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Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park


The feature of Northwest Territories' vast wilderness are its great lakes, the largest of which being Great Slave Lake which is just minutes away from Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park. The park itself is located by the placid and beautiful Buffalo River about 20 km away from Fort Resolution. This river-side park is a well kept local secret for having some of the best fishing spots in the area. The beautiful waterfalls, meandering river, dense forests, and canyon like surrounding make for a truly scenic outdoor adventure.

Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park also has plenty to offer to RV and tent campers. Paved and gravel campsites with nearby washrooms, kitchen shelter, picnic shelter, boat launch and fire pits make for a splendid day out enjoying the river-side activities and truly stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Plenty of hiking trails run through the park and offer hikers the chance to capture some truly amazing pictures from many elevated view points that offer panoramic views of Northwest Territories spectacular wilderness.

The park is also home to plenty of wildlife and many species of local birds and migrating waterfowl that visit Great Slave Lake every year. If you love the outdoors and are looking for a place that is stunningly beautiful and not touristy than Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park is where you should head. The vast open skies, beautiful summer weather, and plenty of recreational activities make for a truly memorable stay.

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Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park is located on the Great Slave Route Hwy 6 or the Fort Resolution Hwy that make for a truly scenic driving route the offer the opportunity to spot wildlife and take in the majestic wilderness beauty of the Northwest Territories that include snow-capped mountains, dense woodlands, lakes, river, waterfalls, and grasslands. The roads are wide and well-maintained making for a completely and extremely enjoyable driving experience. The Park entrance is right by the highway and offers easy access for medium sized RVs and motorhomes.


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Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park Campground

This Territorial Park offers 20 campsites for tent and RV camping. 5 of the campsites are for tenting only and overlook Little Buffalo River while the remaining 15 campsites are mean for RVs and motorhomes and offer 30 amp electric hook-ups. Seven of these campsite are river facing while the rest are more wooded sites that are perfect for those looking for a little more privacy and shade. Washrooms, picnic table, fire pits, fire wood, water pump, kitchen shelter, picnic area and boat launch area are all located fairly close to each other for the added convenience of visitors that come here to enjoy fishing, boating and hiking activities.

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Little Buffalo River offers anglers the opportunity to catch large fish in a river-side setting that offers plenty of secluded spots that are well-kept secrets of the locals that live here. Large sized Walleye, Pickerel or Pike are abundant in Little Buffalo River with anglers sometimes landing a catch on almost every single cast. If you are craving to catch some large-sized Pickerel (a great tasting fish with flaky and sweet-tasting meat) Little Buffalo River is one of the best spots to catch some.


Little Buffalo River offers campers the opportunity to take to the water via boat, canoe or kayak and make their way down to the river mouth and bridge. Power boats are allowed on the river waters and you can use the boats to get you to the best fishing spots on the river for those trophy specimens. Kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts will also love the placid river waters and the magnificent scenery around them. Boating also offers the opportunity to spot the diverse and abundant wildlife that thrives around Great Slave lake. A wide and spacious boat launch area and plenty of places to tie your boat make for a relaxing and convenient boating experience.



The Northwest Territories offers plenty of hiking trails that pass through this truly majestic landscape. Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park is close to Great Slave Lake, Fort Resolution as well as many other well-renowned provincial parks whose trails wind through these park grounds offering spectacular scenery all along the way. A few of the more popular connecting trails that hikers can venture on include the Great Slave Route, Lizard Trail, Heritage Route, Wood Buffalo Route, Frontier Trail, Ingraham Trail and the Waterfalls Route.


A river-side picnic is perhaps one of the best ways to spend a day-out with family and friends. Fish, boat or relax by the river taking in all the amazing scenery while keeping a lookout for wildlife. Picnic tables and fire pits as well as washrooms and firewood are available on park grounds for day-use and their is also a kitchen shelter and picnic area where visitors can cook and enjoy their food. A nearby water pump provides access to clean water.


Most of the region around Great Slave Lake has been preserved and protected to conserve the diverse ecosystem of the area that supports abundant wildlife including black bears, grizzly bears, brown bears, wolves, foxes, lynx and many other animals that live of this rich natural landscape. Bears can be often spotted inside campgrounds so it is extremely important to make sure that you leave no food outside and always dispose of your trash.


Little Buffalo River Crossing Territorial Park offers nature and wildlife photographers the opportunity to capture some truly awarding winning pictures whether it be of the wildlife, sunsets, or landscape. The terrain around the park include dense woodlands, canyon like cliff faces, waterfalls, and vast open skies that make for some truly memorable shots.