Lime Canyon Wilderness
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Located between Lake Mead and the Jumbo Peak Wilderness Area, Lime Canyon Wilderness is a dream option for RV travelers wanting to explore ridges and canyons without the crowds. Officially located within the Gold Butte National Monument, Lime Canyon Wilderness encompasses over 23,700 acres that are classified as BLM land. Like the other wilderness areas nearby, Lime Canyon Wilderness is available if you would like to do some dry camping free of charge on BLM land.

If you are looking for any developed areas (or even running water) Lime Canyon won't be the place for you. However, if you love a challenge and are interested in exploring the incredible ridges that are on offer you will love your visit. Most of the area within the Lime Canyon Wilderness has a similar landscape, with hardly any vegetation besides Joshua trees, small bushes, and cacti. What you will get is incredible views to the nearby Lake Mead (that is located on the western boundary) and the ability to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Horseback riding, hiking, stargazing, and photography are the most popular recreational activities and you will not need a backcountry permit.

If you are looking for more developed camping and activities you can't beat Lake Mead. Here you will find several RV friendly campgrounds and a whole array of water-based activities to entertain RV lovers of all ages. Enjoy the sunrises and sunsets at Lime Canyon Wilderness, a perfect place for RV camping on BLM land.

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There are few roads or amenities near Lime Canyon Wilderness so you will have to plan this RV adventure very thoroughly. Although the park is just 45 miles from Las Vegas, there are no direct sealed roads anywhere near amenities, so to travel a few miles can sometimes feel like an eternity. For access to Lime Canyon Wilderness that doesn't involve walking in, you will have to approach the wilderness from the north and take Gold Butte Backcountry Byway Road down past The Cistern. Since this area is so remote, you may encounter uneven roads that are only suitable for four-wheel drives, so it is best to stick to Gold Butte Backcountry Byway Road.

You must get all of your supplies before your trip while you are still on the I-15 since there will be nothing available once you begin your journey to the park. The best places for you to stop are in Mesquite or the Moapa Valley depending on what direction you are coming from. The closest city to Lime Canyon Wilderness is Las Vegas, which is around a 109-mile drive away.


While vehicles can only be parked outside the actual wilderness boundary, there will be plenty of places for you to park right near the entry.

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Campgrounds and parking in Lime Canyon Wilderness

Campsites in Lime Canyon Wilderness

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Private Campgrounds Near Lime Canyon Wilderness

If you are an RV traveler wanting to stay at a campground with more luxurious amenities, you should consider staying at one of the private campgrounds at Lake Mead. These campgrounds will be the closest to Lime Canyon Wilderness that have electrical and sewer hookups since this area of Nevada is so remote.

There are numerous private campgrounds for you to choose from at the lake, with the most popular being near Boulder Beach. The roads within it are very well paved and all sites will be in great condition with little to no need to level them. You will be able to use WiFi and laundry facilities along with the standard amenities found at RV resorts, such as showers, restrooms, and a dump station. If you decide to stay at a private campground, you will need to book a reservation in advance in order to guarantee that you will have a spot to stay at.

First-come first-served

Echo Bay Campground

One of the main draw-cards to Lime Canyon Wilderness is the dry camping that you can do without having to get any backcountry permits, but if you would like to stay somewhere with amenities, you will have to head to Lake Mead Recreation Area.

Echo Bay Campground is the northernmost campground within the Lake Mead Recreation Area and is a great choice if you don't mind staying a little further away from Lime Canyon Wilderness. The campground is divided into upper and lower sections and features over 100 sites that are suitable for RVs. Like all of the campgrounds at Lake Mead that are not privately owned, there are no hookups available, but each site does have picnic tables and fire pits. Most of the sites are also known to be fairly flat, with compacted gravel as the base.

RVs up to 35 feet are suitable to stay at Echo Bay Campground, and the campground is open all year round.

Seasonal activities in Lime Canyon Wilderness



Nature lovers who venture this far out into the wild are often keen hikers, so if this is you, get ready for some exploring during your visit to Lime Canyon Wilderness. There are days of hiking to be done throughout the area if you don't mind hiking without developed trails. If you would like to stick to a route, you can also check out the trail at the Gold Butte National Monument before you get into the deep areas of Lime Canyon Wilderness.

Horseback Riding

Another popular recreational activity for visitors to Lime Canyon Wilderness is to go horseback riding. While there are no amenities for your horse (such as water spigots, stalls, or feed available) you will have thousands of acres available for you and your horse to adventure in. There are no developed horseriding trails, but if that isn't an issue you can feel like an old cowboy conquering this barren land with just you and your horse.

Alan Bible Visitor Center

If you plan on checking out Lake Mead you should also stop into the Alan Bible Visitor Center. Originally built in 1966, the visitor center has a ton of information on Lake Mead Recreation Area, as well as the surrounding wilderness areas.

This would be a good place to stop in on your way to Lime Canyon Wilderness so that you can ask the staff for any tips that you should be aware of when adventuring in Lime Canyon Wilderness.



Expect to see some incredible sunrises and sunsets during your visit to Lime Canyon Wilderness. These experiences, along with the incredible ridgelines and expansive canyons, are just waiting for you to take some lasting photos during your stay.

Depending on where you are taking photos in the park, you might also be able to capture some of the local wildlife going about their day too. Remember to charge your batteries up before your trip since you won't be able to charge them unless your RV is capable.


Interested in hunting during your visit to Lime Canyon Wilderness? All of the BLM land that the wilderness is made up of is suitable for you to hunt on, so hunting is allowed. Before you begin your hunt make sure that you have the relevant hunting license (or other necessary permits). Target shooting is also permitted, but make sure you are shooting with a safe backdrop. For more information on hunting within the area contact the Nevada BLM chapter.

Boating at Lake Mead

While there is no water within Lime Canyon Wilderness, you do have the option of heading to the nearby Lake Mead to get your fix of boating. The lake can hold up to 28 million acre-feet when full, so there is plenty of room for you to get out on the water. Boat rentals are available from several marinas situated on the lake, or you can bring your own and use one of the many boat launches.