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Percha Dam State Park is located in New Mexico, United States. The park stretches across an area of only 80 acres of land but gives access to unlimited acres of wilderness and deep river and lake waters. Percha Dam State Park attracts visitors from all over the country with exceptional natural views and a chance to spot beautiful land bird species during their migratory seasons.

It is a family-friendly park that offers something for everyone. Visitors enjoy their camping vacation by spending time in the water; fishing, rafting, kayaking and soaking up the surroundings. The park is especially busy during spring and autumn, where many bird watching enthusiasts visit the lake to spot exotic migratory birds and wildlife.

The sound of the splashing waves can be heard from the campsites offering a relaxing and almost meditative camping experience. The open blue skies are covered with billions of stars in the night while mornings offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains basking in the radiant morning sunshine.

The history of the park began in 1917 when a dam was built to irrigate farms on the lower valley. The surrounding land was later conserved and protected as it became one of the best birding sites for land birds across the Rio Grande and a key stopping site during their migratory journey. A bird watchers ideal destination, Percha Dam State Park is simply fascinating and is sure to please any outdoor enthusiast.

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Percha Dam State Park is quite easy to get to. If you are on the I-25 take Exit 59 to Caballo and simply follow the signs to the park entrance. Once inside the park gravel roads lead to the various facilities present in the park including modern restrooms, picnic areas, and camping sites. The picnic area is located across the Rio Grande River while the dam itself is located at the west end of the picnic area. The campsites are spacious and the roads inside are wide which makes it easy for you to maneuver around the various campsites and park amenities.


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Percha Dam State Park Campgrounds

Percha Dam State Park has a total of fifteen campsites with one full-hookup site that offers both electric and water hookup. A separate camping site is also reserved for the disabled while the rest offer electric hook-up only. If you have reserved a site, make sure you reach the park before 4 p.m. Otherwise, the hold is removed, and the site is given to some other visitor. The park also has a self-pay station, if the registration office is closed. Camping is allowed all year round, and a maximum of seven people can stay in each site.

Due to the extreme danger of forest fires, even campfires are not allowed. Instead, barbecue grills are available at every campsite for cooking. An information center is also built to assist visitors regarding facilities and reservations. The park is open all year round.

Facilities provided at the campsites include modern restrooms, playgrounds, showers, flush toilets, and 30/50 amp electric hook-up. RV campers are also in range for cable, satellite, and telephone signals. The campsites are pet-friendly which means you can bring your furry friends along to explore the great outdoors. You can also set up your tents for camping for a more rugged camping experience. Guests can stay for up to 14 days at a time enjoying the many recreational activities and amenities offered at Percha Dam State Park.

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This rugged landscape offers various unmarked and marked trails that lead to secluded spots that offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape and also the chance to spot some wildlife. The surrounding trees offer shade and respite from the heat as you venture your way up the rolling hills and mountains flanking the river and the dam. The trails offer long serene walks among tall trees of cedar, olive, and cottonwood.


Fishing at Percha Dam is less exciting than other fishing spots on Elephant Butte Lake or Caballo Lake if you are a seasoned angler. However, for those who just want to enjoy some relaxing shore fishing Percha Dam State Park is just the spot to find a reclusive spot to test out your angling skills. Smallmouth bass, walleye, catfish, crappie, white and black bass, and stripers can all be caught in the river and lake waters.

Bird Watching

Percha Dam State Park is located along the Rio Grande, a major migration path for land birds that comes to life every spring and autumn. Apart from the local bird species bird watchers can spot ducks, geese, American white pelicans, trumpeter swans, sandhill cranes, both great blue and little blue herons, golden eagles, bald eagles, northern goshawks, scaled quail, yellow-rumped warblers, song sparrows, red-winged blackbirds, great-tailed grackles, western meadowlarks, western bluebirds, willow flycatchers, dark-eyed juncos, and yellow-breasted chats, among many others.



The vast expanse of water offers visitors the opportunity to cherish their time at Percha Dam by taking to its waters in non-motorized boats like kayaks and canoes. Boating on the river allows for panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the best chance at spotting and photographing some truly rare and exotic land bird species.


Almost all camping spots have a picnic shelter. Some have developed tents, while others have a bench and table only. The park also features a group picnic shelter and handicap accessible picnic sites with BBQ grills and picnic tables. Designated picnic areas overlook jaw-dropping views of the landscape and offer a place to relax and spend a day soaking up this untouched paradise. The park also has a nearby playground for your kids to have fun in while you relax and soak up nature.


Although they are no designated trails for biking the more adventurous bikers can use the paved roads that wind through this largely remote area. The paved roads run parallel to the Rio Grande and overlook the dams, lakes, rivers, and valley below offering spectacular views and a smooth and enjoyable scenic biking experience.