Meadow Valley Campground


Located near Pioche, Nevada, Meadow Valley Campground is a beautiful place that outdoor lovers can explore. It’s at the south end of the Mount Wilson volcanic caldera, giving it a unique landscape compared to other properties managed by the Bureau of Land Management. Many people stay at Meadow Valley Campground when visiting the Eagle Valley Reservoir. During peak season, it can get crowded when it comes to camping, but thankfully there are plenty of other campgrounds in the area. Meadow Valley Campground is open year-round and there are a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Whether you want to spend an afternoon backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, or taking photos of wildlife, there’s something for everyone at Meadow Valley Campground. Speaking of wildlife, you may see a bear, wolf, or a pronghorn sheep during your stay. The Meadow Valley Wash runs east of the campground, allowing for plenty of water activities during the hot Nevada summer months. Get away from the bright lights and loud sounds of Las Vegas and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of Meadow Valley Campground while visiting eastern Nevada.

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You can find Meadow Valley Campground just east of Pioche, Nevada. After around 18 miles of travel on Highway 322, you’ll reach Meadow Valley Recreation Area. The campground is located right off the highway, but doesn’t get interrupted by loud traffic. The main roads in the area are paved and well-maintained. Depending on how far you are driving and where you’re coming from, you may experience some curvy mountain roads, but nothing that should impact your trip too much.

The lower area campground is much easier to access, especially for RV campers. The upper area requires a bit of a hike and is usually used by tent campers who want some peace and quiet. Finding Meadow Valley Campground isn’t too difficult, as it’s just north of the Eagle Valley Resort. Once you arrive, you can get around a variety of different ways. The most popular are on foot, mountain bike, and on watercraft. The terrain ranges quite a bit in the area, so it’s best to wear proper attire, including hiking boots. You can park off the highway or in a nearby parking lot.


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Campsites in Meadow Valley Campground

First-come first-served

Meadow Valley Campground Guide

Conveniently, when visiting Meadow Valley Campground, you can camp there as well. This is a beautiful area to not only explore, but catch some rest as well. There are two different camping areas in the upper Meadow Valley. The western part of Meadow Valley Campground offers four campsites that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are modern bathrooms, but no hookups for RVs.

Each campsite is equipped with a fire ring and a picnic table. On the east side of Meadow Valley Campground, there is more camping area, though it is primitive. If you choose to stay on the east side, it’s important to note that there are no amenities at all. It is more of a park and sleep type area, rather than a modern campground. Staying here, you’ll be surrounded by mountains and the highway is far enough away that the passing traffic shouldn’t disturb you during your stay.

Horsethief Gulch Campground

Horsethief Gulch Campground is a large campground for the area. There are 36 campsites in total. Each of these campsites has a fire pit, ring, and picnic table for your convenience. All of these campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to its location, campers can drive to the campground or paddle in from the water. It is operated by the Bureau of Land Management, just like Meadow Valley Campground. If you’re looking for a more modern camping experience during your visit to Meadow Valley Campground, Horsethief Gulch Campground is it.

There is cell phone service, Wi-Fi, and other modern amenities. Pets and campfires are also allowed there. Horsethief Gulch Campground offers group camping, RV camping, and dispersed camping. There aren’t any hookups for RVs available. You’ll be resting your head in Meadow Valley Campgrounds between mountains. It’s quite picturesque and the perfect place to enjoy some stargazing in the evening!

Ranch Campground

Lastly, when visiting Meadow Valley Campground, you can stay at Ranch Campground. This is the perfect place for campers who want some peace and quiet in the evening. It is rarely crowded, even though it’s rather small. It is located about two miles from Spring Valley State Park’s main camping area. There are seven campsites in total, each of them available on a first-come, first-served basis. All of the campsites have a picnic table and a fire pit for your convenience.

The campground itself is equipped with vault toilets as well. Many people choose to camp at Ranch Campground for the scenery. There is a ton of wildlife in the area and it’s located near a beautiful lake. Campers enjoy staying at Ranch Campground during their visit to Meadow Valley Campground due to all of the hiking trails in the area. If you’re looking for a place to set up a tent or park the RV for a night of solitude, Ranch Campground is a great choice.

Seasonal activities in Meadow Valley Campground



Meadow Valley Campground may have many peak season activities, but sightseeing is a simple one that just about anyone can enjoy. You can do this in a variety of ways including hiking, driving, via watercraft, and more. There are beautiful mountains to see, deep valleys, and more.

With sightseeing comes the opportunity to see unique plants, beautiful flowers, and plenty of wild animals. If you’re looking for a relaxing activity to take part in, this is it.


On the opposite end of things, if you’re looking for a high-energy activity, there is plenty of room to hike when visiting Meadow Valley Campground. There are spots to take a relaxing afternoon walk, but many people enjoy the strenuous and steep hiking areas. This is the perfect way to get in a bit of exercise while exploring this beautiful area. Remember to wear a pair of quality hiking boots to have a comfortable experience.


Mountain biking - and biking in general - are other fun peak season activities. You can simply take a ride on one of the many hiking trails, but there are other areas as well for bike riders. For your own safety, please bring the proper gear such as a helmet, pads, and anything else you may need.

This is a fun way to get a bit of an adrenaline rush and see what Meadow Valley Campground has to offer visitors.


Wildlife Viewing

There’s nothing better about the great outdoors than the wildlife that calls it home. Many people come to Nevada to see Las Vegas, but Meadow Valley Campground offers much better treasures. During your stay, you have the opportunity to see plenty of wild animals. The most commonly seen ones are wolves, coyotes, bobcats, wolves, mountain lions, and deer. You can also spot owls in the treetops if you bring a pair of binoculars.

Water Activities

Near Meadow Valley Campground is the Meadow Valley Wash. This is a river that runs just east of Meadow Valley Campground. There are a variety of different water activities that you may enjoy at the wash. Whether you want to cool off after a long hike or you want to try to catch some fresh dinner, this is the perfect way to enjoy a summer day while visiting this area of Nevada.


Lastly, a great way to capture your trip to show your friends and family back home is to take photographs. Meadow Valley Campground is a beautiful place and makes the perfect background for photos. Whether you’re taking a group picture in front of rolling hills or you’re taking an artsy shot of a cool cactus you found, photography is the perfect activity for creatives. Plus, you don’t need a super fancy camera either. You can just use the one on your smartphone!