Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area
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If something ever turns your wheels in the direction of Iowa, it will be the Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area. This gorgeous outdoor venue spans over 1,517 acres of public hunting grounds for all of the hunting aficionados, around a 410-acre lake, perfect for fishing, boating, and relaxation, and it also has a gorgeous beach, hiking trails, campgrounds, and picnic areas. Equestrian trails and magnificent nature will satisfy the most diverse of crowds, and campers will enjoy electrical hookups and modern shower facilities during their stay. Parking your rig here will guarantee days of fun, but most importantly, clearing your mind from the city crowds, rushes, and the speed of modern life. Go back to your roots, go back to nature, and go to Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area in your RV or campervan.

Green as far as your eyes can see, the cool breeze coming from the lake, and the numerous opportunities for sporty activities put this park at the very top of outdoor recreation areas in the state of Iowa, and should definitely be on the list of must-visit places if you are in the area, or just passing through. Be aware that this area does have high wildlife activity, so be prepared and inform yourself about the potential dangers for children. But, staying safe here is not hard at all; it just takes a little bit of information that you can get from park officials.

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Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area is not as remote as some of other parks are, so getting to it should not be an issue. The closest town to the park is Palo, from where you would need to drive about five miles to the south to reach the entrance. Pleasant Creek is also northwest of Cedar Rapids, from which you’d have to cover 15 miles, and if you are coming from the Waterloo-Cedar Falls metropolitan area, you will drive for 40 miles before you reach the area. Driving is, of course, prohibited on the trails, even the multi-use ones, which are only for hiking, biking, equestrian activities, and snowmobiles in the winter. You can park your vehicle in the designated area, and set up your rig in the RV sites in the campgrounds.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area

Campsites in Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area

Reservations camping

Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area Campground

Camping at Pleasant Creek is one of the most popular activities for visitors of all ages, whether they are traveling with an RV, a motorhome, or just with their tent. The campgrounds offer 69 sites in total, 43 of which are standard electric sites that allow up to six people and are pet-friendly. They all offer 50 amps, and are pull-through sites. Visitors stated that the distance is not so great between them, so you may end up feeling a bit cozy, but that is an excellent opportunity to get to know your neighbors and form some long-lasting, outdoor-loving friendships.

Campground 1, 2, and 3 are very close together, and together they offer three full-hookup sites in total. The dog trial area is just above both campgrounds, as well as two parking lots on the way to the lake and the boat ramp where you can lower your kayak and enjoy the water. The hiking trails also pass by, and other amenities are not too far away either. Reservations must be made before rolling up with your RV.

First-come first-served

Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area Campground

About one-quarter of the sites available at the Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area Campground are given on the first-come, first-served basis, which means that you do not necessarily have to book online to stay here. However, bear in mind that every spot might be taken and that the park won't be able to allow you to stay here. For that reason, your best bet would be to call ahead and ask the park authorities if they have available sites for you, and make sure to mention that you are traveling with an RV which needs hookups, if you find that to be a must-have.

Seasonal activities in Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area



Swimming in the gorgeous lake at Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area is one of the most popular events during the hot summer months. Visitors can spend a relaxing day at the beach, enjoying the shade, and dipping their toes or entire bodies in the fresh lake water. Glass bottles and leaving litter behind is not allowed, so make sure to pick up after yourself to ensure that the lake remains as pristine and beautiful as it is.


Don't forget to pack your fishing gear in your campervan or trailer since pro anglers and their apprentices will find plenty of opportunities to practice their fishing skills on the 410-acre lake at Pleasant Creek. The lake is filled with various fish species, ranging from small to large game fish. Everyone will find something they can catch here, and some of the most popular fish types in the lake are white bass, largemouth bass, crappie, perch, walleye, channel catfish, bluegill, and muskellunge, which are often the most common fish that fishers catch here.

Boating and Kayaking

The lake at Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area is one of the no-wake lakes, and therefore, perfect for kayaking, windsurfing, canoeing, scuba diving, and calm boating. Athletic and non-athletic types will be able to enjoy themselves on the lake, as long as they do not use motorboats at high speeds, and not cause waves to prevent the erosion of the bank and disturbance of the water and its inhabitants. Divers will enjoy the high visibility in crystal clear water, and diving and kayak lessons are offered for novices throughout the summer!



Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area has about 8.5 miles of trails, perfect for hiking for hours and hours! This long trail will take you around the entire lake and cover the majority of the park, and if you venture onto this adventure, you will find yourself in untouched nature and green as far as your eyes can see. Part of the trail goes through the more “populated” area of the campground where you can find water, bathrooms, and picnic stations for a quick rest.


Public hunting and trapping are allowed if you visit Pleasant Creek State Recreation Area in your camper. Hunters will need to obtain licenses and follow the usual rules and regulations when it comes to hunting. Dog field trials are also held here each year, so your hunting buddy can show off their skills as well! Some of the most popular game species here are pheasants, quail, and rabbits. Campers who want to release their inner Davy Crockett will surely enjoy hunting in this beautiful area.


Snowmobile lovers will be thrilled to hear that their trusty snow vehicles are not only permitted but encouraged during the winter months in Pleasant Creek in Iowa. The eight-mile multi-use trail allows snowmobiles during the winter, so long as they comply with the regulations and be wary of the speed they go at. Bear in mind that adventurous hikers will be on the trail, so keep your eyes open to avoid hurting anyone and maximize the fun.