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Nopiming Provincial Park


RVers searching for a place to camp on the edge of nature should choose Nopiming Provincial Park in Manitoba. Nopiming is a natural park located in the eastern portion of Manitoba, and it is known for having over 100 lakes and countless rivers. The park, once only reachable by bush plane, winter roads, or water, is now open and accessible to guests as a means for both adventure and conservation.

Nopiming is an Anishinabe word that means the entrance to the wilderness. The landscape, explorable waterways, and miles of boreal forest help to make guests feel as if they are isolated and near the edge of the wild, but in reality, the isolation is mixed with some of the modern comforts that many people desire. There are four campgrounds, all located in different regions of the park. Depending on what you want to explore, each one of the campgrounds provides something to do and see within the park’s vast 353,280 acres.

There are many popular outdoor activities at Nopiming Provincial Park. Canoeing, hiking, and fishing are some of the favorite activities, but there are also points of interest worth exploring as well as some wildlife watching that gives park patrons a chance to see animals not commonly seen in Manitoba. Campers who want to see more of the park should arrange camping in more than one campground to experience all that Nopiming has to offer.

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The main gate of Nopiming Provincial Park is located 125 miles (202 km) northeast of Winnipeg and 61 miles (91 km) north of Pointe du Bois, Manitoba, Canada. Guests visiting the campgrounds should be aware that there is a different entrance point for the Bird Lake and Tulabi Falls campgrounds.

Manitoba provincial parks require that visitors pay an access fee upon entering the park. These fees are additional costs added to the overnight camping fees. Prices vary depending on residency, time of year, and the length of your visit.

Please note that after 11:00 pm only permit holders with a reserved camping site may enter the campgrounds.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Nopiming Provincial Park

Campsites in Nopiming Provincial Park

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Black Lake Campground

The Black Lake Campground runs along the shoreline of Black Lake. This primitive-style campground is pet-friendly and accommodates RVs and trailers up to 30 feet in length. All campsites have picnic tables and fire rings, and many are located close to vault toilets. The campground offers guests trash disposal, a sanitary dump, access to non-potable water, and a place to buy firewood. Black Lake Campground has proximity to swimming, a boat launch, hiking trails, and a caribou exhibit. Generators may be used periodically between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am, the park’s quiet hours.

Tulabi Falls Campground

RV campers looking to find camping comfort among the jack pine, spruce, and balsam fir trees will enjoy the atmosphere of Tulabi Falls Campground. This pet-friendly campground offers a mix of basic or 15 and 30-amp electrical sites, and regardless of the hookups, all sites have picnic tables and fire pits. The campground accommodates rigs up to 40 feet in length, and all sites rest on natural surface driveways. For the campers who desire amenities, there is non-potable water, vault toilets, dump stations, and proximity to hiking trails, swimming, and fishing. Generators may be used periodically between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am, the park’s quiet hours.

Bird Lake Campground

The Bird Lake Campground is a pet-friendly campground located along the shores of Bird Lake. This primitive-style campground doesn’t have any hookups, but all of the sites have fire pits and picnic tables, and many of the sites accommodate RVs and trailers between 20 and 40 feet in length. This campground has pit toilets, fishing, hiking, swimming, and a boat dock. The Nopiming Lodge is nearby, and there are amenities such as grocery store and gas available at the lodge. Generators may be used periodically between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am, the park’s quiet hours.

Beresford Lake

The Beresford Lake Campground is a small, pet-friendly, basic amenities campground located along Beresford Lake. This campground is best for truck campers or trailers under 15 feet in length. Inside of the campground, there are vault toilets, trash bins, and firewood sales. There is a non-potable water pump close to the campsites on the turnoff to the Beresford Lake fishing area. Although this campground doesn’t have any activities aside from camping, the fishing dock, picnic area, and boat launch is not far. Generators may be used periodically between 11:00 pm and 9:00 am, the park’s quiet hours.

Seasonal activities in Nopiming Provincial Park



If hiking is part of your requirements when choosing a place to stay, then Nopiming Provincial Park won’t disappoint. The trails that run through the park are located next to the camping areas, making it convenient for campers to get outside and explore. The Tulabi Falls Trail is near the Tulabi Falls Campground; the Walking on Ancient Mountains and the Fire of ’83 trails are near the Black Lake Campground, and the Bird Lake Campground has a nature trail that runs along the Bird Lake. The named trails run through unique terrain and have interpretive information along the routes, so hikers get a mix of nature and information on the landscape and the history of the park.


Nopiming Provincial Park is well known for its canoe trails. The interconnected waterways help to make the canoe routes varied and popular among canoers. Paddlers can choose to take their boats out on the lakes close to their campgrounds or plan to take a canoe expedition with experienced guides. People interested in canoe trips should contact one of the local outfitters for more information. Canoe and kayak rentals are available at the Nopiming Lodge, located near the Bird Lake Campground.


People who like to swim have many places to take advantage of the water when staying at Nopiming Provincial Park. There are designated swimming areas located along the beaches at the Tulabi Falls, Black Lake, and the Bird Lake Campgrounds. People interested in swimming should swim with a friend or family member because there are no lifeguards on duty at this park. Some of the swimming areas are located near restrooms and picnic areas, where other swimming areas may require a little more travel to get to some of the campground’s amenities.



If you are interested in fishing, you will love the opportunity to fish at Nopiming Provincial Park. With over 100 lakes and waterways, the fishing is abundant with walleye pike, northern pike, and lake trout. Anglers may choose from boat fishing in one of the many lakes, dock fishing from the campground areas, or even shoreline and river fishing. Depending on the campground you choose, there are boat launches, boat docks, and fish cleaning stations nearby. All anglers must possess a valid Manitoba fishing license and be aware of the rules and regulations for fishing in the province.

Nordic Activities

If you prefer to spend your time exploring parks in the winter, then you will love the cross country skiing, winter hiking, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling opportunities at Nopiming Provincial Park. Nopiming Lodge is an excellent place to start your outdoor adventure and access both groomed and ungroomed trails. To learn more about winter activities or to find out more information on the trails open in the winter, visit the Nopiming Lodge, located closest to the Bird Lake Campground.

Wildlife Viewing

When you visit Nopiming, remember to pack your camera and your binoculars because the wildlife is often abundant in and around the campground areas. Because of the land mass and the conservation and protection efforts, wildlife lives and thrives within the park’s boundaries. Guests may see boreal woodland caribou, black bear, moose, white-tailed deer, lynx, and timber wolf, or smaller animals like mink, and river otter. The park is also teeming with a variety of bird and fish species. No matter the season, it’s almost certain that the animals are thriving nearby. If you sit quietly and are patient, perhaps you will be lucky enough to spot the animal you were hoping to see.