Millwood State Park
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Nestled in the mixed hardwood and pine forest that borders Millwood Lake, Millwood State Park provides a relaxing and quiet scene for campers to enjoy their RV holiday. The park, located nine miles east of Ashdown, along Arkansas Route 32, is a great spot to enjoy nature observation while spending time away from home. The park features 45 campsites, including standard campsites equipped with electric and water hookups for RVs, as well as primitive campsites available for tents.

At the park, campers enjoy hiking on a self-guided walking trail, as they also have the opportunity to ride on the bicycle trail in the park. Furthermore, picnic sites are available for outdoor recreation. A marina in the northern part of the park offers gift items, groceries, bait, canoes, kayaks, gas for sale, and rental fishing boats to campers to enjoy while at the park. Other amenities at the park include a trailer dump station and children’s playground. Activities to enjoy on RV holiday at the park include bicycling, bird watching, boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking trail, jogging/running, picnicking, shopping, stargazing, wildflower viewing, and wildlife viewing.

Millwood State Park is famous for bass tournaments, as the 29,260-acre Millwood Lake abounds in largemouth, catfish and crappie. During spring and fall, anglers and RV campers enjoy great crappie fishing, and catfish and bream fishing in summer. The abundance of bird species in the park makes it a great bird watching destination.

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Millwood State Park is an easy drive-in park located along Arkansas Route 32, just nine miles east of Ashdown. The park is easily accessible by RVs, trailers and cars. The campsites and areas in the park are connected by local paved roads which make traveling within the park easy. There are no driving restrictions within the park for RVs and trailers within the set limits for the park.


Parking spaces are available for RVs and trailers within the campsites in Millwood State Park. Campers and vacationers at the park are also able to park their rigs overnight when staying at the park.

Public Transportation

There are no public transportation facilities available at Millwood State Park.

Campgrounds and parking in Millwood State Park

Campsites in Millwood State Park

Reservations camping

Loop A

Loop A in Millwood State Park comprises 29 camping sites available for RVs and tents. The campsites are electric and water hookups for RVs. RV length limit at the loop is 40 feet. A bath house with hot showers is available at Loop A. Picnic tables and grills are also available. Pets are not allowed.

Loop B

Loop B in Millwood State Park comprises 12 camping sites available for RVs and tents, and three primitive campsites available for tents. The campsites are electric and water hookups for RVs. RV length limit at the loop is 50 feet. Amenities at the loop include a picnic tables, fire grills, shower house, playground and boat ramp. Pets are not allowed in Loop B.

Seasonal activities in Millwood State Park



Birding is a popular activity at Millwood State Park. Designated as an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society, there have been more than 300 bird sightings of the 400 bird species listed in the state’s record. As a result, RV campers at Millwork State Park enjoy the sight of various bird species of the conservation concern breed including Hooded Merganser, Osprey, Red-headed, Woodpecker, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Prothonotary Warbler, and Painted Bunting.

A major contributor to the abundance of bird species in the park is the presence of the Millwood Lake, one of Arkansas’ premier birding localities. Other bird species in the park include black-bellied whistling duck, black-necked stilt, parasitic jaeger, pomarine jaeger, calliope hummingbird, broad-tailed hummingbird, northern wheatear, couch’s kingbird and mccown’s longspur.


Pack your hiking boots on your RV camping trip to Millwood State Park to enjoy the Waterfowl Way Trail and the Wildlife Lane Nature Trail. The one and a half-mile Waterfowl Way Trail is an easy trail for campers and hikers and crosses a bog, and prairie bumps. The trail also meanders through pine and hardwood stands, an active beaver lodge, and an alligator “hole”. On the four-mile Wildlife Lane Nature Trail in the park, campers find it easy to hike on the trail that meanders through several hundred acres of land set aside as a wildlife sanctuary. The Wildlife Lane trail is a multi-use (hiking and mountain biking) trail and is designed to accommodate both hikers and bicyclers. All campers ride and walk on the trails with consideration for other hikers and bikers.


Millwood State Park is a destination for bass fishing by RV campers and vacationers. Fish species in the park include largemouth bass, catfish, and crappie and these occur in abundant quantities. The park is particularly popular for bass fishing and bass fishing tournaments. The 29,260-acre Millwood lake makes the park an outstanding fishing destination. Campers that hike on Waterfowl Way Trail enjoy fishing while on the trail. During the spring and fall, Millwood offers some of the best crappie fishing in Arkansas, and summer provides excellent catfish and bream fishing.



On vacation at Millwood State Park, RV campers take advantage of the boat ramps and marina at the park by renting motorized boats and pedal boats to ride on the Millwood Lake. The boat lanes in the park pass through timbered waters, allowing vacationers enjoy wonderful and scenic sights. These boat lanes lead to marshes and oxbow lakes within Millwood. Canoeing and kayaking (solo and tandem) opportunities are also available at the park.


Millwood State Park features picnic areas and picnic tables where campers on RV trip at the park enjoy outdoor and recreational activities with friends and/or family. The picnic facilities at the park and the access to the waterfront provide amazing views and experiences for visitors at the park for picnics and holiday occasions.

Interpretive Programs

Thanks to the diverse habitat and opportunities to view nature at Millwood State Park, the park offers interpretive programs to RV campers on holiday. In season and at different times of the year, a park interpreter is available to campers to provide tours, demonstrations, and other exciting programs on environmental education.