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Located in West Siloam Springs in Oklahoma and resting on the Oklahoma and Arkansas border, you’ll find Natural Falls State Park. This park is best known for its impressive 77-foot tall waterfall that flows through various rock formations and into a valley. There is truly a sense of calm tranquility that comes along with this waterfall, and you’ll want to experience it yourself when you visit here in your RV.
Natural Falls is simply a beautiful place to bring the family and hang out for a while. Leave all your stresses behind and enjoy the 4.5 miles of hiking and nature trails, or play disc golf, basketball, or volleyball. Summer temperatures can be pretty hot, going all the way up into the 90s sometimes, while winter temperatures can get down to below freezing.
The perfect time to visit is in the spring and fall when temperatures are just right. The park has some fantastic campgrounds, including 44 RV and tent sites with utilities and five yurts that have air conditioning, heat, and all the amenities you need. Bringing your RV to Natural Falls State Park is the perfect way to get out and enjoy everything Oklahoma and the park have to offer.

RV Rentals in Natural Falls State Park



Natural Falls is just west of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. With GPS, getting to the park is easy as it is right off of US-59 and US-412. The park is about 77 miles west of Tulsa, where you can visit the Philbrook Museum of Art and many historical buildings and landmarks. You will also be just 35 miles northwest of Fayetteville, Arkansas, where you can check out Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park and the Arkansas Air and Military Museum.
And once you’re inside the park, the road is suitable for even the biggest motorhomes. The park is very RV friendly, so you’ll find that there are no restrictions anywhere in the park and you should be able to get around with ease for the most part. However, there are several areas in the park where you may have a bit of an issue getting by due to sharp curves, but these are mainly in the campground area. Make sure you pay attention to the campground map when you make your reservations.
There are various parking lots scattered throughout the park, including a large one right at the entrance and another near the Formal Gardens. If you're camping at the park, you'll find it easiest to set up your RV at a campsite first, then venture out on foot or in a smaller vehicle.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Natural Falls State Park

Campsites in Natural Falls State Park

Reservations camping

Yurt Camping

There are five yurts in the park that you can choose to stay at if you’re looking for something a little different. Each yurt can accommodate between four and six people, and they each have a kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator, air conditioning and heat, electrical outlets, and a few other amenities to make you feel at home. Outside your yurt, you’ll find a picnic table, fire ring, grill, deck, and a lantern hanger. Restroom and shower facilities are located nearby as well, and dogs are welcome as long as they are restrained and supervised during your stay.

The Campground at Natural Falls State Park

Here at Natural Falls State Park, there are 44 total RV sites to choose from. These sites are wonderfully set up, and you’ll love your stay here. Unfortunately, since there are only 44 sites, they fill up quickly, so you’ll definitely want to make reservations. You can book your site up to one year in advance, so you’ll be guaranteed the perfect spot if you do so. Each of the sites has its own picnic table, BBQ grill, lantern hanger, and campfire ring for you to use.
Seven of these reservable RV sites have full hookups that include electric, water, and sewer. Others only have partial hookups. Many of the sites are also pull-through for your convenience. Nearby, you’ll find a comfort station, dump station, and showers so that you can have everything you need while staying at the park. You can also bring your dog along with you as long as it is restrained and supervised during your stay.

Seasonal activities in Natural Falls State Park



If you’ve brought your bicycle along on your camping trip, you can take it out on some of the trails for a good spin around the grounds. Riding your bike can be a great way to get some exercise and is a good way to mix things up instead of walking all the time. Grab your helmet and hit the trails for a nice sightseeing trip through the woods or along the lake. You’ll be glad you did.


If you like fishing, you can cast your line at the lake located here. The lake is small —only 3.5 acres—but it has lots of fish for you to catch and release. Fishing is a great way to sit back and relax, even when you can't keep the fish for dinner. If you are a novice or experienced fisher, you should plan to pack your fishing gear in the RV before heading to Natural Falls State Park so that you can make use of your downtime and keep your fishing game strong. Before casting your cast your line, make sure you have a fishing license from Oklahoma.

The Formal Garden

Natural Falls State Park has something that many parks don't have. The formal garden area is a place where the park showcases Oklahoma's local flora. People always say that sometimes in life, you need to stop and smell the roses. Well, here, you can do precisely that. Take a calming stroll through the garden and enjoy all the sights and smells, and find time to unwind. Be sure to pack your camera in the RV so you can get some good pics to share on your favorite social media sites.


There is really no better place to let your kids run wild than at the playground, and it is always nice to let them get some of that excess energy out after a long day traveling in the RV. Let them loose on the slides, climbing walls, and swing sets so that you can relax and watch your kids have fun for a bit. Or better yet, join in with them for some fun family time. Maybe even take a turn on the swings and let them push you for a while.


There are lots of picnic tables scattered throughout the park, but if you’re planning for a big group, you can rent the pavilion. The pavilion is a pretty popular place for weddings and other special events, so you’ll want to be sure to reserve your spot far enough ahead to guarantee you’ll get it when you want it. The Carnes Shelter has enough space for about 80 people with eight picnic tables, several BBQ pits, restrooms, and a playground nearby.



Whether you prefer to practice alone or play on a team, you can work on your game at the basketball court here in the park. Organize a full game with some friends, challenge someone to a friendly one-on-one, or just see how many shots you can make in a row. Even if you forget to bring your basketball, you can get one from the park office or the local retail store. Throw on those sweats and tennis shoes and head out to the courts for a game before dinner.

Disc Golf

Although many people still don’t know what disc golf is, once you have tried it, you may have found your new favorite sport. When you visit Natural Falls State Park, you’ll have the opportunity to play a few rounds of disc golf right inside the park. The first nine holes run along the Pine Ridge Trail, and the back nine follow the Ghost Coon Trail. The disc golf course consists of 18 holes, and you might find that it’s even more fun with more people. Take your family out and show them how it’s done.


Along with the playground, there are also many different sports areas that you can use, including the volleyball courts in the northwestern corner of the park by the Pine Ridge Trail. Bring some friends and family out for a little friendly competition. If you do not have enough people in your group to play a full-fledged game, you can just toss the ball back and forth for fun or get some other campers in the park to join in. There is never a bad time to practice your volleying skills!

Wildlife Watching

There is a lot of wildlife in the park that you’ll hopefully get to see for yourself when you visit here. You’ll need to be extra quiet and be sure to give the animals their space if you spot them. Some of the critters you are likely to spot in the park include whitetail deer, rabbits, squirrels, turkeys, foxes, and raccoons. You’ll likely get to see all kinds of birds as well, and maybe even have some success in identifying them.


There are 4.5 total miles of hiking and nature trails available for you to discover when you visit Natural Falls State Park. These trails are perfect places to go for a peaceful stroll to enjoy the beautiful sights and to take in some fresh air. It’s just some good light exercise, nothing too hard. The 1.2-mile Ghost Coon Trail is excellent for all skill levels, with a smooth, paved path. The 1.1-mile Fox Den Trail is a bit more difficult with hills and creeks. For a short walk, try the 0.1-mile Bear Trail along the waterfall. If you want something a little more rigorous, try the one-mile Dripping Springs Trail; this path is a moderately difficult trail that can keep you on your toes.