New Orleans to Silver City Road Trip Guide


For families looking to enjoy their next great RV adventure, a seven-day road trip from New Orleans, Louisiana to Silver City, New Mexico will not disappoint.

New Orleans is a metropolitan center that rests along the banks of the Mississippi River in the state of Louisiana. The area is a popular port city and is an important region for both commerce and trade.

New Orleans is a city with a culture all its own. An area that is well-known for its unique music, Creole-style cooking, and unusual dialect, the city's biggest claim to fame is its Mardi Gras festival which occurs each year and attracts visitors from all around the globe.

One of the most frequented areas of New Orleans is its French Quarter, a region named for its distinctive Creole design and thriving nightlife found on the world-renowned Bourbon Street. A city that boasts of an eclectic mix of cultures and personalities, New Orleans is truly a unique place to spend a few days before heading out en route to Silver City.

A city that has been declared one of the top ten most popular attractions in the country, New Orleans has welcomed over 10 million visitors per year to its historic borders. Among the destination hotspots found in this city include such landmarks as Cafe du Monde, Jackson Square, the French Market, the New Orleans Mint, and the Natchez, a historic steamboat still in operation for tours today.

For those looking to enjoy some R&R in the great outdoors, New Orleans has lots to offer. Both Honey Island Swamp and Barataria Preserve are well worth taking the time to visit. Another popular locale that provides the opportunity for both education and exploration is the Chalmette Battlefield and National Cemetery. New Orleans is also home to many state parks, national monuments, campgrounds, and beaches for families to enjoy.

Navigating the Big Easy in an RV can be a challenging task. But with an excellent transportation system in place including trolleys, trams, buses, and taxis, RV campers can safely park in a public lot or at their campground and take public transit into town to do some exploring.

Among the best places to enjoy an RV stay in New Orleans are Parc d'Orleans Inc RV Park and Campground, New Orleans KOA Holiday, and Saint Bernard State Park.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Bourbon Street

Before heading out en route to Silver City, it is well worth the time and effort to spend some time exploring New Orleans' most well-known spot: Bourbon Street. This beloved avenue is the place to be and is alive with all kinds of activity around the clock. It is from Bourbon Street that New Orleans earned its handle of the "party town."

The street itself is awash with a neon glow from the many lights adorning each shop. The homes are decorated with beautiful beads, and the street pulsates with the sound of music all day and all night.

Bourbon Street takes its name from a royal family in France and is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the country. The street was founded in 1718 when the city was first established by a French gentleman by the name of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. In 1721, an engineer of French descent designed the city's street layout, naming each avenue after a member of the French nobility.

Bourbon Street is found in the French Quarter, one of the most popular areas in the city.

Blue Bayou Water Park

The 70.7 miles will fly right by with the anticipation of fun at the Blue Bayou Water Park in the day ahead for RV campers to enjoy. This popular attraction consists of over 80 acres of property in total which includes both water and amusement parks.

Found in the amusement park section of this fun family destination are over 26 rides. Four of these rides are roller coasters. Among the most popular attractions at the amusement park known as Dixie Landin' are the Ragin' Cajun and the Giant Wheel.

The water park is no slouch for size with 20 different water-based rides for families to enjoy. The property is home to three slides measuring over seven stories in height. For those with a true spirit of adventure, Lafitte's Plunge will not disappoint. One attraction that is not to be missed is Conja, an inline water slide that is currently rated the largest of its kind in the world.

After a day of fun in the sun at Blue Bayou Water Park, families might enjoy kicking back at the campground and a good night's rest before the next leg of their journey. Consider an RV stay at Baton Rouge KOA Holiday or Manchac Acres Campground.

L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

For families looking to enjoy a more urban adventure, L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles will not disappoint. Only 142 miles away from Blue Bayou Water Park, this popular resort and gaming center offers many attractions with something to interest every member of the family.

L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles is home to a world-class spa where families can enjoy a relaxing afternoon being pampered in the lap of luxury. For those looking to enjoy some sports, why not play a round on the golf course or check out the casino that is alive with opportunities to try your hand at everything from blackjack to roulette and much, much more?

Also found on the premises are brand name boutiques and fine dining restaurants where families can sample excellent cuisine then do some shopping.

The resort is home to live entertainment shows each day, featuring some of the most talented artists from across the country. L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles consists of 26 stories in total. There are over 80 gaming tables and 1,600 slot machines. The property is also home to the popular Contraband Bayou Golf Club.

Tired out from a day taking in the sights and sounds at L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles? Park the RV for an overnight stay at Sam Houston Jones State Park or Cooling Springs RV Resort.

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is 147 miles away from Lake Charles. For families that love animals and the great outdoors, a trip to this zoo is not to be missed. A zoo that focuses on wildlife conservation, families will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about each animal that calls this park their home. Among the animals found in the exhibits are African lions, Asian elephants, and California sea lions.

A popular attraction, Houston Zoo sees over two million visitors each year. Among the most beloved exhibits is the African Forest where families can get up close to see gorillas and chimpanzees in a habitat similar to what they would live in naturally.

There are over 6,000 animals housed in the zoo in total.

There is no parking available directly on the zoo grounds for RVs or cars. However, nearby Hermann Park has a lot with limited spots. It is advised that families arrive early to be sure to snag a space. Many opt to use a public parking lot or to park at their campground and take a taxi or bus to the zoo grounds.

Had a ball at the zoo but need to catch up on some zzz's before the next leg of the journey towards Silver City? Consider an RV stay at Aba Travel Park or Lake Houston Wilderness Park.

San Antonio River Walk

For a truly memorable experience, it is well worth the 201 mile trip in the RV to spend the day at San Antonio Riverwalk. The San Antonio Riverwalk receives many visitors each year, making it one of the most frequented spots in the entire state of Texas.

There are many things to see and do during a visit to the San Antonio Riverwalk. From elegant hotels to a diverse culinary scene, exciting nightlife, and even live entertainment, this popular attraction has got it all.

A recent addition, the riverwalk is now home to an area known as the Museum Reach, a one-mile stretch that houses such features as stunning landscape design, incredible lighting, and unique footage of the Riverwalk itself. This section of the Riverwalk starts outside the well-renowned El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel and travels as far as the Pearl Brewery Complex that rests just to the south of Brackenridge Park. Also found within this portion of the Riverwalk are such attractions as the San Antonio Museum of Art, VFW Post 76, and the lock for area riverboats.

The riverwalk consists of 15 miles in total, affording families ample space to stretch their legs while out enjoying some of the finest culture San Antonio has to offer.

If you're tuckered out from a day on the riverwalk, an overnight stay at one of San Antonio's campgrounds might be the perfect ending to the perfect day. Consider parking the RV for the night at San Antonio/Alamo KOA Holiday or Rustic Oaks Park.

South Llano River State Park

After an urban adventure in San Antonio, RV campers will look forward to the chance to unwind surrounded by the beauty of nature at South Llano River State Park. Located just 122 miles from the San Antonio Riverwalk, this popular public recreational center boasts many fun things for families to see and do during their visit.

A naturally landscaped property, South Llano River State Park is a haven for many different varieties of wildlife, making it a great place for doing some birdwatching and taking a few photos. The hiking conditions are excellent here, so RV campers will want to be sure to come stocked with all of the items they'll need for a vigorous adventure on foot.

Among the most popular activities at South Llano River State Park include swimming, floating, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, and geocaching.

Tubes can be rented at a concession stand found on the grounds. The nearby town also boasts of several places where canoes and kayaks can be rented for the day. Shuttle services to and from the park are offered by Paddler's Porch.

A fishing license is not required to participate in angling at South Llano River State Park.

Thinking of spending a few nights doing some RV camping here? Most of the campsites are equipped with both power and water hookups. Showers and toilets are found within walking distance.

Paisano Pete

Though the journey is lengthy at 205 miles, the time will fly by with the excitement of getting to view one of Texas' most unusual landmarks in the day ahead. Paisano Pete is considered to be the mascot of the town known as Fort Stockton. In essence, this statue is a gigantic roadrunner, standing 11 feet in height and measuring 22 feet in length.

Paisano Pete was constructed in 1980, and visitors have traveled many miles just for the opportunity to glimpse this unique attraction and take some selfies alongside this unusual structure.

Paisano Pete was obtained from a business in Wisconsin. The statue cost $6,250 and is constructed out of fiberglass. It first took pride of place at the apex of Main Street and Dickinson Boulevard. At that time, a contest was held to bestow a name upon this new attraction. $50 was the prize for the winner. Though once touted as the largest roadrunner in the world, Paisano Pete has since had to relinquish his title to a statue in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Since Paisano Pete sits in a very busy area of town, it is recommended that RV campers park their rigs in the Visitor's Center parking lot which is located directly across the street from the statue.

Thinking of spending some extra time exploring Fort Stockton? Park your rig for an overnight RV stay at Road Runner RV Park or James Rooney Memorial Park.

Franklin Mountains State Park

As the journey towards Silver City winds to its conclusion, the next leg is short at only 50 miles. Franklin Mountains State Park is a wonderful place for families looking to engage in more active pursuits while reconnecting with the beauty of nature.

Located just outside the town of El Paso, this beautiful public recreational area offers many fun things for families to do during their visit. Among the most popular activities include hiking, biking, rock climbing, picnicking, and geocaching. Camping is also permitted on the grounds year-round.

Franklin Mountains State Park consists of nearly 27,000 miles of property and is home to more than 100 miles of trails that are well-suited to both hiking and cycling. The terrain encountered along these hikes is both diverse and rugged and travels through desert-like conditions. Families should come prepared with all of the things they need to hike in hot, humid weather such as drinking water, a cell phone, layers of clothing, and sunscreen.

Campsites can be found on the premises at the Tom Mays Unit. There are 14 sites reserved for tent camping and five RV sites. Franklin Mountains State Park offers primitive style camping conditions. As such, there are no power or water hookups available. RV campers must bring water with them for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Franklin Mountains State Park is close to many of El Paso's most popular attractions including the Wilderness Park Museum, and the Chamizal National Memorial.

Dripping Springs Natural Area

Only 47.4 miles separate RV campers from the joy of exploring Dripping Springs Natural Area. A property that offers incredible views of the beautiful Las Cruces and the Organ Mountains, Dripping Springs Natural Area is a popular spot for families looking to enjoy outdoor adventure.

The Organ Mountain range rises up to more than 9,000 feet in total height. Their name is attributed to their appearance which closely resembles the distinctive spires of a pipe organ.

One of the most unique features of this property is its walls that seem to drip in a fashion that mimics weeping. The park was formerly known as Cox Ranch and is a natural haven for many different habitats that support a vast array of wildlife and plant species.

Dripping Springs Natural Area is a great place to do some hiking with four miles of trails that are rated as suitable for hikers of all activity levels. One of the most beloved hiking trails is Dripping Springs Trail which travels through rich tree growth that invokes an air of peace and quiet. Many animals can be spotted in the woods including such creatures as the red-tailed hawk, Gambel's quail, golden eagle, rock squirrel, tree lizards, and mountain lions.

Enjoy an RV stay on the grounds or stop by Tom Mays Park for an overnight rest.


The final leg of the journey to Silver City consists of 126 miles. After seven days on the road, RV campers will be delighted to park their rig at their campground to enjoy an extended stay.

Silver City is close to the popular Gila National Forest, a property that consists of over 3.3 million acres in total. A town with its own unique personality, Silver City is alive with a culture all its own. Located in a southwestern portion of New Mexico, Silver City is well-renowned for its distinctive pottery, intense-smelling pine tree cover, and incredible views.

One of the most popular attractions in Silver City is the Geronimo Trail National Scenic Byway, a picturesque route that travels over 50 miles in total. For RV campers looking to enjoy an adventure outside the RV, it is well worth the trip to spend some time enjoying the area's natural hot springs and locally crafted beer. A family favorite destination is the Little Toad Creek Brewery and Distillery. Families can enjoy a visit to the nearby springs or Gila Cliff Dwellings then top the day off with a refreshing locally produced brew in the on-site tavern.

For those that love to hike, Silver City will not disappoint. Gila National Forest is home to many incredible hiking trails, including the much-loved Signal Peak Hike also known as Trail No. 742. Looking to explore something a little different? Stop by the Chino Mine to learn more about the area's rich history as a breeding ground for mines producing copper, silver, gold, lead, and zinc. This particular mine is still in operation today and was once designated the largest open-pit mine in existence.

Cultural opportunities abound in Silver City. The town is home to the Silver City Blues Festival, an event that occurs yearly, drawing visitors from all across the state. Equally popular is Pickamania!, a concert event dedicated to bluegrass music.

Traveling through Silver City in an RV is a breeze, but for families that wish to park their rig and explore the city on foot, there is an excellent transportation system of buses and taxis, allowing them to leave their RV in a public lot or at their campground and jet to town via public transit.

Among the best places for an RV stay in Silver City are Silver City KOA Holiday or McMillan Campground.

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