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Minam State Recreation Area


Looking for a peaceful RV getaway? Minam State Recreation Area is a state park in Oregon that is known for its rafting and relaxing setting. The park is administered by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and it covers around 600 acres along the Wallowa River in Wallowa County. The park is located off Oregon Route 82 around 15 miles northeast of Elgin. The park is a popular place for RV lovers to visit during the summertime when the weather in Oregon is ideal. Some of the popular recreational activities in the park include picnic areas, boating, fishing, hiking and water rafting. You will also get to see some amazing nature during your stay at Minam State Recreation Area. Wildlife is in abundance with deer, bear, elk and an occasional cougar are seen in the area.

For those who want to park the RV and stay the night there are 22 primitive campsites, available for you use. These sites don't have electrical hookups but they do have water hookups. Along with these amenities the park also has restrooms, a boat ramp, and a walking trail. Camping at Minam State Recreation Area is closed during the winter but the park is mostly open all year round.

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Minam State Recreation Area is located in Wallowa County and the park is off Oregon Route 82 around 15 miles northeast of the town Elgin. Minam State Recreation Area is a remote park that can be difficult for larger RV's to access due to the narrow gravel road that greets you once you turn off from the main road. Apart from the town of Elgin there are a few others that are located close-by, including Wallowa (around 13 miles away), Lostine (around 21 miles) and Maxville (around 23 and a half miles). The closest city to Minam State Recreation Area is Kennewick that can be found around 115 miles to the north-west.

The park is scheduled to be open all year round, however during the winter time there will be a lot of snow around the area. If you are planning to come to the park during this time make sure that you call ahead to the park office to make sure that the roads will be plowed, otherwise try visit once the snow has melted. Along with the road to the park being narrow and made of gravel the same can be said for the campground road.


There is plenty of parking available for visitors to Minam State Recreation Area.

Public Transportation

There are no public transport options that will take you to Minam State Recreation Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Minam State Recreation Area

Campsites in Minam State Recreation Area

First-come first-served

Minam State Recreation Area

Minam State Recreation Area has one primitive campground that is available for RV lovers to use during their stay at the park. The campground is made up of a one singular loop that has a skinny gravel road. The sites are fairly open with not a lot of tree coverage in between each site. In total there are 22 sites, including three back-in sites and some that are ADA accessible. There are no power hookups available but there are water collection points for you to enjoy, Other amenities include vault toilets, a horseshoe pit, picnic tables, fire pits and extra overflow parking.

Since the location is not near any facilities there will be no cell phone reception available for you to use. The campground however is pet friendly and there is firewood available for sale so you can light a fire at your site. There are no reservations available at Minam State Recreation Area and every site is on a first come, first served basis.

Seasonal activities in Minam State Recreation Area



One of the most popular summer recreational activities that visitors participate in at Minam State Recreation Area is to hop onto a raft and take on the Wallowa River. The river (which is a tributary of the Grande Ronde River) is a beautiful place to spend the summer days. The terrain in the section of the river that is near the park is great for rafting down the river. If you don't have a raft, don't stress. They are available for rent from a nearby nearby store. If you go for a float down the river you might even be able to see Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep!


Along with going rafting another popular way to enjoy the river is to go swimming. While there isn't a specific beach area located on the banks of the Wallowa River you will have access to some great waterholes. These holes vary in depth and there will be no lifeguards on duty, so make sure that you take care and know your swimming limits. If you need any supplies such as sunscreen you can visit the store where you can also rent rafts from which is located just outside the park.


If you looking for something else to do in the summer at Minam State Recreation Area we recommend packing a picnic and enjoying the beauty of the park. There is one main picnic area within Minam State Recreation Area that you can find in the day use area. This picnic area is non-reservable so try to get there early if you are planning on having a big picnic to guarantee that you will get the best table available. If you are looking for someone else to picnic there are also tables available on the banks of the Wallowa River near the campground.



Love to fish? Well if you do, you will love Minam State Recreation Area! There are plenty of fishing opportunities available all year round for those who are looking to catch the big one. The fish species found in the river varies but it is common to catch steelhead, chinook salmon and mountain whitefish. Since the park is quite remote make sure that you bring enough fishing tackle and bait that will last you for your trip.


Since Minam State Recreation Area is located in a remote steep valley the hiking trails will give you the opportunity to view some amazing flora and fauna. Large pine trees dominate the landscape and during the spring you will see thousands of wildflowers in bloom if you visit the park during this time. Common animals that have been reported to be seen by hikers include deer, bear, elk and an occasional cougar so take care when walking on the trails.


The remote location of Minam State Recreation Area will give you plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy the sounds of the beautiful birds that call the area home. The river is the home and feeding ground for many different species, including bald and golden eagles, raptors, the peregrine falcon, great horned owls and many different species of songbirds. The birding is great all year round but the most popular time is after the snow starts to melt in early spring.

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