Mormon Mountains Wilderness


If you feel like it may be time to load up the RV and hit the open road, why not consider a trip to Nevada's Mormon Mountains Wilderness? It's a wonderful place to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Mormon Mountains Wilderness is situated near St. George, Utah, and is only a short distance from metropolitan Las Vegas, Nevada. A Bureau of Land Management property, this recreational center became a designated wilderness in 2004 and consists of 157,716 acres of land. The landscape in this desert-like locale as riddled with many incredible topographical features, including vibrant Joshua tree growth, immense, cavernous canyons, stunning mountain peaks, and more. The area is ripe with lush vegetation and along the grounds can be seen such unusual desert plant varieties as cholla, bajadas, and yucca.

Many different climates are experienced with each rise in elevation at Mormon Mountains Wilderness. Each of these supports its own unique grouping of wildlife species. The heights begin at 2,200 feet above sea level and rise to a pinnacle of 7,414 feet in total. The most commonly seen animals at the lowest elevation point include the desert tortoise, the banded Gila monster, the Clark mountain agave, the banded gecko, and the white bear poppy. Higher elevation points bear evidence of desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, mountain lions, and bobcats.
The Mormon Mountains Wilderness is an area that is rich in archaeological significance. The region is home to many important prehistoric artifacts. Learn about the ancient civilizations that dwelled on the land up to thousands of years in the past. Among the findings still contained at these sites are agave roasting pits, petroglyphs, pictographs, and rock art.

An incredibly remote area, Mormon Mountains Wilderness provides the ideal backdrop for families looking to enjoy their next outdoor adventure in a place that is renowned for its tranquility and solitude. Primitive style camping is permitted on the premises. Several nearby cities also offer public campgrounds that are suited to both RV and tent camping year-round.
For a beautiful vacation in a place that feels like a private slice of paradise, you won't want to miss the chance to visit Mormon Mountains Wilderness. It's a fantastic place for your next RV stay.

RV Rentals in Mormon Mountains Wilderness



Located within Lincoln County, Nevada, Mormon Mountains Wilderness is just 60 miles outside the popular resort town of Las Vegas. To reach the wilderness, families can follow Highway 15 until it reaches a small county road that bears no name. The main highway is comprised of two lanes and is paved. It runs through a wide expanse of desert with incredible mountain views glimpsed in the distance.

For those traveling from Caliente, Nevada, travelers should follow Highway 318, also known as Great Basin Highway, which will move through the cities of Elgin, Lyman Crossing, and Carp.

To reach the wilderness grounds, park all vehicles just off the highway and to progress directly to the heart of the wilderness on foot.


There are no formally designated parking lots at Mormon Mountains Wilderness. Travelers are encouraged to park within 30 feet of the highway and to make their way to the wilderness grounds on foot.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Mormon Mountains Wilderness.

Campgrounds and parking in Mormon Mountains Wilderness

Campsites in Mormon Mountains Wilderness

Reservations camping

St George/Hurricane KOA Campground

St George/Hurricane KOA Campground is a public camping facility which offers RV and tent camping by reservation year-round. Fifty amp power hookups are available at this popular camping destination. Dogs are permitted on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times.

This much-loved campground can accommodate RVs of up to 45 feet in length. Among the on-site amenities found at this popular campground are Wifi, cable TV hookups, a pool (open seasonally), a concession stand, and a mini-golf course.

There are many fun activities for families to enjoy at St George/Hurricane KOA Campground including billiards, biking trails, horseshoes, and pickleball. Laundry facilities are available on the grounds for a fee. There is also a playground and an area for a book exchange.

Las Vegas Bay Campground

Las Vegas Bay Campground, within the popular Lake Mead Recreation Area, permits both RV and tent camping. Many of the campsites offer water views.
There are 84 sites in total, and reservations are required. No power hookups are available; however, potable water supply is provided. A waste disposal station is found near the campground. Wifi is available on the premises.

This campground can accommodate large RVs and trailers. Dogs are permitted on the grounds but must remain leashed.

Several pull-through sites are available by reservation. Each campsite is furnished with a picnic table and a fire pit. Generator use is permitted but only in specific sections of the campground.

Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town

Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town is a popular campground that offers year-round accommodations for RV and tent campers. Reservations are highly recommended for this family favorite camping locale.

There are many on-site amenities at this camping facility, which include full power, water, and sewer hookups, as well as Wifi and cable TV.

Pull-through sites are available by request. Dogs may join their families on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times. There is an on-site pool for families to enjoy. Bathrooms with showers are also provided on the premises for use by campers.

Seasonal activities in Mormon Mountains Wilderness


Grand Canyon National Park

No trip to Mormon Mountains Wilderness would be complete without stopping by the Grand Canyon National Park. An area that is renowned for its scenic beauty and geological significance, the Grand Canyon forms an essential part of America's rich history. For thousands of years, many groups have made the Grand Canyon their home. To preserve their culture and heritage, the United States National Park Service has gone to great lengths to protect the natural artifacts found within the park grounds.

A visit to Grand Canyon National Park yields all kinds of treasures, which include remains of Native American settlements and historical records of the many pioneers that helped to establish and learn from the land.

Passes are required for park entrance. It is important to note that sections of this public recreational center are only open seasonally. For more information about hours of operation, scheduled tours, or to obtain a map, contact the on-site visitors center.

Dixie National Forest

Situated near the Mormon Mountains Wilderness in a southern portion of the state of Utah is the Dixie National Forest. The property consists of nearly 170 miles, and at two million acres of land is considered the biggest national forest within the state. Directly next to Dixie National Forest are three state parks and two monuments, providing families with many places to visit during their trip to the region.

Nearby Red Canyon offers families the opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty of the red sandstone that is littered throughout the area, an impressive sight to behold. Other picturesque places to visit include Hell's Backbone Bridge, Powell Point, and Boulder Mountain. For families looking to enjoy outdoor recreation, the area is popular among locals and tourists alike for its hiking and fishing.

Temperatures can soar to extremes in the heat of summer, so it is best to avoid excessive activity during the hottest portions of the day.

Hackberry Springs Trail

Hackberry Springs Loop is located in Tortilla Flat, Arizona, and is one of many trails found within the Mormon Mountains Wilderness. A trail that is nearly four miles in total length, Hackberry Springs moves in a loop. A popular spot, this hiking path receives moderate traffic year-round.

Hackberry Springs Loop is considered to be of moderate intensity. One of the hallmarks of this popular hiking spot is its abundance of wildflowers which grow in a variety of brilliant hues. Dogs are welcome to join their families on their hiking adventure but must remain leashed at all times.

The trail is well-marked with signs, making it easier to navigate. Care should be taken at the very beginning of the path, where some signposts can be misleading. Partway through Hackberry Trail, hikers have the option to follow a fork in the road, which leads to Garden Loop Trail, a side journey that will increase the duration of the hike but also travels through some incredibly scenic terrain.


Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park consists of 40,000 acres of scenic property for families to explore. The grounds are well-renowned for their brilliant red rock formations, which rest amid limestone. This popular recreational area is home to a vast amount of petrified forest growth as well as an assortment of petroglyphs from up to 2,000 years ago.

There is an on-site visitor center that provides education on several topics, including the history and topographical features of the area. Once annually, Valley of Fire State Park is the stage for a competition where contestants compete in a number of tests involving spears.

This facility is open year-round and also permits on-site camping.

Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area

The Bureau of Land Management runs Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area, found on the border between Arizona and Nevada. This much-visited recreational area has unique topographical features that mark regional differences between the Great Basin and the majestic Mojave Desert.

The landscape at Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area consists of diverse vegetation, including such unusual plant species as desert shrubs, creosote bush, Joshua trees, and white bursage. Animal life flourishes here, and some frequent sightings include the Mojave desert tortoise and desert-dwelling bighorn sheep.

The most popular activities at this recreational center include hiking, hunting, picnicking, photography, and wildlife viewing.

Lion Habitat Ranch

Located in Henderson, Nevada, Lion Habitat Ranch is a wonderful place to visit on an RV holiday to Mormon Mountains Wilderness. The property considered to be a sanctuary for large cats, and tours are conducted on the premises daily.

Lion Habitat Ranch has been in its current location since 1989. Since all of the cats in residence at this habitat will remain on the property for their entire lives, the staff are committed to providing continual improvements to their living space to ensure their total comfort.

The habitat is closed to the public when it rains. For more information about scheduled tours and associated costs, contact the habitat's website.