ll see military uniforms, authentic medieval armor, an 1895 piano, and fossils. Some of the items on the wall of the museum tell stories about the history of Glendive too.

Makoshika State Park is a good place for you to stay overnight in Glendive. Alternatively, two private campgrounds are available within the city.


What you’ll enjoy when you arrive in Miles City besides the equestrian recreation that abounds is the opportunity to visit lots of attractions. Feel free to kickstart your drive through the city at Denton Field, a sports field established in 1941. Wibaux is another site where you can enjoy picnics with your family and friends. Other places you can go to for additional fun activities include Scanlin Lake Swimming Pool, Range Rider's Museum, WaterWorks Art Museum, Cook Lake, and Bender Park.

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