Northern Wisconsin State Fair

Set your RV in the direction of Chippewa Falls for five days of family fun, music, and Northern Wisconsin State Fair activities.

Event information

Since 1899, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair has been an event that many locals have penciled in on their calendars. Today, however, it’s a national attraction that brings visitors from far and wide to see what it has to offer.

The fairgrounds, at 225 Edward Street, Chippewa Falls, is home to many events throughout the year, but it’s the fair that brings people in their droves. You can set up camp with full amenities for the length of the event, then make the most of the action-packed schedule.

There are carnival rides, musical concerts, exhibits, livestock competitions, and more. Even Great Aunt Gladys can enter her famous jam for a chance at a prize.

The Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds are encompassed by greenery in a parklike setting, making it an attractive place to visit. Native plant life also borders the grounds, offering ample shade and protection from the intense summer sun.

Along with beautiful surroundings and summery days, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair also plays host to hundreds of vendors, acts, and activities. If you haven’t yet filled your summer calendar, then now’s the time. Set your RV in the direction of Chippewa Falls for five days of family fun. Onsite camping is something to consider if you plan to participate in the events of the fair, or travelers can camp just up the road.


The Northern Wisconsin State Fair has several ticket options available depending on whether you want to attend the fair on its own or go on rides, and enjoy the main stage entertainment. Admission tickets can be purchased for youth, day admission, or entry for the full five days. You can also buy advanced discount ride wristbands, and special package deals with access and rides included.

You can wait until the fair begins to buy your tickets, or you can check out exclusive deals and current pricing in advance by visiting

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As soon as you see the Chippewa River in all of its beauty, you will know you’re in the right place. Several main highways link to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, with many featuring bridges over the famed river. You can take U.S. Highway 53 to get close to the fair. However, Highway 124 allows you to bypass the residential area and cut through dense bush area to get to Edward Street. The Forest Hill Cemetery and Parkview Elementary border onto the fairgrounds.

Parking areas

The main gate for parking is on Edward Street, with both open and reserved parking available for vehicles. If you have arrangements to camp on onsite for the five days of the fair, you can make your way to the campgrounds at the east end of the fairgrounds. Here, you can find camping information and a payment drop box. Guests must also pre-register for a grass camping site to avoid missing out on a spot.

Public Transportation

If you don’t manage to reserve an RV camping spot on site, you may like to familiarize yourself with public transportation options. There are usually two free shuttle services in Chippewa Falls which run to and from the fairgrounds daily. Alternatively, you can make use of the public bus service or private ride services.

Where to stay


Limited onsite camping is available for those who pre-register and plan to participate in Northern Wisconsin State Fair events. Spots are not guaranteed. However, there are both dry and full service hookup sites available for those who register. Serviced sites are toward the east side of the grounds. There is also an onsite dump station, and pets are welcome.


Onsite RV campsites are in hot demand and require fair participation, which is why you may find yourself in need of alternative accommodation. Fortunately, Chippewa Falls, while small, has options to suit. There is a campground less than five miles from the fairgrounds and smaller parks on the outskirts of town. Try to book your accommodation weeks in advance to get your first pick.

Getting around

Once you park your RV and make your way through the main entry gate, you’ll find the best way to get around is on foot. The size of the fairgrounds means navigating it will not be a problem. There are no motorized carts or wheelchairs on site for rent, and you may find that wheeled transport is discouraged unless it is for a guest with a disability.

What to pack


Historical weather patterns in Chippewa Falls show you’re not likely to need a rain jacket or umbrella. Beautiful summer days are expected for the Northern Wisconsin State Fair so you can get away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Pack breathable clothing and footwear that’s both comfortable and durable.


Northern Wisconsin State Fair officials ensure their site is as convenient as possible. You can leave your cooking and camping equipment back in your RV and bring in the essentials such as a light backpack and your wallet. You may also prefer to bring cash and credit in case there are cash-only vendors. Leave your pets with supervision back at your RV, along with any outside food and beverages.

Health & Safety

Wisconsin turns up the heat, which means you need to take care of yourself as you meander the fairgrounds for hours. Drink plenty of fluids, rest when you need to, and lather on the sunscreen.

A first aid kit may also come in handy for those pesky ankle blisters, and don’t forget to bring any prescription medication you may require for five days of RV camping.

If you smoke or vape, try to do so away from congested areas and within 25 feet of doorways. You will need to pop your cigarettes and vape pens in your bag for the non-smoking concert venues.

Where to eat


Once you settle into your RV, you may want to take a break from fair food from time to time. If you are a participant camping at the fairground, you can use an above ground campfire in approved areas as well as grills. Make sure you dispose of your ash in the campground ashcan. You can also pop to the shops for ingredients at a market a mere one mile away or a 20-minute walk. If camping nearby, remember to check regulations at your campground before arrival.


If you don’t feel like cotton candy for dinner, then why not gather your friends and head into Chippewa Falls to dine? While the fairgrounds surely have most of what you require, there’s no harm in checking out the township. Take-out options begin within a half mile of the fairgrounds, as well as many family-friendly restaurants a short drive over the Chippewa River.


Don’t stray too far from the fairgrounds for food since you don’t have to do so. There are hundreds of vendors selling all manner of cuisine types to satisfy your hunger at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. Pick up a frosty beverage to rehydrate you in the summer sun, then dine on a corn dog or equally satisfying fair food. The options are endless, and you’ll love trying something new every day. Remember to bring cash, as not all sites offer credit.



For your safety and security, you may be asked to open your bags for inspection when you come through the main gates and into the concert area. For ease of clearance, bring small bags and leave your coolers back at your RV. Police and security will be patrolling the grounds at all times, with a base near the Kiddie Land at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair.


Wisconsin's historical weather patterns show there are seldom adverse weather events in July. Instead, you may get to enjoy brilliant sunshine throughout the day and into the evening. If on the off chance, there are weather extremes, you can seek shelter in any of the permanent restrooms or cement structures.


If you find yourself in an emergency situation, dial 9-11 for assistance. For anything minor, such as a scrape or cut, make your way to the first aid site adjacent to Kiddie Land and the Sheriff area. If you require further treatment, there is a hospital and pharmacy within two miles of the fairgrounds for peace of mind.