Minnesota Twins RV Camping Guide

Whether you are a baseball fan or not, an RV trip to Minneapolis would not be the same without taking in a Twins game at Target Field.

Event information

When the smell of the popcorn and hot dogs fills the air and the sound of the crowd cheering fills your ears, you may be at a Minnesota Twins baseball game at Target Field. If you can see a giant Minnie and Paul logo in center field, then you are definitely in the right place.

Yes, Minnie and Paul are reminiscent of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul that share this team's history. When the Twins score a run, the strobe lights on the logo flash to celebrate. In fact, the logo has all kinds of lights that flash at various times during the game.

Also during the game, you are likely to see a giant bear wearing a Twins jersey. That would be their mascot, T.C. Bear. The kids love T.C. Bear and so do the adults as he has been a popular team member since 2000. The kids also love the Kids Zone play area where they can get pictures with T.C. Bear during the third inning. Kids also get discounts on certain tickets, meals, and other fun items at the Majestic Twins Clubhouse.

Whether you are sitting in a skybox, suite, behind home plate, or up in the bleachers, your view will be awesome because there is not a bad seat in the park. With all the fantastic food, icy cold beverages, and fan camaraderie, everyone loves going to Twins’ home games at Target Field. Be sure you plan on stopping in for a game while you are in Minnesota.


In the past, Minnesota Twins tickets at Target Field went for anywhere from $15 to over $400. It all depends on where you are sitting, who they are playing, and what time of year you are going. For example, you can usually get general admission seats in the bleachers for about $15 during the regular season, but post-season ticket packages have been known to go for more than $1,000.

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Only a mile from Downtown Minneapolis, Target Field is on 7th Street just off I-394, MN-55, or I-94. Being in the heart of the city makes it easy to find. However, the joined communities of St. Paul and Minneapolis can also be snarled with traffic during big games or rush hour. It is always best to leave at least a couple of hours early no matter where you start your journey. You’ll also be just minutes from the Mighty Mississippi River and the Stone Arch Bridge. Stop by and walk across this former railroad bridge for a fantastic view of the St. Anthony Falls.

Parking areas

Parking an RV in a big city like Minneapolis is never easy and even though Target Field has over 7,000 parking spaces, many are in garages. And RVers know that most garages have height limits below our needs. However, there are almost 25,000 parking spots in the lots and ramps nearby that are used for Twins games as well. The best way to find a spot you can use is to check the Twins reservation page. Otherwise, you can just leave the rig at a Minneapolis RV campground and take public transportation.

Public Transportation

Fans should not have a hard time finding public transportation in the Minneapolis area. The Metro Transit Bus has more than 100 bus routes that you can take to get to and from the park. The bus stop is right at the stadium, so you won’t have to walk far to get to the gates. The Twins Express Route 679 runs all over town before, during, and after Twins games. And the Northstar Train gets you directly to Target Field as well. The park and ride lots for most of these are huge and can accommodate RVs, but remember to always call and check first. Always plan early so you are not late.

Where to stay


Even though Target Field is huge and can accommodate over 7,000 vehicles and almost 40,000 fans, you will not find any campgrounds at the stadium, unfortunately. Stadium rules state that guests are not allowed to park overnight in any of their parking lots or ramps either. However, there are about 25,000 parking spots in both public and private lots and some that have been known to let RVers park overnight. You will need to doublecheck before you make your plans, though, so you will not be searching for a campground at the last minute.


If you cannot find RV parking lots by Target Field that will put you up for the night, you can still find plenty of campgrounds nearby. In fact, there are over a dozen with amenities that vary from posh to primitive. Just 22 miles to the northwest, you can find the Minneapolis Northwest KOA where they have 145 sites that can accommodate rigs up to 80 feet long.

And 32 miles to the southwest, you will find the Minneapolis Southwest KOA, which can accommodate over 100 rigs up to 90 feet long. Both have lots of amenities including full and partial hookups, pools, playgrounds, and more. And they are near public transit, so you don’t have to worry about getting back and forth to the game.

Getting around

Target Field is one of the few large events that allow you to use a Segway if you are mobility impaired. You will have to check in with the Guest Services offices and follow all the rules they give you, but this may be a helpful convenience for those who need it. Wheelchair assistance is also available at the park and they even have a limited number of wheelchairs available at the gate for guests to get to their seats if needed. Twins fans can even ride a bike in certain areas, but you will need to park them in the provided bike parking areas.

What to pack


Pack for the high 70s and lower 80s if you come in the summertime. For instance, most fans will be sporting their Twins tees or jerseys, and a Twins baseball cap is a great way to protect your face from the sun. However, it does get down to the 50s sometimes at night, so bring a hoodie, long-sleeved shirt, or jacket with you as well. In fact, if you are going to a spring game, it can get down to the upper 30s! Comfortable shoes are also a must because you will be walking around the ballpark to get food and drinks, merchandise, or just to look around.


If you need to bring some things that won’t fit in your pockets, a small backpack or soft-sided cooler are the best choices. A fanny pack will also work if you don’t have too much to bring. Just remember, the more you bring the more you have to lug around during the game. Bags can only be up to 16x16x8 inches and will be searched. Do not bring glass, weapons, fireworks, drugs, or alcohol, but check the full list of prohibited items.

Health & Safety

If you are going to be out in the sun, make sure you bring (and use) some sunblock or sunscreen with a hefty SPF. Sunburns are no fun and they damage your skin, too. Lip balm is also a good idea for your lips because they can get burned as well. Since you are allowed to bring in a small pack, go ahead and bring some bottled water. Just make sure they are in a plastic bottle that has not been opened yet. Have a first-aid kit in your RV at all times. You never know when you may need it.

Where to eat


Fans will not be cooking at Target Field because they do not allow tailgating in any of their lots. However, you can pack some sandwiches and other snacks in your bag or buy food at the many concession stands and kiosks around the park. Back at the campground, if you have utilities or are allowed to use your generator, you can cook inside or go ahead and cook outdoors on the grill. Bring your own portable pit or camp stove just in case. Always have the essentials like pots and pans, aluminum foil, and cooking spray.


Target Field is just to the northwest of the Gateway District and Downtown West, where you can find a plethora of eateries. If you are in the mood for some Asian cuisine, there is both a Japanese and Chinese restaurant within a few miles. And if you want some American grub, there are five different varieties of American fare in the downtown area. To the northeast of the field, the Warehouse District has a few interesting choices like a Nordic-inspired eatery, French cuisine, and a fancy Italian restaurant. No matter which direction you go, you are bound to run into something you like.


Not only does Target Field have dozens of food vendors, concession stands, and food kiosks, you can also find a few fine dining establishments, a few bar & grills, and a couple of fun grab ‘n’ go joints. One of their famous foods is the Boomstick, which is a 24-inch hotdog with chili, jalapenos, onions, and cheese.

Twins fans may also find sliders, the Impossible Burger, chicken wraps, and the Soul Bowl, which is a macaroni and cheese dish in which you add your own toppings. If you are looking for souvenirs, head to the Majestic Twins Clubhouse or one of the many merchandise kiosks around the park.



Target Field provides excellent security staff at the Twins games, including officers of the Minneapolis Police Department and Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. To make things easier on yourself and everyone else, do not bring any of the prohibited items with you to the game. You will be going through a metal detector, and your pack or bag will be searched. If you have any items on the no-no list, you will be trekking back to your car or heading back to your RV park to put it away before going back to the gate again. You could miss half the game by then!


Luckily, it does not get super-hot and steamy in Minnesota during the summer. In fact, it can be downright cold if you go to one of the spring games. The average high in April and May ranges from 58 to 69 degrees while the highs from June to August range from 79 to 84 degrees. The lows can drop into the upper 30s and 40s in the springtime too, so you will need to pack some warm clothes if you are going to an early game. The rainy season is June through August, so pack your rain gear for those summer games.


If you or someone with you need medical attention, contact one of the nearest park employees. You can also head to one of the first aid stations in Target Field on the Terrace near Section 216 or the Main Concourse by Section 112. If you need medical supplies or medications, there are several pharmacies nearby. And there are also more than a dozen urgent care and medical centers within 10 miles of the park.