Panorama Music Festival

If you are into pop, hip hop, alternative rock, or Electronica, there is something for you Panorama Music Festival, a great family-friendly festival.

Event information

Panorama Music Festival takes place at Randall’s Island Park in New York City. It is packed with several genres of music and is kid friendly. This festival has so much to offer music lovers; whether you love hip hop, Indie Rock, pop, or alternative, there will be something for everyone in your crew.

Randall's Island Park is between Queens and Manhattan. Many of the campgrounds in the area have special amenities to help you explore and enjoy New York City. The weather in New York in July will likely be warm during the day and cool in the evening. Luckily, the event takes place in a park with lots of trees and various sports fields, so there will be some shade. Guests will also find grass and dirt with some pavement.

Even though this event concentrates on the music, there are many other attractions to enjoy. Some of them include a record store, makeup store, digital art installations, an open-air club, cocktail bar, and other sponsored activities. You will enjoy walking around from stage to stage at this musical event.


Panorama NYC tickets can be purchased online with print-at-home and payment plan options. Ticket prices may range from $70 to $500 depending on the type of experience you want. When you buy your ticket, a wristband will be mailed to you; this is how you will get into the festival. You are only allowed to enter and leave one time within a twenty-four hour period with your wristband.

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Panorama takes place in New York City so driving will be congested. If you do decide to drive to the event site, you can get there by traveling on the interstate. If you have a larger camper, check routes before you go to ensure that you are comfortable with the roadways. Be prepared to leave your camper at the campground for an easier time getting to Randall's Island Park.

Parking areas

Due to the physical layout of Randall's Island and Randall's Island Park, parking is not available at the event site. Your best bet is to leave your camper and vehicle at your campsite and enjoy a ferry or other public transportation to the event site. Limited ADA parking will be available with proper documentation.

Public Transportation

The best mode of transportation to the Panorama Music Festival from your campsite is likely to be a ferry, a shuttle, or the subway. You will find several subway stops located close to the event and the ferry comes all the way to Randall's Island. Panorama may also offer some public transportation add-ons with some ticket types.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not available on Randall's Island, which closes to the public overnight. Fortunately, the camping options can be found to the north, west, and south of the event site (just not on the island itself).


Many of the RV parks have full or partial hookups, hot showers, and are pet-friendly. Some are a bit farther away than others, but all these campgrounds have everything to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. If you stay nearby, you can use the subway, shuttle, or ferry to get to the event site. You will have no trouble adding some adventure to your trip by camping in the vicinity of Randall's Island. Throw in some historical landmarks and enjoy your time near the water!

Getting around

Although the park is enormous, only a section of it will be used for this event. There will be grass and a tree covered area. The only way to get around this event is by walking. Bicycles and scooters are allowed inside the park; however, bicycle racks will be available outside of the entrance. The park does have limited seating, so you may want to bring a blanket for sitting.

What to pack


Panorama is a dynamic music festival, so wear something bright and cheery but make sure you are prepared for the day's heat. It will likely be in the high eighties during the daytime, so consider shorts, a hat, and sunglasses. It will be a long, all day concert so you will need to be mindful of the heat and staying cool. You might enjoy the cool breeze if you take the ferry, but you might also prefer to have a light jacket during that time on the water.


If you have young children with you, you can bring a stroller. You will need to bring an empty water bottle to be filled onsite, sound dampening headphones (if little ears are sensitive), a blanket for sitting, bug spray, and sunblock. Panorama encourages guests to enjoy the music with hula hoops but does not allow umbrellas, totems, stuffed animals, stickers, and other items related to safety.

Health & Safety

The most important thing you will need to bring is an empty water bottle. There will be water stations located around the park. Sunscreen and bug spray are essential as well. If prescription medications need to be brought with you, event organizers request that you inform them in advance for a smooth check-in experience. Panorama is ADA friendly and welcomes guests to inquire for assistance as needed.

Where to eat


Cooking at the event site is prohibited, so you will want to focus your cooking endeavors toward your campsite. Remember to inquire if your chosen campground will have any regulations in place during your stay. Some campgrounds don’t allow for an open flame, especially in dry weather. A propane grill may be the simplest way to go if you wish to cook outside.


You are in New York City; restaurants choices will be as quantitative as the birds. You can have Italian, Mexican, Sushi, American, Pizza, and Greek to name a few. Maybe try to choose something new or that you cannot even pronounce without help from the restaurant staff!


Panorama Music Festival guests are given a multitude of options for food at the event. You will find typical fair food with hotdogs, tacos, funnel cakes, burgers, turkey legs. Guests may also encounter Mexican, seafood, vegetarian options, and gluten-free options. You are sure to find your new favorite dessert, too!



Security will be posted at the entrance to the festival. There are reservable lockers if you prefer to stash your items, so your limbs are free for dancing. Make sure to stay aware of your surroundings, and remember that Randall's Island closes to the public at night, so make sure your crew selects a meeting time and place to ensure that everyone leaves together.


Panorama takes place in the summer, so expect the weather to be hot, especially if you are enjoying the sunshine. Drink lots of water and get in the shade as often as you can borrow the branch of a tree in this gorgeous park. There will be water stations and drink areas where guests can refill water bottles.


There will be emergency tents located in different areas of the festival if you need help. Hospital and pharmacy facilities are limited on Randall’s Island, but if care is required, event officials can direct you at that time. Health facilities are just a ferry ride away, and you are likely to find options on the way to your campsite.