Louisville to Macon Road Trip Guide


Louisville exudes a unique vibe with a sense of excitement and positive energy. Warm weather adds to this carefree and enthusiastic spirit. The uniqueness of the local cuisine isn't about how much you can fill yourself with, but the freshness and quality of what you can get here. Fried chicken is a big deal in Louisville, and you don’t even have to go to KFC to realize the special nature of this delicacy.

When the sun goes down in Louisville, the vibrant nightlife starts. You’ll always be able to get some music and dancing as the city sleeps very late. Every part of town is filled with bars and restaurants with numerous activities to enjoy.

Sometimes, Louisville might feel like a much larger city than it actually is, often because it has all the amenities of a big city. Plus, the love for sports cannot be overemphasized. As home to Muhammad Ali and the Kentucky Derby, the city of Louisville is a show of both amateur and professional sports.

Besides all these, this city is an excellent starting point for an RV road trip all the way to Macon in Georgia. You definitely want to set out on this journey with your family.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Dinosaur World, Cave City

Heading out of Louisville, you can stop driving and take a rest after going about 86 miles and arriving at Cave City. You’d be amazed to find Dinosaur World strategically placed as a road-side attraction that takes you on an adventure back in time to the dinosaur age. With life-size dinosaur models around you, there is plenty of fun to catch.

Start with the highly informative and educational fun walk along the trail exhibit that goes past the dinosaur statues on display and you will find interesting plaques to read, with cool information about these creatures. If you have time on your hands, you’d have plenty to do. Get the kids some hands-on experience in mining and extraction in the exhibit area that allows you to dig for fossils and artifacts.

Take a while to explore the massive playground that has something for both adults and children. Take advantage of the absolutely stunning background for your photos and memoirs too. Mammoth Cave National Park is a nice place to retire for the night in your RV.

Centennial Park, Nashville

The moment you arrive in Nashville, you’d discover that Centennial Park is a great destination for a family trip. It features an array of cool landmarks, an art museum, and gardens, and is also a bold symbol of Greek mythology, arts and history. With lots of parking, you’ll have no problems finding a spot for your RV.

Look out for the lake that serves as a fish pond, and is home to several ducks and Canadian geese. The garden is well-groomed and forms part of the breathtaking scenery. The entire environment is great for dramatic photos and the availability of food trucks is a great way to spice up the monotony of your trip. There are also many nice restaurants, should you find the need for a more proper meal.

You should also check out the art museum which holds historical information about Greek mythology and culture.

Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga

Exhibiting a good food culture and a bunch of recreational exploits to keep the city going, Chattanooga is known for its naturally endowed landscape and peculiarly grand scenery. More amazingly, there is the Tennessee Aquarium which gives an intensely intimate and incredible aquatic experience to visitors from all over.

This place is home to a variety of fish and aquatic life, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. The aquarium flaunts its exceptional planning and strategic layout starting with a walk along the Chattanooga waterfront, where the parking lot is. The waterfront leads to a building complex of the saltwater and freshwater buildings that house the sea and river animals respectively.

There is a focus on conservation, so look forward to the penguin exhibits, the lemurs and the playful otters.

After exploring this beauty, feel free to rest at any of the RV camping facilities in the nearby parks in the city.

Piedmont Park Conservancy, Atlanta

If you love the glee of life, you would thoroughly enjoy this place. Every inch here is amazing, with its peaceful, large and beautiful surroundings. On a good day, it’s pretty common to see both kids and adults on electric bikes and scooters. Everything about the park in Atlanta is large, from parking spaces to the playground.

You cannot have enough of the gracefulness of Lake Clara Meer. There is an outdoor pool to visit if you want to swim. You just have to enjoy the fresh air and calmness. There are plenty restaurants nearby where you can grab a bite or something to sip on. Look out for the hot air balloons too, or take a trip on one. They are both exciting to watch and ride on.

When you are done having fun, there are quite a number of affordable RV parks in the area that you could drive into for the night.


The drive from Atlanta to Macon is less than 90 minutes. Macon has a rich mix of music, shopping and food, and a diverse cultural heritage. While you’re in Macon, take time to explore the city - you should shop, feast and catch fun, go to a festival and mix with the locals, walk the paths of history and participate in sporting activities. In addition, you can take art classes or go on a river adventure. Whichever you choose, Macon holds lots of promises for residents and tourists.

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