Outerbike Moab

Outerbike Moab is the event of the year for mountain bikers looking to combine MTB demos, trails, and some of the best off-grid RV camping in Utah.

Event information

For some people, mountain biking is more than just a sport; mountain biking is a way of life. Mountain bikers are part of a community of adventure-seekers who crave dirt, dust, mud, rolling hills, and explorable terrain. If you live the mountain bike (MTB) life, you may embrace the sport in body, mind, and heart, and will stop at nothing to find the perfect place to shred the trail. Outerbike Moab was created with this lifestyle in mind.

The western portion of the United States is not only scenic, but it contains some of the most-loved MTB trails in the country. Moab, Utah is home to iconic red-dirt canyons, unique rock formations, and some of the most bike-worthy landscapes in the west. The trails winding through Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse Canyon State Park pass through a desert of red plateaus, winding off-road pathways, and goose-necked canyons. These trails bring off-road adventurists looking to explore the backcountry with their mountain bikes, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles. People looking for off-road adventure generally stay in Moab because the city is small, quirky, and caters to outdoor activities nearly year-round.

When Outerbike decided to create an event that would bring MTB enthusiasts together for a weekend of mountain bike demos, guided trail rides, food, fun, and plenty of MTB-themed exhibits, it’s understandable that they would choose Moab as a host city. Together, Moab Outerbike and the City of Moab turn one weekend every fall into an extravaganza of the gnarliest trails, the tastiest food, and the most reputable MTB companies in the world. Since Moab is the center of outdoor recreation, it’s no wonder that MTB riders travel in RVs, campers, toy haulers, and camper vans searching for the best place to sleep off-the-grid and near the trails. Outerbike welcomes MTB fans whether or not they want to ride or support friends and other riders.


Register for Moab Outerbike early, because tickets go fast, and once the tickets are gone, you will miss out of the three days of MTB excitement. Choose from three different levels of admission depending on what kind of experience you want to have. All of the ticket levels include entry into the event, lunch every day, free beer at the venue, swag, snacks, water, and fun.

If you want more than the party, sign up for the higher-level ticket options offering demos, shuttles to the trails, and more. Riders and non-riders are welcome to attend and enjoy the atmosphere. In the past, prices averaged between $60 to $240, not including the extra add-ons available to riders. For detailed pricing information, visit the Outerbike website.

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Moab, Utah is located in a mountainous region. Getting to Moab may require drivers to ascend and descend mountain passes. On eastbound Interstate 70 between Salina and Green River, drivers will encounter a six percent downgrade for over seven miles. The road is steep and curvy with lower speed limits on the curves. Drivers heading on Interstate 70 from Colorado won’t experience such steep inclines and declines inside of Utah, but there are many sections of narrow canyons, curving roads, and steep climbs and descents along the neighboring roads in Colorado.

On US Highway 191 leading into Moab from either the north or the south, drivers will encounter ascents and descents from four to seven percent in either direction for less than two miles per each section of road. In the past, the event has been conducted at a trailhead along US Highway 191 near the Colorado River. Motorists can review road and weather updates via the Utah Department of Transportation online or by calling 511.

Parking areas

People coming to the event in RVs may find it difficult to park at the event. The event has free onsite parking lots located near the Bureau of Land Management Trailhead but because it is a high traffic area, navigating an RV may be challenging. Choose to ride the free shuttle buses from Moab or ride your bike to the location. If you ride your bike, bike racks will be set up for attendees. Don’t forget your bike lock.

Public Transportation

Moab is a small city bursting with activity. Moab doesn't have a bus or rail system, but guests will find plenty of ways to get around. The city has private shuttle services, bus tours, as well as taxi and rideshares for people to get where they need to go.

Where to stay


Outerbike Moab does not maintain onsite RV camping, but the community is home to plenty of options for adventuresome types.


People love RVing in Moab because the city offers camping opportunities both inside of the city limits in RV parks as well as outside of city limits in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campgrounds, state parks, and national parks.

The type of camping you prefer can help dictate where you camp. People who want electricity, full or partial hookups, and sewer can choose one of the RV resorts in town. If you prefer off-the-grid camping, try boondocking on BLM land. If you like to experience a mix of amenities with more rustic-style camping, check out some of the campgrounds inside of Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, or Dead Horse State Park.

Getting around

If you have a street-legal all-terrain vehicle (ATV), and you want to bring it with you, Moab permits ATVs on the city streets as long as the ATV meets Utah’s street-legal standards. If you plan on taking your ATV or vehicle onto the public lands, roads, and trails near Moab, you will have to purchase either a resident or non-resident permit. A list of places to buy a permit is available online.

What to pack


It’s all about riding the trails at Moab Outerbike. When packing for the event, you will want to bring a variety of warm-weather and cold-weather gear. It might be warm during the day and cold at night. Consider packing bike jerseys, bike shorts, MTB shoes, extra socks, bike gloves, and sunglasses.


Outerbike is all about the gear. If you don’t want to bring your bike because you plan to demo bikes you don’t have to. You do need to bring your helmet, pedals, bike clothes, and your hydration pack with you. If you want to ride your bike, or you are attending the event without the demo option, you won’t want to forget your beloved bike.

Health & Safety

Because you will spend time out on the trails, you want to prepare your first-aid kit with items like moleskin, bandages, antibacterial gel, rubbing alcohol, and portable ice packs. Bring plenty of sunscreen and electrolytes with you. Protecting your skin and keeping hydrated during the event will help you have an enjoyable and pain-free time.

Where to eat


When you attend an event where some of your meals and snacks are part of your admission, you may not spend a lot of time eating at your RV site. Pack food that doesn’t require a lot of preparation like sandwiches or cut-up veggies with hummus dip. Think about making a soup or stew before leaving on your trip. Soup makes an excellent meal because it’s quick and easy to rewarm no matter what kind of method you use.


Moab has more locally owned bars and restaurants than it does chain restaurants, making each place you visit in town a little more special. Ask some of the locals where to get the best breakfast or best burgers; otherwise, you might miss out on some fantastic food. If food trucks are your thing, visit the food truck park and sample ethnic foods, desserts, and one-of-a-kind tastes. Tip: some of the food trucks are so popular, you may need a reservation to eat.


One of the best parts about attending Outerbike Moab is access to free snacks and drinks throughout the event. Your lunches for all three days might be included in your pass, so you may no need to pack a lunch. Even better? The two nights of beer that comes with your ticket. Some of the exhibitors may offer snacks and free samples of their products, so it’s best to arrive with an empty stomach.



Be sure to check-in for the event and get your wristband so that you will have access to the exhibits, food, demos, and fun early in your stay. Your wristband is your passport to get where you need to go, and you must wear it at all times.

If you plan to demo bikes or gear, there will be places available for you to secure your personal items. If you have your bike with you, don’t forget to bring your lock.


October is a transition month in the state of Utah where the warmer days start to cool down, and the nights turn chilly. Moab is located in a desert region, so visitors should prepare for both hot and cold temperatures with daytime highs averaging close to 74 ° and nighttime lows averaging near 41°.


If you get sick or injured during your stay, Moab has a regional hospital and an urgent care clinic for people who need immediate medical attention. If you need a pharmacy or over the counter medical supplies, there are a few stores in town where you may find what you need to make yourself more comfortable.