Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site


Located directly south of Missoula, Montana near Sawtooth National Forest lies Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site. This is a beautiful area of Idaho that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Surprising to some visitors, Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site also goes by the name of Joe T. Fallini Campground. The closest town nearby is Mackay, Idaho. People tend to visit this area to get away from busy city life and enjoy a few days in the great outdoors. There you will be able to take part in a number of activities depending on the time of year that you visit.

In the warmer months, all types of water activities are popular. You can go swimming, kayak, canoe, fish, and more. During the winter months, you'll be able to enjoy hiking, picnicking, photography, and ice fishing. Many people visit Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site specifically to birdwatch thanks to the influx of shorebirds and waterfowl in the area. There are plenty of other types of wild animals in Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site as well, including grizzly bears and timberwolves. Though visitors are more than welcome to stay at Joe T. Fallini Campground, there are other options nearby as well.

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Idaho is a fairly small state, making it incredibly easy for travelers to visit Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site. Located just off of county road 93, Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site is a modern camping and adventure area. All of the paths are paved and well maintained. The majority of the land in the area is flat and easy to navigate. You shouldn't have to worry about too many sharp turns or winding mountain roads.

Cell phone service can cut out quite a bit closer to the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site that you get. For this reason, it's in your best interest to bring a physical map so that you don't get lost. Often times, weather can make Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site inaccessible. This happens mostly in the spring and winter when seasons are changing.

Road closures and detours may occur because of this but are always posted online ahead of time. Once you get to Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site there are multiple ways to get around. You have the option of walking, hiking, mountain biking, or using a watercraft. Motor vehicles are prohibited outside of the parking lot or reservoir.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site

Campsites in Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site

First-come first-served

Joe T. Fallini Campground

Starting us off is one of the best campgrounds near the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site, Joe T. Fallini Campground. There you'll find 22 campsites available. Camping is allowed for tents and RVs only. Campsites here are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The roads around Joe T. Fallini Campground are asphalt and well-maintained. There you will find electrical hookups for RVs, but no sewer or water hookups.

Each campsite is equipped with a picnic table and a fire ring. Pets are allowed and there is a vault toilet and trash receptacles throughout the campground. Many people who have stayed at Joe T. Fallini Campground in the past while visiting the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site have enjoyed how quiet it is, the cleanliness, and how close it is to the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site. You'll be surrounded by mountains that are not too far off in the distance and during the summer you can take a dip in Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site that Joe T. Fallini Campground offers.

Bear Creek Campground

Next, Bear Creek Campground offers 10 campsites for both RV and tent campers. Like most campgrounds, you will have a picnic table and fire pit with grill available at each campsite. There are no modern amenities such as water or trash cans, but there are vault style outhouses. Camping here is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You do need to bring your own firewood and pets must be kept on a leash at all times.

Many people enjoy staying at Bear Creek Campground because there is easy access to fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. This is a beautiful place to stay when visiting the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site. You will be immersed in nature due to the tall trees surrounding you. There are plenty of critters around the area to get a little bit of wildlife viewing in as well. If you don't require modern amenities, this is the perfect campground for you to stay at when visiting the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site.

Seasonal activities in Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site



Mackay Reservoir Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site allows visitors to explore the area on the water. There are a variety of different ways that you can do this.

The most common ways that people boat in the area are by canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or fishing boat. This is a great way to spend a warm summer afternoon outdoors. There is an easy to access boat launch, but you must bring your own watercraft as there are none to rent.


Another water-based activity that you can take part in is swimming. The Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site is the perfect area to cool off and take a dip in the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site. Even on a busy day, the Recreation Site doesn't feel crowded due to its large size.

Who doesn't want to swim in the beautiful blue water surrounded by rolling hills? It may be important to mention that there is no lifeguard on duty or any staff at all. Please watch kids closely and wear life jackets if needed.


The last peak season activity that visitors of the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site enjoy is fishing. Fishing can be done all year around there. In the summer you can cast a line from the dock, the shore, or a fishing boat. In the winter, once Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site is frozen enough, ice fishing is also an option.

The most common types of fish caught in Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site are bass, sturgeon, rainbow trout, Yellowstone cutthroat trout, kokanee, and Whitefish.



Hiking is one of the most popular off-season activities that visitors of the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site enjoy. You can easily hike all around the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site and get a beautiful view of the land. There are a few different terrain types, but there is something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for a casual stroll or a strenuous hike, you'll be able to find it at the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site. This is the perfect way to get in a bit of exercise during your stay!

Wildlife Viewing

Both young and old visitors enjoy wildlife viewing during their stay at the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site. Some of the most commonly spotted animals are grizzly bears, Whitetail deer, moose, American black bear, elk, and raccoons. You may also see timberwolves, cougars, and skunks.

It is important that wild animals are left alone and never approached. If you like to bird watch, you may want to pack a pair of binoculars to see all of the birds in the area.


Lastly, picnicking is something that everyone should do when they visit the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site. Whether you open the hatchback, eat in the RV, or lay down a blanket, enjoying a meal surrounded by nature is a peaceful activity. Plus, it can help fuel your body for a long day of exploring and outdoor activities.

Please clean up after yourself and abide by the No Trace Left Behind Act to help keep the Mackay Reservoir Recreation Site clean and free from the garbage.