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Red Point Provincial Park


Red Point Provincial Park is the place to RV if you desire wide-open panoramic views of the ocean from your RV or trailer’s windows. The park is located near Souris, Prince Edward Island, in the northeastern tip of the island. Visitors following the scenic Points East Coastal Drive will find Red Point Provincial Park one of 12 provincial parks along the route, and although the park is small, the views are massive, and it is a park that shouldn’t be ignored.

Prince Edward Island, although tiny in comparison to other provinces in Canada, has many opportunities for recreation, scenic drives, and outdoor activities. Prince Edward Island, primarily a maritime region, offers visitors and guests more than fishing and boating. The province has deeply-rooted cultural history. Many towns and cities, like Souris, honor the area’s history through the arts, special events, and celebrations, and there is more to see and do than time allows on vacation.

Whether you camp overnight or pass through the area along your drive to another destination in Prince Edward Island, Red Point Provincial Park should rank high on your list of places to see. If you want to stay and explore the park for the day, pull into the park to have a picnic lunch overlooking the water. If you sit and watch the ocean long enough, you might be lucky enough to spot a cruise ship or a whale passing by in the distance. If you plan on camping overnight, be sure to reserve your space, as the scenic views are second-to-none, and the campground fills fast during the peak season!

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RV Rentals in Red Point Provincial Park



Red Point Provincial Park is located 56 miles (90 km) northeast of the Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Airport. Motorists driving to the park travel on relatively flat, two-lane highways. The All-Weather Highway is a two-landed road and bridge that takes drivers over small channels of water.


Prince Edward Island provincial parks are free to guests visiting the day-use areas. Overnight campers and visitors using some of the or special facilities will pay a usage fee when securing camp permits and reservations or when visiting a section of the park that requires a fee, such as a boat ramp or swimming pool. The parks are open from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, so overnight campers must arrive before the park closes for the night.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation to Red Point Provincial Park at this time.

Campgrounds and parking in Red Point Provincial Park

Campsites in Red Point Provincial Park

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Red Point Campground

The Red Point Campground is a pet-friendly, seasonally operating campground. Campers may choose from three types of sites, either unserviced, two-way, or three-way camping. The electric and water or electric, water, and sewer sites have 15 to 30 amp electrical service, and every site, regardless of services offered, has a picnic table and a fire ring. The beautiful waterfront campground is unshaded and doesn’t give much privacy; however, the wide, open-grass spaces give campers panoramic views with some of the most scenic camping available. Because the sites rest on the grass, many places in the campground permit RVs and trailers over 40 feet in length. If you have a bigger rig, call to see which space might accommodate your equipment. The campground has drinking water, modern restrooms, a laundry room, and a dump station.

Seasonal activities in Red Point Provincial Park


Black Pond Migratory Bird Sanctuary

People interested in birdwatching won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the Black Pond Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Black Pond serves as an essential stopping point for migrating birds and waterfowl. The best time of the year to see birds is in the late summer through the fall when several hundred to several thousand birds flock to the area. The bird species that rest at Black Pond are the at-risk piping plover and other common birds like the American black duck, the American green-winged teal, the American blue-winged teal, the Canada goose, and the common goldeneye. For a full list of migratory species or information on the sanctuary, please visit the sanctuary’s website.

Food and Drink

People who visit Prince Edward Island come for the scenery but fall in love with the food. The island is a culinary hotspot for both food and drinks. The seafood on Prince Edward Island is fresh and considered some of the best seafood in the world. The fish, lobster, oysters, mussels, and clams come straight from the ocean to your plate, stopping only to grace the kitchens of some of the area’s most talented chefs. If finding places to try local drinks is more your style, the island offers breweries, distilleries, and wineries that showcase some of the tastiest beverages in the region. When you plan your trip, don’t forget to add the best places to eat and drink to your itinerary, your stomach will thank you!

Lighthouse Tours

Souris, the town closest to Red Point Provincial Park, is an active fishing town. Most fishing towns and villages have lighthouses near the shore, but not all lighthouses stay operational. The Souris Lighthouse is one of the town’s major points of interest, and it has served as a beacon of light safely guiding fishing boats to shore since 1880. The Souris Lighthouse is open to the public, and its elevated location atop a cliff the perfect point to watch boats coming and going from Souris and beyond. While visiting the lighthouse, guests will experience an operational lighthouse, learn about the history of sea glassing in the area, and have an opportunity to purchase gifts and souvenirs. If lighthouses interest you, there are several lighthouses worth visiting near Red Point Provincial Park.



People who like to experience new places by way of a bike will love the cycling trails that weave throughout Prince Edward Island. You don’t need to be an avid cycler to enjoy a bike tour around portions of the island. There are cycling tours available for many different levels of riders, as well as cycling itineraries available for people who want to see the sights on their own. If you have your bike, don’t forget your safety equipment and helmet. People who are interested in renting bikes or taking part in a cycling tour should visit one of the rental facilities or touring centers for more information.

Special Events

Kids visiting the park during the summer will love the opportunity to take part in the park-sponsored seasonal events and activities. The events and activities, created by the staff, are structured to entertain and inform kids about camping, travel, nature, and other kid-friendly, engaging topics. For information on the events taking place during your stay, talk to a member of the park staff or visit the park’s website. The events change seasonally, and occasionally some of the events take place in the towns surrounding the park.

Day-Use Area

Red Point Provincial Park has a small day-use area where overnight guests and day-use guests can spend time outside enjoying the park’s facilities. During the peak summer months, the beach becomes the focal point of activity, and people play in the ocean and sit in the sand, enjoying the panoramic views. Although the beach is usually unsupervised, the park has lifeguards on duty during the height of the summer. The day-use area also has a playground, restrooms, and a sheltered picnic area near the shore, so a day of fun can start early in the morning and extend into the evening hours.