Nevada City Victorian Christmas

Do you smell those chestnuts roasting? The Nevada City Victorian Christmas is on once again, and it’s time for an RV trip to California.

Event information

It’s time to dust off your best top hat, throw on a shawl, add a few ruffles and feathers, and make your way to the Nevada City Victorian Christmas. Whether you’re from California or further afield, this Victorian-themed Christmas extravaganza is not an event you’re going to want to miss.

Held at the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce at 132 Main Street, Nevada City, it’s an event that locals and visitors look forward to every year. Hundreds of vendors line the city streets on Sundays and Wednesdays throughout December, giving festive shoppers the chance to shop until they drop.

You can dress up in old-style Victorian attire, get your fill of hearty holiday fare, then go from one stall to the next for hand-crafted candy, dolls, pottery, art, crafts, and much, much more. You’ll surely have no one left to buy for on your Christmas list once you’ve perused the many offerings at Nevada City Victorian Christmas.

It also won’t be hard to get into the festive spirit thanks to the Victorian singers, strolling minstrels, and brass bands. It doesn’t get much more authentic than the Nevada City Victorian Christmas.

Once you’ve spent all your Christmas money, had your photo taken with Santa, enjoyed a carriage ride, and indulged in sweet Christmas treats, then it’s time to explore Nevada City.

There are plenty of things to do in this beautiful city. Weather permitting, you can go biking on the Echo Ridge Trails, picnicking at Pioneer Park, or hiking on the hiking trails on the outskirts of Forest Knolls. Otherwise, you can stay dry and warm in your RV as you explore Nevada City and the greater area.

You might come to Northern California for a Nevada City Victorian Christmas, but use your extra free time to unwind on an RV adventure as the festive season gets underway.


Nevada City Victorian Christmas is an open event that welcomes all. In the past, entry has been free, but costs may apply for shuttle rides. Make sure you bring plenty of cash for those side costs, such as parking and transportation, that may arise on your way to the Nevada City Victorian Christmas.

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Nevada City in California is 60 miles northeast of Sacramento, 84 miles southwest from Reno, and around 150 miles northeast of San Francisco. Given how proximate it is to bustling cities, it’s well worth a visit even if it’s to break away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This beautiful city is nestled amid forests and serves as a popular base for tourists looking to visit the Tahoe National Forest, Sierras, and South Yuba River. It’s easily accessible with a large RV from State Highway CA-20 and minor highways such as CA-49. Those who are new to the area may like to tune into a traffic app such as QuickMap to help guide the way.

Upon arriving in Nevada City during Nevada City Victorian Christmas, commercial streets will be closed to through traffic. Arrive with plenty of time to spare so that you can work out where to park or camp before the event opens to the public.

Parking areas

Given the central location of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, parking spaces are scarce. You will not be able to park your RV near Nevada City Victorian Christmas, which means you will need to make alternative arrangements.

You can park your RV at the Nevada County Government Center, space permitting, and jump aboard the shuttle that will take you to the event. Otherwise, consider looking for an RV campground near the Nevada City Victorian Christmas, so that you can travel on foot.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options are plentiful for those who want the most convenient way to access Nevada City Victorian Christmas. You can make use of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce-organized shuttles, which run at regular intervals for a fee and accept lap dogs. Otherwise, you can hire a ride share service, take a taxi, or even walk if your RV accommodation is close enough to downtown.

Where to stay


Nevada City Victorian Christmas is a city event held downtown with limited day parking. As a result, there is no room for RV campers to set up camp overnight. Fortunately, Nevada City offers a myriad of different accommodation options to suit every kind of traveler. Make sure you plan your accommodation in advance to avoid missing out on your preferred choice.


Whether you prefer primitive RV camping, a luxurious resort with sewer, electricity, and water hookups, or something in between, Nevada City will deliver. Even within two miles of Nevada City Victorian Christmas, there is a private accommodation provider that’s accessible with a large RV. Taking an RV trip can be tricky with a motorhome sometimes, but not when you’re on the hunt for somewhere to stay in Nevada City.

Getting around

Upon arriving at Nevada City Victorian Christmas, you will notice that the best way to navigate the event is on foot. Any other form of transport would mean there is too much to miss between sites. Walk the streets, browse the wares, and stop and enjoy the entertainment put on for Christmas shoppers. You can even bring along your dog on a leash.

What to pack


Taking an RV trip in December will not see the need for any summery attire. You can put away those sunhats, shorts, and shirts, and replace them with thick winter jackets, woolly hats, and mittens. While you can wander through the city streets in your most season-appropriate garments, it’s also a good idea to pack a few dressy items for any evening events you wish to attend on your journey.
Organizers of Nevada City Victorian Christmas encourage all visitors to come in costume. Wear a bow tie, bowler, or top hat, or what about knee socks over your jeans? Go one step further with colorful suspenders, a broad-brimmed hat with a feather, or a long shawl.


Nevada City Victorian Christmas welcomes guests to shop, take in the sights and sounds, and enjoy the entertainment. To do so freely, adopting a “less is best” approach is a good idea. The less you bring in with you, the more space you have for your purchases and hot chocolate. Bring a bag for your wallet containing cash and payment cards, but leave plenty of space for those gorgeous homemade creations for sale.

Health & Safety

Keeping warm in the crisp December air is going to be your most significant health and safety concern. Make sure you dress warmly and stay hydrated. Don’t leave home without packing any medication you might need, toiletries, drinking water, and other necessities in your RV.

Where to eat


How and what you cook depend on where you stay during your visit to Nevada City. Fire risks can be low in December, so some campgrounds may allow you to use above-ground fire pits or campfires. Others let you use their communal cooking areas or your onboard RV kitchen appliances.

However you choose to cook, you will be pleased to dine on something to warm both body and soul. Prepare some hearty soup, grill a hot dog or two, or indulge in s’mores and toasted marshmallows as the ultimate winter treat. You can also secure all the supplies you need at a market within a short 200-yard distance of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce.


For those who want more than roasted chestnuts and Christmas cake to fill their bellies, it’s worth a trip into the heart of Nevada City. Even within a short walking distance of the Christmas stalls, RV-goers can enjoy saloon-style cuisine, grilled food, sushi, sweet treats, and café delights as well. If you want to beat the lines and relax in your RV, then you could even get pizza delivered to your campground.


The magical setting of Nevada City Victorian Christmas nestled in the foothills of the Sierra is enough to draw vendors in their droves. Dozens of sites are set up with goods, including giftware, food, entertainment, and much more. Spend time going from one to the next and checking out all that’s on offer. Make sure you bring plenty of cash, too, for most vendors will not accept credit cards or debit cards.



There will be plenty of security guards and local police strolling the streets of Nevada City to make sure everyone is having a good time. Some may also be present at the entrances for individual businesses. You may spot police along Highway 49 and 20 to make sure visitors don’t park on the on and off-ramps in the area.

If at any time you require assistance from the police, feel free to approach them at any time. You may also head to the local police station within 200 yards of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce.


Nevada City’s exposed location means that during December, and even during other parts of the year, it experiences moderate to heavy rainfall. Snowfall is rare in the city itself, but it does fall on the nearby mountains and occasionally at ground level.

Those who are traveling in an RV may like to tune into a weather app to be aware of any road closures or dangers. It’s also paramount to carry snow chains, keep your heating units in working order, and be mindful that temperatures can drop to as low as 34 degrees-Fahrenheit, and often no higher than 50.


If you’ve caught a chill or suffered an accident, then trying to find assistance in an unfamiliar place is often not all that easy. Fortunately, there is plenty of support in Nevada City. There is a hospital under four miles away in Spring Hill, and a pharmacy for supplies within three miles of Nevada City Chamber of Commerce. Feel free to approach a site official or dial 911 in an emergency.