New York Yankees RV Camping Guide

If you like baseball or good food or even just cold beer in a big crowd, get in the RV and head to New York for a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium.

Event information

The Yankees are so well-known that almost everyone knows their name, even people who don’t like baseball. Established in 1901, the Yankees have been playing at Yankee Stadium II since 2009, and before that, it was Yankee Stadium I, where they played since 1923. Before that, it was Shea Stadium, Polo Grounds, Hilltop Park, and Oriole Park.

Yes, they have been around for a bit, and have ranked number two on the top valued sports franchises in the world. They have had such stars as Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, and Mickey Mantle. They even had Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth on their team at one point.

Although the Yankees do not have a team mascot, they used to have a fun-loving and fan-loving bird named Dandy as a mascot. He was only with the Yankees from 1979 to 1981 due to the death of one of the Yankee catchers, Thurman Munson, who Dandy was modeled after. During his two-year stint, Dandy was known for his delightful rendition of the song, “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

However, even without a mascot, the team is popular with the kids. In fact, the Yankees Kids team has a special clubhouse with activities such as climbing, tunnels, and slides right at the park. They even have giant peanuts, baseballs, and other equipment for the kids to explore. Parents who join them will not miss a minute of the game with the television monitors or by stepping into the dugout a few feet away. No matter where you are at Yankee Stadium, you will enjoy the sights and sounds of baseball as well as the delicious food and drinks offered around the park.


In past years, New York Yankees tickets at Yankee Stadium have gone for as low as $10 for a seat in the upper bleachers. However, this depends on who the Yankees are playing, when you are going to the game, and where you want to sit because some tickets in the Legends Suites have gone for $675. During the post-season, you can expect to pay more than $1,000. Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee games are known to draw in the crowds, so get your tickets early if you want to see these rivals play.

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In the Bronx section of New York just off of I-87, you can find Yankee Stadium on 161st Street in the small town of Concourse Village. Getting to the stadium is likely to involve some traffic as you approach the New York City area. However, since the stadium is surrounded by Interstates 87, 95, and 278 your route may connect relatively well as you cross the Hudson River. Be prepared with cash for tolls throughout the State of New York.

Coming in from the north may be simpler than navigating through Manhattan. The park is just eight miles south of Yonkers in Westchester County where you can find the Hudson River Museum and many other places of interest.

Parking areas

Yankee Stadium is unique in the fact that it does not have any parking lots at the park. The City of New York is in charge of the parking lots immediately surrounding the stadium, so you will have to reserve parking with them online or by phone. However, there are over a dozen private lots within walking distance of the stadium, but remember to note the dimensions of your rig or campervan. Smaller campervans and tow vehicles will often be preferable for parking and traveling in the area.

Public Transportation

New York City has a plethora of public transportation options from the subway to train to bus to ferry. Which one is best for your needs? It depends on where you will be staying, whether you can park your rig in the lot where you catch the transport, and where they can take you. The number four and the D trains are both good choices on the subway and Metro-North is the only choice by train. There are quite a few bus routes depending on where you start your journey. Ferries can take you across the Hudson River or the bay waters adding a unique view to your New York City adventures.

Where to stay


Fans are not allowed to camp anywhere at Yankee Stadium for a Yankees game. However, some private lots surrounding the park may allow overnight parking as well as tailgating. If you cannot find one, you can find a few choices for RV camping nearby.


Campgrounds are limited in this part of New York. While there are two RV parks within about 30 miles of Yankee Stadium, including Liberty Harbor RV, they only total about 100 campsites, which fill up fast due to the lack of camping spots in the area. Camp Gateway Brooklyn may also have spaces during the summer months and is about 30 miles from Yankee Stadium.

If New York City RV Parks become full, travel out farther or look for a boondocking site anywhere along the eastern coast or inland depending on your desired route after the game. Campsites at the two nearby parks have electric and water hookups as well as showers and restrooms. New York City North / Newburgh KOA is a bit further away but is still under 75 miles from the stadium.

Getting around

Don’t expect to get a trolley or golf cart ride around Yankee Stadium because they do not allow them. Due to the number of fans, the park opts to provide elevators as shortcuts instead. Fans may find 16 elevators around the stadium to help get around. There are two near Gate 8, two near Gate 6, eight of them in the Great Hall area, two in the Gate 4 area, and two near Gate 2. There are also two escalator banks, one by Guest Relations near Gate 6 and one behind home plate in the Great Hall.

What to pack


If you are heading to an early game in the spring or a later game in the fall, pack the usual t-shirts and jeans but bring a hoodie or jacket as well. However, summer games between June and August can be hot. You will likely want to pack shorts and tank tops or jerseys as well as a hat to keep your face protected from the sun. Also, comfortable shoes are important since you will be walking wherever you go within the stadium. Yankee blue and gray is always a good wardrobe addition on game day.


At Yankee Stadium, the rules say only one bag per person, and it has to be compliant with MLB standards. The standards are that bags have to be soft-sided and under 16 inches long. The less you bring, the less you have to carry so bring the minimum. Just the necessities like your phone, camera, tickets, wallet, and ID as well as one bottle of water that has not been opened. No glass, alcohol, weapons, or drugs.

Health & Safety

Some of the most important things to bring include insect repellent for the campground and sunblock or sunscreen for the game. You may also want to bring a first-aid kit in your RV just in case you need it. A baseball hat and sunglasses are also essential to keep you protected from the sun. Make sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially if you are going to a summer game.

Where to eat


In case you end up at a parking lot that allows tailgating, be sure to bring a camp stove or portable BBQ pit with you. Propane is typically preferred, so you don’t have to worry about what to do with the hot coals. These are also good for cooking at the campsite, or you can use your stove in the RV. Remember to fill your fuel and water tanks before arriving in the area, even if you think you may be headed to a location with hookups. If plans change, you will want to be flexible enough to roll with the punches along the way.


Take the family to a local Bronx restaurant for a meal while you are in town. Head to Concourse Village for Mexican or Italian food or go east to Morrisania or Claremont Village for a unique Indian eatery or Latin American restaurant. There are also a few pizzerias, some fast food joints, and pubs that have fantastic food and adult beverages.


Have you ever tried a bison burger or a hamburger on a stick? How about a pinstripe shake made with a churro, caramel, Cracker Jacks, and cotton candy? Those are just a few of the amazing and unique foods you might find at Yankee Stadium. Of course, you can still find the usual hot dogs, popcorn, and peanuts with cold frosty drinks to wash it all down with on game day. If you are looking for a souvenir, you won’t have to go far because there are vendors selling t-shirts, hats, and more just about everywhere you go.



Anytime you visit Yankee Stadium, whether it is for a Yankees game, concert, or another event, you will have to go through a metal detector. Your bags and other items will also be searched. To save time, have your phone and keys out of your pockets as well as other metal items that may set off the detector. And don’t bring any items on the prohibited list.


Summer is hot in New York just like most of the country, so if you are coming to a game from June to August, the temperatures typically range from the lower 80s to upper 90s for highs. The lows can get down in the 60s, but not often. If you are visiting during the spring or fall, you’ll likely have lower 70s for highs and upper 50s for lows. Rain can happen just about any day in New York but is more likely from March through October so bring rain gear.


Yankee Stadium takes your health seriously and they provide emergency medics and ambulances on-site. In addition, there are three first aid stations including Section 320-C, Section 221, and Section 128. If you have an immediate emergency, you can call 911 or head to one of the nearby medical centers. There are over a dozen within five miles of the park.