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As the name suggests, Little Pond Campground consists of a small 13-acre lake sheltered in the Catskill Forest Preserve. The campground is the ideal stop for an RV vacation and offers many lake-side activities as well as leisurely hiking trails. The surrounding Touchmenot Mountains, lakes, farmlands, and dense forests offer a diverse landscape making it an ideal spot for camping or picnicking. The park is also a popular fishing destination with anglers visiting the park during peak season for a spot of fly fishing at the famous Beaverkill stream.

This Little Pond Campground is a must for campers & nature lovers. For more primitive campers remote and heavily wooded sites are available for camping that offer minimal amenities but a lot of privacy. The park also offers many hiking trails some of which loop around the pond while others lead to spectacular views of the landscape atop the Touchmenot Mountains. The park has a newly built fishing platform and a new ADA path has also been constructed to the beach to make it more accessible.

Little Pond Campground offers a whole array of activities for its guests including boating, volleyball and basketball courts as well as a soccer field and playground areas for children. A store at the park sells ice and firewood and rents out kayaks, canoes & rowboats in case you forget to bring yours along. Little Pond Campground is the ideal get away from the busy and stressful lives of most New Yorkers to enjoy a bit of serenity and peace amidst natures wonders.

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Little Pond Campground is easy to access by RV or car since it is located just a half day's drive from most East Coast metropolitan areas. Once you get off the Interstate follow Beaverkill Rd. and Big Pond Rd. that lead directly to the park entrance. Once inside the park, you have an array of different campsites to choose from depending on preference. The largest sites can hold RVs, trailers and Motor-homes of up to 40 ft. Local gravel and tarmac roads inside the park lead to various campsites, picnic and beach areas as well as the dump station and shower facilities present on site. The roads are wide and easy enough to navigate through whether you are in an RV, trailer, Big Rig, motor home or car.


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Little Pond Campgrounds

There are around 70 campsites available for reservation at Little Pond Campground. 14 of these campsites are located near the pond while the rest are spread across the encompassing forest. Most of the campsites are tent and trailer sites while eight are remote tent sites only that are perfect from the more primitive camping lovers. The campsites are limited to six people per campsite along with either two tents or one vehicle such as trailer or RV. The park does not have any electric, water or sewage hookups available.

The campgrounds are situated in a manner where they are accessible to showers and dump stations no matter where you decide to set up camp. Generator use is restricted to a maximum of five hours per day that may fall between 9 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 7 pm daily. The campgrounds can be occupied for a maximum of 14 nights at a time.

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One of the many joys of boating is that you get to enjoy the panoramic views of nature and wildlife in the surrounding forest while enjoying some peace and quiet on the tranquil waters. The 13-acre pond at Little Pond Campground offers the perfect spot for some leisurely boating activities. Rowboats, canoes and kayaks are all allowed on the pond and can be rented from the store in case you didn't bring one of your own. A boat launch area by the beach allows you to embark and disembark with ease.


Beaverkill Stream located just minutes from the campground is a world-renowned fly-fishing spot that brings the best anglers from around the globe. Anglers compete at a chance at record sized smallmouth bass and brown trout in the nearby Pepacton Reservoir. There is also a variety of panfish available in the stream and pond for anglers of all skill levels to experience the thrill of having a fish on the line. Fishing licenses can be conveniently purchased online or by phone. The store at the park offers fishing equipment and supplies in case you need something you forgot to bring along.


A beach and swimming area is present at the park but it is not advice-able for novice swimmers to risk swimming in the pond as the swimming facilities in Little Pond Campground are not supervised by any lifeguards. For the more experienced swimmers markings along the pond help guide them along the safe swimming regions where they can enjoy the refreshingly cold water and get relief from the hot summer sun.



Packing good hiking boots is suggested since there are some truly awesome hiking trails to choose from at Little Pond Campground. These trails vary in difficulty from easy one mile loops of the pond to more wooded and rugged trails that lead to ruins of an old farm and scenic view of the surrounding Touchmenot Mountains. Hiking trails are pet-friendly as long as you have your dog on a leash. Hikers have over 33-miles of trails to trek along as the Delaware Wild Forest borders the north of the park leading to more than 27,000 acres of forested land.


Many picnic sites are dotted around Little Pond Campground and each one has its own picnic table and fireplace. Restrooms, showers, and a recycling centers are also located nearby and allow ADA access. The picnic areas can be shaded or along the beach area and offer stunning views of the surrounding forests and mountains. Parking spots are also available at designated picnic areas for accessibility, comfort and convenience.

Wildlife Watching

For people who enjoy and appreciate wildlife, Little Pond Campground is a haven where the more adventurous can wander off into the forest north of the park that is home to many species of flora and fauna. Walking along these trails and sometimes even at the campsites, it is possible to catch sight of bears, foxes, coyotes, bald eagles, wild turkeys, and white-tailed deer. Many species of tress and wildflowers are also local to this region adding color and vibrancy in the more remote regions of the park.