Boston Red Sox RV Camping Guide

Dust off your RV, put on your supporter’s gear, and head to Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, to watch the Boston Red Sox take on their rivals!

Event information

Life can’t be all work and no play. With the baseball season about to begin, there’s no better time than now to book your Boston Red Sox tickets, join them at a home game at Fenway Park, and watch them take on their greatest rivals.

The Boston Red Sox have been the ultimate American League baseball team in Boston since the early 1950s, and they continue to deliver the goods year after year. With every game, they pull one out of the bag and ensure fans go home proud to wear the team’s red and white colors, even against their primary rival, the Yankees.

Fenway Park, centrally located in Boston at 4 Jersey Street, is a standout stadium that lets fans unleash their patriotic pride. Even though it’s one of the smallest on the Major League Baseball calendar, that doesn’t stop tens of thousands of fans from traveling far and wide to attend a game. Fenway's rich history is steeped in baseball pride and has often been a dream location for many fans to visit, even if it is just to place their feet within the park for a single game.

When the Boston Red Sox aren’t bringing in RV-goers from across the state, it’s the many other events at Fenway Park that are. The stadium has hosted football games for the New England Patriots, Boston Yanks, and Boston Redskins, and has also been a preferred venue for soccer, concerts, and the 2010 NHL Winter Classic hockey series.

If you hear the unofficial anthem of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline ring out across Boston, it can only mean one thing: a Boston Red Sox game is about to begin. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets, arrange your RV accommodation, and put your best pair of red socks on with pride.


Ticket pricing can be as varied as Boston Red Sox game results. Fans might pay as little as $15 for an upper bleacher seat or standing room on the roof deck, or as much as $250 for a clubroom ticket. You can also treat yourself to customized season ticket packages or group deals for you and your friends. Spend a bit of time planning out your game preferences then buy your Boston Red Sox tickets online in advance.

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Boston is a densely populated city on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a myriad of different towns and cities bordering it and is accessible via many interstates such as I-90, I-93, and I-95. Boston in Massachusetts is also sandwiched between Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, making it a desirable destination for those looking for a vacation out of state. Be prepared to pass through tolls in the region.

If you want to avoid as much congestion as possible getting to a Boston Red Sox game, arrive several hours before it begins. Fans traveling in a Class A or oversized vehicle should be aware of vehicle height restrictions on Storrow Drive. Take alternative routes or consider parking at your accommodation and making use of the public transportation network. Tune into Boston traffic in Suffolk County to remain up to date with any delays.

Parking areas

Even though you’ll be busy thinking about the game, spare a thought for where you will park your motorhome as well. Fenway Park is in an active part of Boston next to the Massachusetts Turnpike and requires you to plan your parking ahead.

There are a few different dedicated Boston Red Sox parking garages with hundreds of spaces within walking distance of Fenway Park. Not all of these are suitable for oversized vehicles, and you must book a space ahead of the game. Alternatively, find somewhere to stay with an RV and use public transportation, of which there is plenty throughout Boston. Utilizing a tow vehicle (that allows you to leave a large travel trailer at camp) or smaller campervan may be a helpful option in Eastern Massachusetts.

Public Transportation

As there is no onsite camping, plan to leave your rig at a campsite when you bring your RV for a Boston Red Sox game. Then, ride a bike, book a taxi or rideshare, take the tram, the commuter rail, or the bus. You might be amazed at how many options Boston provides for a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. When you take an RV trip to Boston, Massachusetts, try and find accommodation near Fenway Park for a faster commute.

Where to stay


In an ideal world, you’d be able to camp on the baseball field and hang out with your favorite team, but you’re going to have to settle for a campground near Fenway Park instead. Given the proximity of Boston to the ocean, you will have no problem at all with locating a desirable place to park up your motorhome. Some are closer than others, but both primitive RV campgrounds and those with service hookups are ready to take your booking.


When you book your tickets for the Boston Red Sox, you are one step closer to heading away on your RV vacation. The next step is to arrange the best place for RV camping near Boston. Fortunately, it won’t take long to find it.

Wompatuck State Park is within a short 25-mile driving distance of Fenway Park and welcomes RV travelers. It also has potable water and paved trails for walking. Winter Island Park rests a similar distance away and to the northeast along the Atlantic coastline. Note that travel times will vary depending on the time of day in the greater Boston area.

Those who don’t mind traveling from a little further out, as long as they get to enjoy luxury, then Boston / Cape Cod KOA Holiday is a desirable destination too. Make sure you book with plenty of time to spare, for thousands of people will be traveling to attend the coveted Red Sox games.

Getting around

Fenway Park has undergone many renovations and expansions over the years to make it the brilliant facility we know and love today. Much thought has gone into ensuring fans can access both their seats and essential amenities throughout a Red Sox game without any hassles.

Grandstand seating is clearly marked, and restrooms and food areas are always nearby. You also won’t have any need for skateboards or scooters, so leave these in your motorhome until the game is over.

What to pack


Baseball season runs from spring to fall, and a lot can happen in that time. When you start packing your suitcase bound for Boston, check out a weather app. Boston is located in a transitional zone between two climates, which means the weather can be temperamental at best.

Be ready to pack a jacket and jeans for the game, but shorts and t-shirts for shopping and exploring afterward are not out of the question. Boston’s proximity to attractions like Cutler Park Reservation and Noanet Woodlands means a mixed closet of outfits is best. One thing’s for sure: you can’t leave home without your best red and white supporter’s gear!


Almost everything you need for a Boston Red Sox game is available at Fenway Park. Bring cash and payment cards, your ticket, ID (in case you want to buy an alcoholic beverage), and your best game face!

What you need to carry for before and after the game can depend on where your travels take you. Primitive RV camping can see the need for extra camping and cooking supplies. If you’re exploring natural attractions, such as hiking at World’s End near Weymouth, then your best hiking boots are must-have essentials as well.

Health & Safety

Sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses are always ideal for trips to Boston and subsequent Red Sox games. When you’re packing your motorhome, it may also prove convenient to carry extra drinking water, bug spray, and any medication you and your family might require.

Those who plan on doing some hiking, exploring, and walking at places like Blue Hills Reservation near Readville, or Stony Brook Reservation on the way to Framingham, may also see the value in a stocked first-aid kit as a “just in case” measure.

Where to eat


After trying all the different options at Fenway Park for a Boston Red Sox game, you’ll be in no hurry to haul out your charcoal cooker. However, when those hunger pangs rear their head, you will want to be ready. Most places that are accessible with a large RV boast communal cooking areas or allow you to use a grill. RVers can also make use of onboard kitchen appliances.

Whether you’re preparing a hearty stew or a spicy chili, you can also pick up many of the supplies you need within a short walk or drive of Fenway Park at the nearby grocery store. To save time, consider stocking up on goods before the game.


Vacations are all about treating yourself, so don’t be afraid to shop until you drop while in Boston and surrounding cities. Even within walking distance of Fenway Park, you can find yourself on streets lined with eateries ready to take your order. Everything from night clubs and taverns, to oyster bars and pizza joints are available. Boston delivers on both baseball and delicious cuisine.


Fenway Park prides itself on offering an abundance of options to suit every palate in a unique dining experience fashion. Sit down for a meal in one of the many onsite eating establishments, or take your food back to your seat. There’s Chinese food, candy, sandwiches, burgers, donuts, fries, and even healthy options and gluten-free offerings. While you can bring cash to purchase something to eat and drink, you will also find plenty of ATMs located around the baseball venue for your convenience.



Fenway Park officials take security seriously for Boston Red Sox games. Every fan going through the gates will be screened with a metal detector. Bag and people searches may also be required. Once you are inside Fenway Park, you can’t leave and re-enter.

Security officials also prefer that you adopt a “less is best” approach. Big bags, bulky items, and anything distracting or dangerous may be turned away. That includes hard-sided coolers, bags of set dimensions, and food and beverages. A small, sealed water bottle is allowed. Familiarize yourself with Red Sox rules before you attend to be sure you don’t have to make any quick trips back to your RV to drop off anything.

Security will be on hand to help with any questions you may have, but you can also ask for outside assistance from the Boston Police Department within a two-mile drive of Fenway Park.


Weather conditions can be tricky in the Suffolk County city of Boston because of its location between two distinct climates of humid subtropical and humid continental. Summers can be warm and humid, while spring and fall are often mild or cool. Before you set off in your motorhome, download a weather app. There can then be no surprises, whether you attend a game in spring, fall, or the weeks between.


Boston has one of the best park systems in the country, and it is also near many beautiful natural attractions like Ames Nowell State Park near Brockton, and Borderland State Park on the way to Taunton. When you’re outside moving around and trying new things, anything can happen. Cuts, scrapes, and insect bites are all easily managed by carrying a first aid kit.

However, anything more serious may require an emergency call to 911. There is a hospital within three miles of Fenway Park for medical assistance and a pharmacy for supplies within one mile.