Philadelphia Phillies RV Camping Guide

Are you a baseball fan or are you just looking for something fun to do on your next RV vacation? Check out a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Event information

Whether you are a Phillies fan, a baseball fanatic, or just enjoy the stadium life, taking in a Philadelphia Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia is Phantastic! The Phillie Phanatic will tell you all about it. This giant green bird has been the mascot with the team since 1978 and has been making the fans laugh and cheer ever since. With his big green beak and funny dance, he is known for being a prankster and can be found shooting hotdogs into the stands from the field. He also loves to spray Silly String and popcorn on the broadcasters.

The Phillies have been a team since 1883 and are known for their Hall of Fame players such as Sparky Anderson, Mike Schmidt, Bucky Harris, and more recently, Roy Halladay. Citizens Bank Park, where the team plays, has a capacity of over 42,000 and is popular for its Philly Cheesesteaks, beer, and the Sports Complex that houses an entertainment center called Xfinity Live.

Guests of all ages enjoy games and other activities at the park, such as Ashburn Alley, which is a concourse behind the field that hosts all sorts of features. Some of these include the All-Star Walk, video trivia games, Memory Lane, and open bullpens. You and the kids can also enjoy the Phanatic Phun Zone by the First Base Gate. This is a playground for kids up to eight years old. There is also a giant shoe slide on the Terrace Level, where kids of all ages can slide. No matter how old you are, there is something fun for everyone at Citizens Bank Park.


If you want to see a Phillies game for as cheap as possible, your best bet is to get a seat in the upper bleachers during the regular season. In the past, these tickets have gone for about $10 to $25 but some as high as $100, depending on who is playing. If you want a specialty seat in the MVP Club or at a post-season game, you will likely pay well over $1,000.

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Fans can get to Citizens Bank Park in South Philly easily as highways surround it. I-76 is north of the stadium, with I-95 to the south and east, and PA-611 is just to the west. Although these roads can get congested during rush hour and before and after a game, if you plan it well and come early, you should be okay. You will only be 26 miles from Wilmington, Delaware where you can enjoy some historic buildings and the Hagley Museum. You may also enjoy heading down to Atlantic City, which is just about an hour to the south.

Parking areas

Phillies Stadium allows for neighboring agencies to handle their parking lots, many of which are garages. RVs have been allowed to park in some of the lots for the day in some of the open lots in recent years. With larger rigs, make arrangements in advance for parking near Citizens Bank Park or plan to leave your rig at your campsite.

Be sure to get there early in so you can get a spot since they are limited for all vehicles. Tailgating is allowed in some lots for smaller vehicles, and you won’t miss out on the tailgating experience here.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Philadelphia is a wonderful asset for travelers to the area. The Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) will pick you up at just about any place in the city and county to take you to the NRG Station at Pattison and Broad. This lets you out just to the west of the stadium with a short walk. If you plan on parking your rig at one of the stations, do your research to find the best place for your size RV.

Where to stay


No matter what you are driving, camping at Citizens Bank Park is not generally available. Also, there is no staying overnight in the parking lots owned or managed by the park. However, you are allowed to come five hours early to do some tailgating in the lots. Your best bet is to stay at a campground nearby and then bring a tow vehicle, take public transportation, call a taxi, or use a rideshare app from your Philadelphia RV Park.


Just 15 miles to the south, the Philadelphia South / Clarksboro KOA has 104 RV campsites with full and partial hookups that can handle motorhomes up to 73 feet in length. They have all kinds of fun additions there such as fishing, swimming, Wi-Fi, cable television, and playgrounds. You might even find a K9 dog park, bike rentals, activity park, and a camp store. Within a 15-mile radius of the park, you can also find over a half-dozen other privately run campgrounds from glamping to rugged. It is best to make reservations well in advance.

Getting around

Although Citizens Bank Park does not offer shuttle or cart service, there are plenty of other ways that they help you get to and from some of the more popular places in the park. Several elevators are ADA accessible, and the park offers wheelchair assistance if needed, including courtesy wheelchairs at Guest Services. The park also has escalators and other shortcuts throughout the stadium. Get a map online or from Guest Services for more information.

What to pack


Packing the right clothing depends on what time of year you are going. If you are planning an early game in March or April, you will likely need a lot of long-sleeved clothing and jeans as well as a hoodie or jacket. However, if you are planning a summer game, pack some shorts and t-shirts or tank tops. You will also need to pack a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun.


Baseball fans are asked to use a single compartment bag, such as a small bag or soft-sided cooler no larger than 16x16x8 inches. However, it is best to bring as little as possible, so you don’t have to carry a bag around. You will need your hands for your food and drinks! Also, having a bag means that you will be slowed down at the gate while security searches your belongings. Of course, the gear you need at the campground differs, depending on what amenities you have where you are staying.

Health & Safety

The two main things to worry about when going to a baseball game are sunscreen and water. Especially if you are going to a summer game. There is little to no shade in many of the seating areas so you will be exposed to the sun. Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, sunglasses, and a hat are all great choices to keep you protected. You’ll also want to get some type of bug repellent for your campground to repel mosquitoes and other critters.

Where to eat


Since most of the parking lots (including those where RVs can park) allow tailgating, you can bring a portable stove or barbecue pit to enjoy some BBQ before the game. The lots will be open five hours before the game, so you have plenty of time to enjoy some food and fun with other fans. The best option for tailgating is a gas grill so you don’t have to worry about hot coals afterward. Make sure you clean up after yourself and remind your crew to do the same. For cooking back at the campsite, always have a backup plan such as a camp stove just in case.


If you want to take the family out to dinner while you are in town, check out some of the Philly Phantastic choices nearby. The majority of the restaurants are in the Newbold and Passyunk Square areas to the north. They have some awesome choices with vegan, Mexican, Indonesian, and Moroccan restaurants. In Dickinson Narrows, you may also find some Asian cuisine, Filipino fare, a few BBQ places, and even a nice French restaurant. Along the Delaware River, you will find other selections like a seafood place and a couple of pubs.


Philadelphia is known for its Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, and you can find them throughout Citizens Bank Park during the Phillies game. But there are plenty of other things to enjoy like the plethora of burger options, an interesting twist of sweet and savory with a donut burger, and so many types of popcorn, hot dogs, and beer that you could stay for a week and not taste them all. If you are looking for a souvenir to take to a friend, you might see at least a dozen vendors on your way to the restroom. You can also check out the fan shop or one of the several hat and t-shirt kiosks in the park.



Fans will notice the presence of security personnel as well as police officers on duty at the park before, during, and after the game. If you need help, they are there for you no matter what you need. Other safe practices include everyone going through the metal detectors before getting into the park, and you will have your bags searched as well. Do not bring anything from the no-no list like weapons, drugs, fireworks, or glass.


The weather in Philadelphia depends on when you are going to a game. The spring and fall games will likely be cool with highs in the lower 60s and lows in the upper 40s. During the summer months, the highs are typically in the upper 80s with lows in the 60s. Rain is common during the summer as well, so make sure you bring your rain gear and keep an eye on the weather forecast.


If you need any kind of medical help while at a Phillies game, tell an employee or head to one of the first-aid stations. You can find them on the Main Concourse level by Section 105 and on the Terrace Level by Section 318. There are also several medical centers and urgent care offices within a 10-mile radius in this section of Pennsylvania.