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Murray Beach Provincial Park


Located at the southeastern portion of New Brunswick's Acadian Coast, Murray Beach Provincial Park is the kind of place you fall in love with at first sight. The soaring birds above the water body, the liveliness in and around the park, the farmer's market nearby, the swimming and kayaking summer visitors, and the breathtaking views of the mountains, forests, and the setting sun just makes you want to stay here forever.

There’s a lot to do here in this oasis of nature and the best of them involves glamping. The large and sandy expanse of the unsupervised Murray Beach adds even more flavor to the vacation, allowing the campers to take a dip in the water, enjoy angling, and watch the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Murray Beach Provincial Park is one of the best-kept secrets of New Brunswick. People of all ages can come and visit this magnificent park. Kids can enjoy their time in the playground while the adults can remind themselves how fun it is to swim in the saltwater or simply relax and enjoy the surrounding views.

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Murray Beach Provincial Park is located in the southeastern end of New Brunswick, just a short distance from the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island. It lies roughly 70 km or 45 miles from Moncton.

To reach this destination, take Route 15 from Shediac and follow it for about 32 km or 20 miles until taking a left to Route 955, towards the Murray Corner. Drive for 15 km or until you catch sight of Murray Beach Provincial Park on your left.

If you are coming to the park from Prince Edward Island take Exit 47, past the Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area and take a right onto Route 955 in the direction of Murray Corner. Drive straight for 12 km (8 miles) and you will find the park on your right.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Murray Beach Provincial Park

Campsites in Murray Beach Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Terrain De Camping 1

Murray Beach Provincial Park has a very inviting and comfy campground with 125 campsites and even some cabins. Most of the campsites are situated in very close proximity to the beach so that the campers can hear the water and feel the tranquility that comes with it.

These 125 campsites at the park are divided between two campgrounds and some of them are serviced and some are not, for those seeking a more primitive camping experience.

Facilities provided at both campgrounds include kitchen shelter, pop machine, trailer sewage disposal, unsupervised playground, change house, laundry, picnic area, water, comfort house, maintenance compound, pit toilets, and public telephones. All within close proximity to the unsupervised beach. Most sites in both campgrounds are grassy, albeit some are well shaded while others are under the sun. The sites are also large enough for bigger trailers, RVs, and motorhomes.

Terrain De Camping `1 consists of campsites 1 to 54 that are unserviced and campsites 112-125 that are serviced with 15 or 30 amp electric hookups.

Terrain De Camping 2

Terrain De Camping 2 is home to campsites 55 -111, all serviced with 50 / 30 amp electric hookups. This campsite offer a more luxurious campsite experience with wider campsites for larger sized RVs and motorhomes, privacy and decent shade. Pets are allowed on the campground but not on the beach area.

Seasonal activities in Murray Beach Provincial Park



Walking the trails of the Murray Beach Provincial Park takes you through a thick patch of trees, over the cliff tops and on to the beach, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the landscape surrounding the park. There are two trails at this park, including the 1.3 km long Murray Beach trail which consists of large rocks and red soil, waterfalls, and beaches. This one-way trail is easy, lasts 30 minutes and allows hikers to birdwatch, explore, and dive in for a swim as they work their way towards the end of the trail. Perimeter Trail is more concentrated towards the gnarly woods lined with pine trees. It is a loop of 2 km/1.24 miles and takes 45 minutes or so to complete.


The population of birds is truly impressive here. From Atlantic puffins to great blue herons, sandpipers to bald eagles, the birds are everywhere and bring joy to enthusiastic birdwatchers. The park is also a popular stopover for migrating birds.

Whale Watching

Whales love this beach as much as the visitors that come here and they frequent these waters, often in large numbers. These gentle giants can be spotted playing in the water, sometimes close to the beach area. Harbor seals and grey seals also populate the area and look exceptionally cute lounging around the beach.



The beach is a big part of this park and that’s where most vacationers find themselves enjoying a day out picnicking. Those visiting for a day can explore the numerous tidal pools teeming with marine life that the tides leave behind. Building sandcastles is another activity enjoyed by almost everyone that visits. This beach is full of adventures and offers a fun day out picnicking with family and friends. The park has picnic tables, a picnic shelter, showers, changing rooms, washrooms and more to accommodate those wanting to spend a day at the beach.


Murray Beach Provincial Park's greatest attraction may be its beach but the surrounding woodlands add to the diversity of wildlife that can be found here. While hiking along the trail, it’s highly likely you’ll get a chance to spot bears, moose, red fox, white-tailed deer, hare, and many rare butterflies like the Maritime Ringlet. The flora around this area is also diverse with many species of wildflowers and hardwoods that are within close proximity to the beach.


It’s nearly impossible not to want to take a picture every two minutes at Murray Beach Provincial Park. If you catch sight of those rare butterflies or the whales playing in the water, you surely would want to keep your camera poised and ready. Photographers, both aspiring and professional, visit the place often to capture amazing wildlife photos and beautiful landscape images.